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 Rets Vidygaming 1 Wild Arms XF

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PostSubject: Rets Vidygaming 1 Wild Arms XF   Rets Vidygaming 1 Wild Arms XF EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 3:37 pm

Wild arms XF

So you browsed your store/PSN/torrent site , and then see "OOOHHH PSP wild arms ! COOL" then you buy/download it, then you suddenly get thrusted into this strategy game with maps like WA5 battle system but instead larger. Yes XF or as known Cross Fire is not your typical RPG, HELL it nearly have nothing to do with Wild Arms setting or gameplay. This is what you may call... a gaiden game. So should you buy this game? Ret sacrificed (not really ) his whole week to play this thing.
Lets see how it is

Because fuck it , it ain't JRPG without story. XFs story is at least decent if a bit cliche, some twist is visible from miles away ,some are quite surprising, the characters likeable too, well at least doesn't feature shitty conjob that todays rpg seems to feature. You mostly will sympathize with the protagonist , this isn't one of those RPG where you want the other side to win mid way. The story is simple , you are Clarissa Erwin , you are chasing this guy who stole your moms sword, but you get dragged into some sort of intrigue of civil war. The themes of the story seems to be "opposites" Truth vs Lies(whether lying is good or not) , Royalty vs People, Peace at cost of knowledge or Knowledge at cost of war.

On to the badside, as I side, the story is extremely cliche , the character were pretty there but at times pretty non descript with the whole plot going only for the core cast ,unlike other RPG where party members get their own plot line. There simply isn't enough stage.
Is this symbolism of the year? no.
Is the story deep and filled with themes that is relevant to todays life and can make a psychologist fap? no .
Is it palatable? Most definitely yes

Ever play FF tactic? imagine if it were simpler and doesn't feature crazy ass rules and ability that is mistranslated and have to be FAQed even before you get it. Imagine if it doesn't feature total min max character build, imagine if the only party member you need are your core named ones. Did you do it? Congrats you just deduced wild arms XF, to those who didn't, here is a short description, a character cna change into many jobs, all of this jobs features ability , as you elvel this job , this ability becomes removable to that character and even when you change job , you can attach that ability to the ability slot of that character.

Assuming you min max the whole shit of your character,you can end up with a character that will never die, will hit like a truck, and when supported will move over and over . it isn't that hard to make something like this too, however if you think the game is easy , you are oh so very much wrong

Wild arms XF is unique in that the game features all of its stage as fucking puzzles, yes you hear me puzzles, first 15 minutes into gameplay, you will then be thrown on to the wilds to solve puzzles inform of sneaking mission with line of sight, or escorting villagers out of the field OR facing enemies with absurd levels that you have to beat by using the stage

The strategy game is based on the concept of hexes , you move certain amount of hexes , can attack/use ability/item according to the weapon you got for certain hexes , you move based on RFX stat on the turns displayed on your side bar, the game system is pretty deep and features plenty of opportunity to experiment with stages , since there is no actual game over

The game is paced pretty decently and you can pass it with minimal grind(2-3 level every stage ), but really with the system this good? YOU JUST HAVE TO GRIND , GRINDAN IS GOOD. Some of the stage is pure frustration , even more with the stamina system where your character have limited amount of "action" they can do. Even if you grind like hell as long as you didn't adapt to the maps you will most likely lose or you get stuck on the map

you are going to play this thing for hours on end , you want it to look good . Well its a PSP game , should tell you something, the graphics pretty good for SRPG mind you I will certainly pick this over something like war of the lions if you go by pure graphic, however the animation is repetitive (physical attack have one starting motion, magic attack have one starting motion), other than that you won't try to stab your eyes when playing this game actually.

Sound, you don't want your ear to be raped by some shitty music that just sound awful for hours. the music while being extremely generic (fast pace for battle !, peaceful for town !) is actually very good and proper and fit every single scene as far as I can remember , the theme song feels pretty good and the english dub is at least decent

the game is now on PSN for like 10-20 bucks, and you can probably find it cheaper if your local store have it. And if you pirate it , why are you even reading review for pirated games?, I would say YES definitely grab the game , you won't regret it for that kind of price , the games have decent length , you won't waste your time playing it. I actually recommend that you grab it now if you just got a vita and have nothing to play.

Oh well? Next Item on the list? Megaman X the SNES version, on whatever I will emulate SNES on

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Rets Vidygaming 1 Wild Arms XF
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