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Recommendations! Empty
PostSubject: Recommendations!   Recommendations! EmptyMon May 02, 2011 8:01 pm

Recommendation thread?
Recommendations! Godfuckingtier

Quake Live.
One of the best first person shooters out there for free. Has the typical modes: Free for all, duel, ctf and clan arena (team deathmatch with no items in the map, but all the players start with all weapons and full health/armor and no self damage)

Realm of the Mad God.
Basically you pick a class (pretty much alters stats like range, health, attack power, etc) and kill stuff to level up...with perma-death.
Good to kill some time, but best played with friends.

The best way to play fighting games (and Metal Slug) online. GGPO's netcode is now being used by Capcom games in Xboxlive and PSN and also by the upcoming Skullgirls. The games you can play include Street Fighter (II and 3rd Strike), a lot of SNK fighters (Kof, Garou, etc), Darkstalkers and more (like JoJo).
It's kinda tricky to configure... (DOWN ATM. It will come back 'soon')|-ggpo-|-kaillera-|-mame-|-zsnes-|-port-forwarding-189688/
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