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 22/12/2011 updates

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PostSubject: 22/12/2011 updates   Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:20 am

"Gaderoga", "heredia" cycloptes, "Gotoran B" and Deadalian BC are added in this week's gacha sp.

unpopular bots from department store are added on c$ gacha for a limited time only.(500c$ per roll)


xmas event commences.
(info on that will be posted on the general section.)
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PostSubject: Re: 22/12/2011 updates   Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:05 pm

Zero Saber unpopular? i think im gonna cry.....
Is Scaregrant gonna make an appearance in C21 at all? otherwise im gonna aim for Vanguard and Hound Dog
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PostSubject: Re: 22/12/2011 updates   Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:36 pm

Yea because it's special colored varient is given out many times before....And in game you can get the demon version of zero fighter called delfighter from drops, which has stats on par with the zero saber. So nobody will really waste mt to buy it.

That said, toykhan's bd is really disappointing....though the missile barrage on high level enough bot is fun =.=...

Raystag's hd homing only works on 200+ range, anything closer the homing fails. Part size is big for a ss size part =.=....But it's bd and am got very high range proficiency.

Elme Sally's hd (it's locked onto the bd by the way), the star beam it shoot has homing properties, is a very nice main weapon with decent damage. The am saber is meh at best though....due to the forced stab it pulls before doing the roundhouse slash.

Violon(the violin lookalike bot) is a surprise blacksheep here, the hd and the slayer weapon comes with it sucks but it's parts is the real gem, light weight but very high stats.

Alvite(the bot which holds a cross shape staff), has a nice bs (gives + 10 fly btw), the lg looks like crimrose's lg, so if you are good you can skin it. It's staff does a mace like swing but shoot 2 homing beam out, you can't target the beam, it will auto homes to the nearest avaliable target. It's parts has ultra high beam defence but very poor flame and electric defence value though.

Ghost Raider is a good bot, note it's bd can't pull a mach knight bombing dash clone. It's bd bomb can travel a bit of distance unlike machknight required you to fire pointblank, and I believe it will upgrade every 10 levels, level 20 the bomb seems to have 3 blast compare to level 1. So far a simple level 4 bomb with a 1000 cost build can 1 hit kill the christmas tree. or killing christmas pepen in 1 hit if both bomb hits. It's got a very nice am too.

Tsuchigata (the clay doll lookalike bot), it's hd is it's best item out of everything. The rest kind of sucks.... The hd itself is a very evil weapon. The name "stun" laser isn't for show, it literally stops anything that can be stun/flinch dead on it's track when hit by the beam.

Geitorion(the big bot with mace arm), Hardly touch it, it's stats isn't very outstanding, and I don't see a point in it's s size transformed state either.....probably a rejected test bot made by cyberstep to test different size transformation. It's mace (locked to one of it's am) is able to swing up to 3 time though. Kind of rare for a mace type weapon.

Lapislif (the raccoon lookalike bot), you can get it free from part drop in gastor by the way.....=.= Nothing special until you check it's part stats

Fletches (pointy thing .-.), got a slow ram .-., parts are alright....I think most high rank players whom completed the elite mission gets it and turn it into the Heavy Fletches =.=....
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PostSubject: Re: 22/12/2011 updates   

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22/12/2011 updates
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