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 Disturbing story dump

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Zwiebel Force
Cosmic Onion
Zwiebel Force

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PostSubject: Re: Disturbing story dump   Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:58 pm

@dbzfan922 wrote:
@IronDicks wrote:
cold night, home alone for many hours, past midnight, go to toilet, the seats warm


I once feel asleep while playing FF7, when i woke up i was 6 levels higher.(I was home alone the entire time, and im the only on smart enough to work a PSP)

Iron has a ghost who is using his toilet.

Lily Rain's husbando, however, simply is so much of an otaku, that he can play, even while being half asleep already. This happened to me all the time, when I was a teenager. I remember myself of finding Pokémon I didn't recall to catch in my boxes, after playing half the night. In SO3 I went through Luther's Firewall, without remembering it. Gosh, I even fell asleep during the fight with Freya in that game (didn't die, woke up and went on fighting @A@).

@Gerrion: you should reflect your priorities much more. From my own experience you wake up from noises that would annoy you when being awake. Maybe you're just too reckless? I can sleep all tight, even if I share it with my roomate (some people would say we're "friends with benefits", but we're really best friends and all, our relationship is really awkward :X), but I wake up if there's even the slightest sound from our neighbors, between midnight and 7 am. The fun thing is, I'd never wake-up from this kind of noise in the middle of the day (I do take naps sometimes Razz ).


Today I' went to the gas station, to buy some ice cream, since I didn't have any hard money and couldn't pay with my card at this hour, I went to the bank before. I've met a guy, who smiled kindly and greeted me. I did greet back, simply because I always do that. He than told me he was my neighbor...I've never sawn him before...

That person knows where I live and all but is a complete stranger to me. Come to think of it: there are lot of people I see everyday. I know where they are at certain times, etc, etc, yet I do not know them and never talked to them. Living in a city can be scarry. ö.ö
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Ace Poster
Ace Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Disturbing story dump   Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:49 pm

@boytitan2 wrote:

I'm pretty sure your role isn't "Be an asshole to other people" no matter how much you tell yourself it is.
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God Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Disturbing story dump   Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:13 pm

Reminds beating the royal rumbel on smack down wile day dreaming, When I say day dreaming I was litterally dreaming wile up i remember it cleary could barely tell what character i was and the ding bell for a new challenger started to sound like a truck and then I saw a giant 18 weeler fly off the screen I was that tired that I was seeing shit. Good times Good times. It wasnt even that I was that tired probly was a avid day dreamer at that age... Uncontrollably... usually at night when tryna sleep would lead to me scareing the shit outa myself and sleeping under my cover.
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PostSubject: Re: Disturbing story dump   

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Disturbing story dump
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