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 Computer may be dead mite be gone for a while

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God Poster

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PostSubject: Computer may be dead mite be gone for a while   Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:19 pm

Well ths is maximal trollage. One I just spent 200 plus dollers in parts. Two I was five seconds away fron getting rid of the problem just downladed avast it found a win 32 acceble virus or somthng like that don't remember full name its a very bad virus. Amulti layor virus that shity avg wont pic u. And avast which is good can't delete.Simple download the program to depete it after I can't find it to manually delete it. Therres only 2 ways to deal with it manually delete or get program to delete it. I get the program I'm installing it mid install I get a familiar blue screen of death. Not the first time this month the vius caused its what fucked up my gpu and mose drivers aftee all.Usually I just wait a few hours and I cab boot u windows.

If my pc doesent start oh boy this is gona be a pain in the ass virus wont let vista load in safe mode start up repair and restore points are useless u will be stuck at loading sceeen.

Option 1 pay 300 bucks to get it repaired hell no plus every thing will be at factory settings

Option 2 buy a larger usb drive blank dvd create a imgue wat ever the hell I is and reboot windows at factory settings. Cheap bt again ugh hard reset.

3 and wat I am going to do if it doesent start so I can remove this damn virus buy a new ssd and win 7 and boot with that and use my d hdd as alternate hard drive and delete the virus from there. I get more parts towards my new pc and upgrade my old one for the time neing.down side have to wait till next check next Friday. Oh welll I keep alk my files this way. Unless my compter starts soon
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PostSubject: Re: Computer may be dead mite be gone for a while   Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:25 pm

*Hugz BoyTitan* I'm sorry to hear that. D: I wouldn't even know how upset I would be if my computer did that to me.

I hope everything gets better soon, :3
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Computer may be dead mite be gone for a while
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