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 Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 -

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Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 - - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 -   Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 - - Page 2 EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 2:34 am

[X] AF Kaguya

[X] AF Izen / Ariel Niriko


[Tsurugi]: Pull back to a defenable position, [LOCATION: B] prepare anti-air sniper fire, rear guard position. if not eliminating air units focus overwatch on Iris, assume stealth mode and try to make every shot count.

[Iris]: Prep for flanking movements, ambush any enemies. Light barrier, activate stealth systems, utilize a Booster with quick acceleration and erratic boost 'hops', use a Solid Shell Shotgun along with a Solid Machine gun, reserve excess energy for anti-radar, DRICM, ECCM. If taking heavy fire, use overboost and misdirect enemies to Owen.

[Edelweiss]: Assign to Owen as a 'Wingman' pick off any targets strafing Owen, Balanced energy output between barrier and booster and arm with an mid-ranged rifle, if possible burst or single fire. If taking fire redirect enemies onto Owen.

[Owen]: Adjust Armaments, Light-Twin rapid-fire machine guns with a light weapon loaded with explosive munitions in reverse. Have him ready to tank some blows via renforcing Energy barrier, equip an emergency booster for a hasty retreat once friendly reinforcements arrive. Also make sure newly equiped weapons are Solid Rounds, maximize reserve energy for barrier, switch movement tactics to short erratic booster 'hops'.

[Sukari]: Quickly retreat for requsition of reinforcements, engage stealth if needed, once thats done return with the SEER and assume sniping tactics.
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Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 - - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 -   Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 - - Page 2 EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 1:35 am

Quote :
[X] AF Kaguya

[X] AF Izen / Ariel Niriko

"AF Kaguya, can you lend us a hand?" says Tsurugi.

"No, there's a bigger fish here," replies AF Kaguya. A small image appears on a monitor. On it, it shows three approaching AFs, Spectral Ops AFs. "Or would you like more trouble?"

The line ends adruptly, ended from AF Kaguya's end.

"AF Izen-" The comm. signal is lost. A pair of laser shots slice by Sukari. A third shot slices off a portion of her left AM. It's not standard armament, either Spectral Ops or a Commander. "Sukari-kun. Edelweiss, Owen-"

Your alarm goes off. A zoom in of the reason is brought up by Iris: three dozen Assault Crafts are inbound, in your direction. A number of railguns, four per Assault Craft, appear to be readying for fire. Defensive bits won't hold out under that kind of assault.

"Tsurugi-sama!" Edelweiss seems to be aware something's wrong on your end, probably due to Iris's facial expressions.


[ ] Change Selection
----[ ] AF Nightingale*
----[ ] Baka-baka er.... Roland Laszt*

*Pick only one.
Reminder: You do need to at least cite what you're using for persuasion. It need not be detailed.

[ ] Tsurugi**
[ ] Iris**
[ ] Edelweiss
[ ] Owen
[ ] Sukari

**Must change orders. Specifics required.
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Digital Mecha Reality War - Mission 0 -
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