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 [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)

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PostSubject: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:22 pm

Because I've been active for the last few months after a 2 year hiatus, I figure I might as well update this for the new meta, newfound things from research and experimentation, and after a few months worth of scavenging and hoarding data.  Though there's a lot less now than there was two years ago ;~;


Seriously I didn't think I'd meet tards like that outside the DotA community.  Pricks.

Needless to say I ran out of their group at the last moment.  And their Haku route was wrong to boot too.



Table of Contents:  

A.  The Basics
[A001] The Dead Basics
[A001A] The Basics of the Arena
[A002] The Miscellaneous Basics (including breakpoints)
[A002A] A Mini Guide to Using CosmiCalc Hosted by blead

B. Cartridges: What do they do?  What to take?
[B001] Basics
[B002] Mobility based
[B003] Defense based
[B004] Offense based
[B005] Etc.

C.  Bots: A Breakdown by Type; but Mostly by Motif
[C001] LNDs
[C002] Airs
[C003] ARTs
[C004] Support
[C005] Special Mentions

D. Popular/Basic Weapons and Other Equipment: Based on Motif
[D001] LNDs
[D001A] Hoppers
[D001B] Blast Type-Carriers
[D001C] LND Alphas
[D001D] Melee
[D002] AIRs
[D002A] Air Alphas
[D003] ARTs
[D003A] ART Alphas
[D004] Other (Including shields, burners, and +1 tune hand slot items)
[D005] Wonder Bits: How to use them?  Which to use?

[E001] Basic Tuning (Stats): A Viewpoint Based on Common Sense and Efficiency
[E002] Non Stat Tuning

F. Gameplay
[F001] PvP General Strategies
[F002] Arcantus Boss General Strategies
[F002A] Haku
[F002B] Berzelius
[F002C] Fractulus
[F002D] Sugoi Experiment

G.  Miscellaneous Tidbits
[G001] Miscellaneous
[G002] Bazaar

H. Useful Links That Aren't Stickied

I. Credits

Of course, I will be taking much needed criticism from the community—just please, constructive criticism.

If you have anything more to add, please feel free to drop a post.  Educating the masses should be a community thing organized into a well fitted framework; not the handiwork of a single person.

A.  Basics

[A001]  The Dead Basics
The dead basics here are for absolute newbies, in which I assume have undergone the tutorial and have a basic grasp of the information there.  Those who are familiar with the game can skip this section.

Bot Types:
These are lands, supports, arts, and airs.  The type of each bot can be seen in your garage, shop, etc., just take a look.  Really the only thing that is different about each bot type is what weapons they can equip, AND their role in:

The Weapon Triangle:
Blast type weaponry (ie. Bazooka types, missiles, grenades) hurt AIRs. (2.3x dmg)
Beam weaponry (ie. Various beam guns, beam rifles, blasters) hurt LNDs. (1.4x dmg)
Melee weaponry (ie. Kamui Staff, various swords, halberds, spears) hurt ARTs.  (1.4x dmg)
Shell types (ie. Magnums, machine guns, plain rifles, shotguns) damage each type of bot equally.

Wonder Bit:
Press F once your gauge is charged (the screen lights up with a crack of lightning when the gauge is full) and for a moment, you will have invincibility while your bot flashes during the summoning or unsummoning period.  Invincibility period varies between bots, but generally these are special bots (ie. Nicole Malice and Patty Lopp).  The bit can be unsummoned at any time to preserve what is left of your gauge.  Duration of wonderbit depends on the differences between your STR and TEC; for the longest duration, the difference must be 0.  Damage also depends on the lowest stat (between TEC/STR).

Stats:  (Max is 40)
STR: Calculation of melee damage (Though it affects the projectile size of Pump Gun; max is either 19 or 20; conflicting information found)
Formula of STR based dmg: (Weapon's Force) * (1 + 0.025 * (STR-10))
TEC: Calculation of ranged weaponry damage, some melee (ie. Frau Adone’s legs, Crim B. Spear, Connie’s WSB).
Formula of TEC based dmg: (Weapon's Force) * (1 + 0.016 * (TEC-10))
WLK: Your WLK speed on land (LND types get a bonus to walk and run speed)
FLY: Your FLY speed in air (NOTE: I DID NOT SAY FLIGHT DURATION.  Airs always have a 10 second flight time; other types have less).  There are no bonuses for flight speed for AIR typed bots.
TGH: Affects % chance of being stunned, what degree of stun you would be susceptible to (because there are varieties of hard/soft stuns), and decrease in damage taken from consecutive attacks in a short period of time.

Having 0 in any of these stats:
STR: Wonder bit duration is limited to a few seconds.  Very low STR based damage e.g. melee weapons (NOT WONDERBIT DAMAGE, WONDERBITS ALWAYS DO DAMAGE ACCORDING TO THE LOWEST STR OR TEC).
TEC: Wonder bit duration is limited to a few seconds.  Very low TEC based damage e.g. every gun (NOT WONDERBIT DAMAGE, WONDERBITS ALWAYS DO DAMAGE ACCORDING TO THE LOWEST STR OR TEC).
WLK: Walk speed so slow it’s laughable.  A new, horrible, more time consuming animation will occur if your bot lands from the air.  But hey, if you have that, it makes it all the easier to shoot you… *evil laughs*
FLY: Fly speed so slow it’s laughable. Also jump speed (into the air) is incredibly slow.  Quick jump (the cartridge) will not save you fast enough.  Also can tank landing as well.
TGH:  You get stunned at the drop of a hat and you esplode from the subsequent gangbanging that ensues.

[A001A] The Basics of the Arena

What are the items?  How to use them?

To use items, press the assigned number on the number row.  To drop an item, hold tab while pressing that slot's number.  You will also get support points for doing that (though I think someone else has to pick it up for it to work..)


Summons a funnel of wind to blow robots away quite a fair distance.  It is to be used for various strategies, such as playing keep away, stunning a coming robot against a wall, or for pushing enemies towards or away from an area (be creative).  DON'T PUSH A GROUP OF YOUR ALLIES TOWARDS YOUR ENEMIES UNLESS IT WAS COORDINATED.  THAT IS A FATAL MISTAKE THAT CAN COST YOU A MATCH.

Fire Pillar:

Summons a fire pillar that burns all in its path.  It is to be used mainly for killing off a healer's WB (unless they have the Tough Wonderbit cart, it won't survive) and Rouche barrier bits but it can also be used to break up formations in an especially tight area.  For example, the bridge on the sunset map.  THIS CAN HURT YOUR ALLIES AS WELL. AND KILL THEM.  AND SET THEM ON FIRE WHICH CAUSES A DAMAGE OVER TIME DEBUFF WHICH STILL CAN KILL THEM.

By the way if you wanna be not on fire, you can jump into the water.

Repair Kit:

Restores 100 HP.  Use it when you're least likely going to be comboed easily to death (they'll finish you off now), but make sure a medic isn't healing when you're going to use it.  Otherwise, it would be a waste.

Note**: If it's a Repair Kit All +50, use it whenever you get it to drop.  It applies to all allies on the map.  It only drops on certain maps (namely Angel Academy now) and usually only drops from those really big structures that take a bajillion hits.  Or ghosts.

Parts Restore:

Restores broken parts and their associated weapons.  However, it won't restore shields.

Wonder Drug:

Automatically fills your wonder bit meter.  Most of the time it's better to drop the WD for a support bot so that they can repair for a longer period of time (and quicker if it's early in the match).  If the match is about to end, you can pop it to get your WB up.  It might save you; it might not.

Summon Hipporoid

Summons oftentimes a little red bazooka shooting robot that is great for powerspot trolling (especially in Epoch) or for self defense (drop him under your own PS so that it can gain a hypershot boost!).  He can also be used to body block.  Occasionally though, you will summon an Omega Hipporoid, which is that giant white hippo with the hammer that you saw in the tutorial.

Ammo Supply

Refills the ammo of your currently wielded main weapon and some subweapons (but most of them cannot be refilled with this, Fluene is the only one who will be able to restore those kinds of ammo).  If you don't need it, drop it when you're at a healing point or PS so that someone else can use it.  SHARE THE WEALTH!


An area around you is suddenly hit with comets.  This is especially useful in Epoch where large masses of oftentimes damaged bots can be killed in an instant, which can make or break a match in some cases.  However, the comets may be large, but their aim is pretty off at times -_-  Expect bots to still be standing though unless they were very weak.


Gives you a hypershot buff as if you were underneath a power spot (PS).

Misc. Traps

These are usually just for PS trolling.  If you are near the enemy PS, drop it in the middle.  They will be applied in midair if you were hopping or flying when you used the trap, so be careful, or else it won't be really effective trolling :c

Disable Radar

Use it when you get it.  If your enemies can't see anything, then they can be quite easy to fragged away from their team.

Basic Etiquette of the Arena: A Mini Rant on How to Play Well


We play with other HUMAN players; not AI.  Be nice; if you see someone soloing not so far from you, take some time to jump in and help them take down the other person.  Teamwork is key; frag stealing is not a big deal in this game as score is dictated more by dishing damage; but what would matter is whether or not your ally died a stupid death that could have been avoided completely.  A battle is lost by losing all of your BP; and that means, preventing an ally's death means a more likely chance of you winning the match.

Don't use your items stupidly.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but don't deliberately hurricane a bunch of your allies who are healing into the enemy's powerspot where they'll be destroyed easily.  Don't fire pillar a bunch of allies if they are in front of you BECAUSE IT CAN AND WILL HURT THEM.  I've had matches where friendly fire costed us a match.  Not cool.

If you have broad radar, use it!  Warn your teammates of a incoming rushing LND while you're healing.  Or if an AIR is sneaking from behind!  You'll save lives!

Use your radio commands wisely!  Press C,X, or Z and then the number from the resulting menu that pops up to send a radio voiceover that can be heard by all members!  Use it but do not spam!  The only command that you can and should spam is *Repairing!*  Call for support, a medic, backup, just let other people know!

Use macros!  In options, you can set your own voiceover commands with your own custom text, with the press of ALT+# (just make sure you click on the speech bubble when you make them to set it to "members only" ).  You can add voiceovers too by using (#R_??) where _?? is the radio command from the normal menu.  For example, #RC01 will play your message with the *Roger!* voiceover.  

This means easier communication, which leads to better teamwork!  Use macros as a support bot, by asking for WD or for trees.  Use macros to warn people easily if you have broad radar.  You can do lots of things with macros, you just simply have to try.  

This is just something all new people must understand.  Arena may be about bot killing, but it's also just as much as teamwork.  Watch some CBJP vids; you'll see the atmosphere is much different there.

[A002]  The Miscellaneous Basics

The Notion of Breakpoints:
For those unfamiliar with this concept, a breakpoint represents a point or value in which a higher gain or endpoint is noted.  This is especially important in regards to stats and damage calculation because although the formulas and logic deems it so, there are breakpoints in CB despite linear growths.  If you want to blame something, you can blame the fact CB does round things off.

For damage breakpoints, breakpoints in TEC/STR are dependent on the force of the weapon in question.  Please refer to a STR/TEC chart either found here or in your Cosmicalc.  HOWEVER THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT MAXING TEC/STR IS NOT IMPORTANT.  They play into the damage calculation for subsequent instances of damage.  BREAKPOINTS ONLY APPLY TO THE FIRST HIT.

For WLK, the breakpoints are as follows: 19/22/25/28/32/36
**Though caution: please read Suguri's diary post; apparently WLK speed may vary depending on the map but this are the general agreed upon breakpoints.

For FLY, the breakpoints are as follows: 15/18/20/23/25/28/31/34/38

For TGH, the breakpoints are really just for stun regain.  TGH is not as important as other stats unless you were buliding towards a high TGH build to begin with.  
But if you twisted my arm: "7-12 TGH if S sized, 12-16 if M sized, and 16/22 if L sized" - Trill

STR vs. Force Chart:
TEC vs. Force Chart:

The Notion of Positioning
Apparently, it's not just about whacking someone.  It's about where you approach 'em to whack (and I mean that in both where you are on the map and how you face your victim).  Backstabbing/hitting someone from the side will deal more damage than face on.  Backstabs do roughly 50% more damage.

[A002A] A Mini Guide to Using CosmicCalc Hosted by blead

For those who are more in tune with the game and want more in terms of being able to plan and toy with your possible creations, I turn you to blead's version of CosmicCalc found at these URLs:

There is also a downloadable base that you can use (because I like having it on my desktop and I usually have like 60 bajillion tabs in my browsers anyway from multiple page combing) but sometimes it's not updated to the newest gara.  You can find that at the main sticky for the Cosmiccalc as described below.

I encourage you, if you own the new upcoming bots that are released, to give him some info on cartridges, health, etc. to help speed the updates along Smile 

Please find that post here or stickied to the General section of this forum:

I also encourage you to help SeniorGrey expand his NACosmicbreakWiki channel at and help him upload new bot demonstrations!  You can check that out at:

Now for a short tutorial:  
When it loads (if it loads; please read the main CosmicCalc thread that can be found in the General section or can be googled.  There are some browsers that have issues running it, and yes, loading problems are common.  Chrome and Opera can run it; personally I use Chrome.  I've had some problems loading it at first but for some magical reason, it works now o.O  Thank God.), you can see a rather blank looking interface (this picture is shown with a bot already chosen):


A.  Choose your bots BD there.  The subsequent empty tabs that appear afterwards are for the other parts.  For those with locked parts, their parts will show up automatically.

B.  The cartridge list of the bots; sometimes the carts for some of the bots are wrong or missing; check with your client’s data to ensure accuracy.  Press "Delevel" up in the corner if you make a mistake/want to change a cart.

C.  The parts that you can equip to your bot.  When you pull up one of the part slots, there is a little search window that you can exaggerate; click "Organize" to bring this window up.  This can help narrow your search to find particular stats on a part.  It has specific numbers as well as >/< signs for flexibility, and you can search internal weapons too.  

D. These boxes are for inserting tunes.

E.  Information about the highlighted weapon, internal, part, etc.  Just like in the garage.

F.  A STR/TEC vs. Force chart that can be manually pulled up by clicking on it.  Clicking on it again will close it.  Also, if you hover your mouse over a weapon/internal, the bars will show the appropriate Force and you can see how your damage increases or decreases with TEC/STR.

G.  Copy: opens a new window in which shows a complete blueprint of your bot, including tunes, what materials will be needed to complete the tunes, the weapons equipped, etc.

H.  Output: opens a new window containing a string that imports the data so that you can share your build with others conveniently.  The strings look something like this:


By the way, that string only opens up a plain ZSG.   So if you see that when you paste it in "input" (read below,) then you know you’re doing it right.

I. Input: opens a new window in which you can put that string generated from output.  Just paste it in and press "Read."

J.  Renames/Saves/Loads/Deletes the slot selected from the drop down of possible save slots.
Whoever designed this lovely thing, cookies to you.

B. Cartridges: What do they do?  What to take?
For those who have been keeping an eye on this thread, you will have realized that I’ve moved the discussion about carts before the bots.  My reason?  I think it’s easier to understand bot motifs once you understand what carts do, what benefits they provide, and what would most likely consist of their play style.  So without further ado:

[B001] Basics

(Capacity Up Carts)

Cartridges are level bonuses that you can get every time a bot is leveled (up to level 10).  A good rule of thumb is to get a capacity up carts early, even straight up to level 5, which adds to your maximum capacity and health.  In some builds, especially those built for the PVE mode, Arcantus, some bots only take capacity carts and don't reach level 10.  

The bonus here is that you get to equip better weapons, parts, and have more health at the same time.  Keep in mind that getting capacity up carts do take cost; so most likely you will profit at an amount less than what you’d think you would get.

Costs for each cart are also different for each type of bot, as well as the size of the bot.  For example, a cap up cart for a Crimrose is 25 cost, but gives 75 capacity (a profit of 45).  However, a cap up cart for a Lily Rain is 20 cost, but gives you only 60 capacity (a profit of 40).  It is recommended that you take at least 6 capacity carts (some bots have 7) as a basic rule of thumb.  When you get better at building, you can take as many or as few as you'd like.

You can find the full cartridge list on any bot opened in the shop or garapon.  The position of the carts on the list will determine the level requirement; the lower they are, the higher the level.  For example, for most bots, short boost can only be taken at lvl 6; carts like sniper sight can only be taken at lvl 9.  This plays into the carts that you can pick and sometimes you have to make hard decisions.  For example, Lily Rain Eve has to choose between Quick Boost or Broad Radar at level 9 to 10.  Of course, there are always exceptions.

[B002] Mobility based

A.  Short Boost: The infamous short boost.  Instead of a dash, you will hop a distance.  This will eat your boost gauge.  Instead of explaining it, I think a (modified~!) excerpt from Vyolets himself can put a better description to short boost:

- Short Boost distance is set by WLK or FLY (please see chart below).  LNDs hop longer distances and do it quicker than AIRs due to inherent WLK bonuses on LNDs.  However AIRs get the benefit of a larger boost gauge so you can hold your arrow keys or W/D keys for a longer distance.

- For more height, get the Quick Jump cartridge. It increases your Short Boost height pretty well, making it much easier to hop over terrain.  Your distance also naturally increases with the added height making it much harder to hit you.  
(My opinion: This is pretty much mandatory for most LND hoppers if you don't plan to run away from every melee bot you see now and are not investing into another special BS that lets you move a large distance quickly/accel roll).

-Height also increases if you run (boost run too) before you start a hop.

- Quick Land pairs very well with Short Boost, if it wasn't obvious already. Quick Land reduces the landing lag you get from any type of landing, so paired with Short Boost, you can pretty much boost indefinitely with good timing. It's still usable without Quick Land, but it helps a lot if you have it.  If you play an offensive hopper, you must get quick land.  Otherwise you can get away with something like short boost+quick boost+accel roll, which is something many ARTs that hop do.

I would also like to add that since the amount of short boosting you can do finitely without sitting to charge depends on your boost gauge, (which affects your distance per hop depending on how long you hold your dash and how much available boost is left), a FLY type (say Crim), can be a very annoying and unexpected hopper as she can hop quite a distance and for a long period of time.  Though the most notable thing about a Crim hopper is that her wings have antihoming, which prevents lock on weapons like Destructor's subweapons, TBG missiles, Illumis subs and other missiles from hitting her (the projectiles approach her, and then veer off course).  Psyguns will hit her though.

Short Boost Chart (courtesy of revelske/noirel):


Who to use short boost on?  

-Hoppers of any kind.  LNDs are the most common, followed by ARTs that you will see these cart combinations used offensively.  Obviously these usually have the normal short boost+quick land combo (hop combo) and may or may not have quick jump.

-AIRs will often use short boost and quick jump to replace BS that have bulit in "stovls" which are subs that help you land immediately or reach a high height very quickly.  They often will not have quick land.

B. Float Dash: Instead of a dash, you will fly a very low height above the ground.   This will eat up your boost gauge of course.

This is great for bots who have a high FLY stat and are usually found on the ground (ie. Lily Rain, EVE, Illumis, Kagura, Albatreos).  However, this is also a great mobility cart for Airs since it allows you to get out of a sticky situation when you shouldn’t be in the air, but you need to move—FAST.   For example, if you see a railgun shot coming or if a few missiles are flying at you, you can try to hit the ground (especially with something like Brickgale BS or Tengu BS) and float dash out of there.  It can even save you if you’re knocked out of the air by said missiles.  Remember, AA missiles have better tracking when your target is in the air.  It tends to hit ground when you’re flying rather low to it.

Float dash's speed dependence on stats hasn't been thoroughly tested yet.  The odd thing though, is that it's generally rumored to be the opposite of short boost (FLY>WLK) but apparently it can also be effective even with 2 FLY...  It has been stated that 16 FLY is enough to float dash-dodge an incoming melee.

C.  Sway: Instead of a dash, you will have a slightly different dash that at first sight, only makes you look like you dash diagonally forward to your desired direction.  

The great part about sway is that it provides a small time frame of invincibility (at the very beginning of the sway) which you can use to your advantage to possibly dodge a few things.  The not so great part?  It’s rather hard to use.  

To quote Suguri: Sway is a shorter dash that moves quickly, has brief invincibility, and is highly spammable. Distance, speed, and spammability all increase with wlk. Very good for dodging, and it's also superb for positioning with melee (especially when you have something like a Vanguard that knocks back frequently; just sway right up to your target and continue slashing before the stun wears off).

Sway is a great cart to take now that it has been buffed since I first started.  It can be an alternative to hopping on LND gunners and is a good cart to take if you have a melee that doesn't really benefit from starting a combo from mid air (like Vanguard Fencer, MBG, Eris, Resha).  

Sway is most easily used with homing weapons though if you're planning to play one as a gunner.  Hopping for me is much easier to predict bullet trajectory, but sway enough, and you can make your bullets boomerang (and as cool as that is, no it's not a very accurate way to shoot something).

D.  Boost Run: Whenever you run, you will now boost run.  This means that you will run at a much higher speed until your boost gauge depletes.  This also stacks with other movement carts that replace your dash animation (ie. Sway, Boost Run, etc.).  

When using this cart, be aware that running will eat up your boost gauge; and you might be in a pinch when you realize you need to run/fly and can't.  Conserve your boost gauge so that you will always have some left to make it out of the place alive.

The speed of your boost run can be determined by this chart below:


Basically, the chart reads from upper left to lower right (lowest to high).  Blocks are grouped by color scheme and are equal in terms of speed.  This means a 22 WLK, 4 FLY is the same boost run speed as 17 WLK, 18 FLY.
Boost run is a good cart to get if you’re planning to be a melee but don’t plan to max your WLK for whatever reason you please.  It’s also great for gunners, however, it doesn’t provide you the safety of a hop (or the annoyingness you bring -_- ).  Slow ARTs also tend to take this as well (for example, Destructor).  

Be aware though, shooting some guns or subweapons during boost run can hamper their aim.  For example, I was told that firing DG’s AA missiles while boost running will actually make the missiles hit the ground instead because her shoulders tend to face the ground as she runs.  Not fun.

E.  Quick Jump: Allows you to reach maximum height quicker.

Depending on your playstyle, this may be up your alley.  If you are not using an instantaneous booster (ie. Stovl from Brickgale boosters or Tengu BS’ Fly High) this may be a god send if you always fly at your maximum height (especially if you’re a wisp spammer, although I do not encourage that -_- ).  I would like to remind you, the reader, that this doesn’t mean it’s okay to have 0 FLY for whatever reason and have this.

F.  Quick Land: Shortens the animation duration when your bot lands from the air by 30%.  Meaning: you can take off again much sooner!

This is generally a must have for a hopper as it allows you to get back to hopping much quicker.

For melee, it is useful for certain attacks, such as Renny Lopp's STR mode kicks (which lets her kick and shoot with less of a pause in between, or chain multiple kicks), or for Hatigarm Machine (to help chain his attacks after dropping Lancerlot's K shields on).  Generally, it's the melee attacks that have you lift off from the ground that benefit from this cart.

For a mobile air bot that will constantly be in the fray, having quick land could mean the difference between getting caught by a bazooka or being able to float dash/fly away.  However, it is a personal preference; some people think it is not worth a slot on their bot, some people can’t live without it.  

G.  Quick Swim: Makes you move faster in the water slightly.

You’re better off not jumping in the water to begin with, and there is little water in the arena.  Unless you're Ion; I heard she walks on water o.o  *prepares for Jesus jokes*

H. ****RT:  Accel Roll:

A twirl in mid air along a horizontal axis.  

Watch this link:

If you don't have an acct, use this link to help watch:

Yes this is also the vid of powered laser in action.

I.  ****RT: Air Loop:   Enables a mid-air dash action that makes you do an upwards flip in the direction of the dash.

Watch koi's seraph vid link.

Air loop is that weird loop thing.

This is a very useful cart for air bots, as you can easily somersault away from missiles or rail gun shots.   It can also be used to gain a little extra height over your maximum flight so you can use it to “hop” to a  slightly higher platform during landing, which is useful for climbing cliffs quickly.  It can cause people to be rather reliant on it though.

[B003] Defensive Carts
This category consists of fairly straightforward set of carts catered to lessen the damage of the 4 types of damage available, as well as other things.  Keep in mind that you cannot select a guard cart that your bot type is weak to; ie. airs can’t take blast guard, and lands cannot take beam guard, etc.

A.  Blast Guard: Reduces blast damage by 50%

A very useful cart in today’s metagame as bazookas, missiles, and many spammable subweapons are centered around this particular damage type.  Keep in mind though, this guard only protects against BLAST damage; most blast type weapons carry a mix of both blast damage and shell damage.  The list of known ones will be explained later on in the weapons section.  This is the reason why if some of you take it, you may see little of a damage increase than you have expected.  However, it shows a rather large decrease in damage taken by a blast bazooka considering they are 100% blast damage.

Should you take it?  If you are going to take a guard, this is the guard to take.

B.  Beam Guard: Reduces beam damage by 25%.  

Not as high as a defense protection as blast guard’s, but still useful nonetheless.  It will defend against big damaging beam type weapons (I’m looking at you stardust cannon =/ ) amongst other things.  Its damage decrease is not as noticeable on low damage weapons (which beam guns generally consist of) since it’s based on a percentage.  But since you’re getting sprayed with tons of those low based damage at once, it does help a bit in the long run.

Should you take it?  Depends really but I would lean on yes.  If you’re a small bot and you don’t generally get hit by something like a SDC in the face, you could afford to skip it.  Still, beam damage is a very varied pool considering the large amount of airs in play.  It’s a nice cart to have.

C.  Sword Guard: Reduces melee damage by 30%.

Should you take it?  Depends again.  If you’re a support type prone to getting rushed by Vanguards and Oukas while healing because you can’t get away in time, this should prove invaluable.  If you’re an air type that’s not going to be touching ground so much, you wouldn’t worry about melee as much.  Theoretically speaking of course.

D.  Shell Guard: Defends against shell damage by a measly 10%.

Obviously by my very biased explanation, I don’t think it’s very useful.  Take it at your own risk.

E.  Stun Regain: Restores a little health when stunned (Percentage of hp restored is a % of the damage that hit you).

This is much more useful for big, bulky, armored land type bots than any other bot I can think of.   The HP gain is small, and most bots can’t afford to be stunned multiple times without exploding.  This is especially useful for bots with very high TGH; having stun regain with 40 TGH can cause Winberrl to actually heal you instead of damaging you because of the HP regain.

It also stacks with Crimson Veil (yes, the revenge tune).

Stun Regain for AIRS is also helpful, as every blast type weapon in the game is guaranteed to stun you upon hit (the bigger hitting things anyway).  As such, it does extend your life by quite a bit.  (Thanks pulupulu for the tip.)

F. Anti Slow: Self explanatory

It’s useful, but it’s more useful for doing boss runs than arena, ie. Haku.  You’re better off dodging those slow traps, or learn to not get caught by a Frau Adone/Ouka that will most likely have the tunes for it.

G.  Anti Burn: Self explanatory

Same deal as anti slow, however, it’s much more useful in Haku as it allows you to tank his fire and melee him more easily.  However, this cart is necessary if you're playing blazed baron.  This is the way Blazed Baron can abuse the 40 FLY that he can obtain by setting himself on fire.

H.  Tough Runner: Roughly doubles your TGH while RUNNING.

It’s a rather situational cart, but best suited obviously towards land type bots.  Since the bonus only kicks in while you’re running, it’s useless for anything else but (boost) running bots.

I.  Tough Wonderbit: Increases the HP of your wonderbits

This is a situational cart to take.  Support bots that heal would most likely want this as it would give the WB enough extra hp to survive a fire pillar.  Patty Lop (from the garapon) would also be a special case in which her WB puppets would be able to survive longer to deal more damage, which is a good thing because some WB puppets are better than others >.>

J.  Fast Recovery: Status effects last half as long.

A situational cart, and not really one I find too useful in the arena.  

[B004] Offense based

A.  Sniper Sight: Removes the red flashing warning on the sides of your screen that you get when someone shoots at you (for the people you’re shooting at!)

A useful cart that allows you to sneak up on people (although it doesn’t prevent them from seeing you on the radar).  Its usefulness declines as you fight more experienced people though who can tell where you are judging from the angle your shots came at.  It’s a handy cart to take, but not necessary.

B.  Stealth System: Prevents you from appearing on the minimap/radar.

A useful cart again, for tactical purposes of sneaking behind backlines.  Great for solo ganks, airs, and small melee bots who enjoy being sneaky.  It’s countered by another cart called Broad Radar which detracts from its usefulness because it’s generally the smart players that carry it.  Still, it is handy to have.  No doubt, it will net you frags (if you can kill with your bots on a normal basis that is…).

C.  Moving Burst: For a short duration during flight or a dash animation (includes sways, short boost, float dash, etc.) you will be able to fire all alpha strikeable weapons (basically weapons that aren’t sub weapons) for a short period before you are forced to stand still.

A very useful cart for run and gun type of characters, especially if they hold more than one weapon at once.  From what I heard though, moving burst is not necessary with float dashers, as float dashing allows you for a briefer period to fire all of your weapons at once.

D.  Soul Eater: Restores a small amount of HP whenever you destroy a robot in arena.

From what I’ve heard, the HP gain for soul eater is not very high; about 5% of your hp total.  It is also very likely you would not be able to gain enough frags on a regular basis to make it worth your while.  You’re better off hunting for the field medic or trees for repair kits if you need the health.

E.  Revenge shot: Allows you to occasionally attack without using bullets at below 50 HP.

Okay yeah, that's worse in my book than soul eater.  By that HP you're on your way to being dead, running around desperately trying to find a healer, or getting Great Fighting Spirit.

[B005] Etc.

This particular section contains a mishmash of carts that I can’t really place anywhere else.

A.  Broad Radar: Lets you see all players on the minimap.  Counters the Stealth cart.

It may be a high cost cartridge, but it definitely is useful.  If you can spare the cost, it’s worth it.  Most bots get this at lvl 9 or so, but some bots like Tesladonna, can take this cart at lvl 1.  It can be used for both offense and defensive purposes; if you have it, let your team know!

B.  Wonder Rate Up: Increases the speed in which your WB recharges when damaged.

Useful for support bots, but it is wise for a support bot to not get hit so that your score won’t suck (that and you won’t heal yourself from using a healing WB so it’s good to again, not get hit).  Still, it could be useful in a pinch.  

It is useful for AURA bots that rely on their WB gauge to deal the most damage that they can possibly do, and more likely than not, you will get hurt a bit while trying to replenish your WB gauge for AURA mode.

C.  Growing Wonder: Your WB gauge will slowly increase automatically.

Only a few bots can carry this cart; one of them is Medi Aide.  This is definitely useful if you’re planning to play a healer.

D.  Absorb Bump: You won’t be able to be bounced around by other bots.

This is very useful for healing support bots, again, as other people come by to get into your heal aura, you will be pinballing around.  This prevents that.  It can also be useful for certain melee bots in which their animations cause them to impact a bot, pushing them away from your melee range.

E.  Quick Boost: Your boost gauge replenishes 30% faster.

Take this if you’re an air bot.  Enough said.  Otherwise, if you’re not one, it could be useful for bots with boost run to help replenish their gauge quicker.

F.  Enhance Internal Weapon

This cart differs for every bot out there, and thus, for some bots it’s worth taking this, for some it’s not.  There’s another thread in the Guides section tailored to this.  However, what I can say, is that if you want to see the differences, highlight the BD of the bot.

C.  Bots: A Breakdown by Type; but Mostly by Motif

Okay this part will be unfinished for quite some time.  The reason?  Because eventually I want a little bios on all of the popular bots so that people can get a general idea on how to play them.  The problem?  I don't own most of them, there are a LOT of them, and honestly I don't have the time/money to go get them all, play them, and come with a reasonable review.  So I end up hunting guide links and whatnot and eventually, I'll accumulate a nice database.  But for now, I want to finish this guide as fast as possible while my free time is still somewhat here, so I'll be presenting it first by MOTIF!

Now, what is a motif?  It's a recurring theme, subject or idea.  Now, while bots are quite different, they often do have similar kinds of strategy/gameplay to them, making it easier to draw a bigger picture of them.  So, let's get started!  ...And I'll probably hafta put up a flame shield due to the advice I'll be giving out...

**By the way, eventually this section will be revamped somewhat to make way for that more thorough bit on the bots.  But for now, this will do~

[C001] LNDs

These consists of the following:

A.  Hoppers

Short boosting robots that generally wield bazookas, cards (from Domiclown Jo's arms), lasers, gatling guns, vulcans and a few other sort of weapons.  Their gameplay style revolves around mixing up short boosts to make an unpredictable bot that can constantly dance in your face while you're frustrated by the game's aiming system.  They can dish out heavy damage too.

The general idea?  Drop yourself two zooks (or a fat zook and a shield), look for a good spot on your map where there are less airs, lands, but lots of fat ARTs and start dancing circles around them.  Mix up your hops; don't just keep going to the left or right.  You can short boost DIAGONALLY!  Keep shooting.  Learn to shoot while hopping because it'll take some time to get adjusted to it.  Then move on to the bigger fish; the things that fly above you that you can touch at your full height using short boost; some lands as you tease them by jumping backwards and to the sides while pelting their faces.  But most importantly?  Have fun because by most of the CB community, you're officially being a really annoying fag.  And I bet some of you really like that.

The most popular hoppers consist of: Zook hopping Mistys, Zook hopping custom bots,  zook hopping Accel Sabers, Vulcan hopping Shinos, Cardhoppers, Lazflamme and Patty Lopp (with her gatling).  There are also shield holding hoppers that hold K Shields (120 HP; from Lancerlot), or equip LazFlamme AM2 AMS which come with a shield (HP of this shield I do not know of yet =S )

B.  Melee

Bots that specialize in getting in your face, hurting you for big damage, chain stunning you, and most likely, suiciding while doing so.  

Learn to know when to rush, when to approach, and how to get in there.  It kind of works like a fighting game; because once you get in there, you can proceed to combo their little butts off and do some major damage.  The only problem becomes getting in there.  Experience in the game will teach you faster than what I can say: learn to position, watch your minimap, Broad Radar may be your best friend, and if all else fails, be like the rest of the fish in the sea and suicide rush the PS.  But if you did that, you're probably not gonna be labeled as pro because you will be suiciding.  Rushing smartly=pro.

Also, if you hit someone's shield, no, you didn't stun them.  You're more likely to either lose your target or eat bullets to the face.  Or both.

Popular ones include: Ouka, Vanguard, Red Squealer, Manly (Okay, his real name is Mighty) Byne (NOT HN.  That particular bot is more suited to be a run n' gun type.), Jikuns, Byne Girl, Zero Saber Girl, Zero Saber, and Scaregant.

C.  Subtype of Melee: Tank/Damage Spiker

A specialized niche of melee which classes generally L LNDs with high TGH (30+).  Choice weapons generally include Daed AM2 (otherwise known as BC), Jet Hammer, Vanguard (possibly, depending on play style), Lancerlot AM5 (K-Sword).  Choice cores generally involve high cap/stat cores such as Cyclotes, Daedalian, Red Squealer, Lancerlot, Mighty Byne and Scaregant.  These melee bots require heavy tunes, as they generally use 40 STR/TGH with 30+ WLK, depending on the core being used.

Gameplay style is generally much like a regular melee, except with a few exceptions.  Assassinations are not necessarily needed, as these bots generally are bulky enough to withstand running up to someone's face to do their job.  However, the backstab damage generally is what causes many arena players to hate them (200+ is quite common when it is built and played right).  However, because of the attention that you focus, if you stay too long, you often die upon going in.  You're also a much larger target, making it much more easier for AOE blasters (ie. Blitz blaster/Aquila Girl blaster) to hit you, and hurt you much more.  

D.  Run N' Gunners

Consist of boost runners/swayers.  Typically carry a number of guns to abuse while moving bursting.  There are many sorts of these kinds of bots so it's hard to pin down popular ones, although Accel Saber is indeed, a popular one for newbies.  Sharhead is also a fun, although understated bot.

Your general gameplay style will be a land based harrasser.  You zip in and out, pelting shots at people until you find a good, lone, fat ART of a target.  Then you proceed to whip out your melee WB of choice, tag the victim and walk all over him.  Learn to back off if you realize you can't frag the guy fast enough.  More likely than not, your greed will equal your doom.  Oh also, learn to dash away like a fish's tail; go from side to side and you'll be dodging more shots.  Sure, you'll take longer getting to a further distance, but you'll be a harder target to hit.  That alone makes you a bigger turn off than the distance.

[C002] Airs

A.  Subweapon/Weapon Spammers

Consists of certain sorts of bots/parts, most notably though, Air Raider, Helingal, Izuna BS (for their wisps), Aquila Girl Homing Blaster spam, and amongst other things.  They auto aim for you and can hurt quite a bit.

How2Play?  Get to a nice high altitude landing point.  Fly to a nice height that's probably will be your maximum altitude.  Proceed to turn your camera downward, find some nice targets, and spam that mouse click.  Shoot a bit.  Chase a few low HP targets because you can.  Return to that landing point to refresh your boost gauge.  Rinse and repeat.  Oh, and if you get targeted by ARTs, you're probably better off finding somewhere else to land at or think of getting outta range.  It's better to survive than to throw a few pot shots at the ART on the off chance you get stunned...and drop into the middle of a firefight...  Bai bai birdie...

Also, this is also considered a low skill-way to play.  Most of these sub/weapons have very good homing and..require you to just have limbs to play -_-

B.  Alpha Strikers

Consists of air bots holding at least 4 weapons (but the best builds typically carry at least 6; one more in their HD, and another core weapon) whose main job is to kite around, looking for unsuspecting victims, before dropping out of the sky to unload pain.  Press both mouse buttons to alpha strike (fire all main weapons).

These bots are generally custom made, but generally consist of parts such as a Raystag HD (for their homing blaster like thing), Frau/Pacifar/Garulabird AMs (or any other weapon internal in AMs) and weapons such as Cross Shooters, flint muskets, wide beam gun and other beam type weaponry.  Some of them also carry BD internal weapons, but a lot of these custom made bots typically have a homing subweapon to prime their targets with, if not have also other alpha strikeable weapons, as in the case with bots such as XX Cross Raptor.

If you got a homing subweapon, prime your target.  Shoot them, tease them, see if they react to your constant nagging and see if you're in range for the rest of your arsenal.  If that all checks out, feel free to drop in a safe distance/position behind them and wail away.  If their attention turns to you, finish the frag or get the hell out.  It's not worth being shot at.

C.  Assassins from the AIR!

These are fly n' run melee types of bots.  They're usually tailored to a certain few bots because otherwise their melee capabilities are better performed by lands.

These bots include: Frau Adone (for her LGs), Herr Victor (Combination of both AMs and LGs), and melee Izunas/Crims typically wielding Kamui Staffs.  

Same as lands except for one big thing: you have a blast damage weakness.  Meaning, if you see some fat ARTs or some other bot carrying zooks at the PS or something, DON'T ENGAGE.  NOT UNLESS YOU WANNA SUICIDE.  A flying melee should be using what they have over lands: their mobility.  And flying right into that pretty light is only gonna get you zapped hard.  Find lone fat ARTs at the back ranks, drop in for a combo, then fly away.  When you can, finish a target off.  Playing a good air melee means being careful about what you do, who you engage, and even what angle you engage at (especially with the Frau LGs; those are harder to chain stun without slow than you'd think it would be) especially when blast damage is EVERYWHERE.

[C003] ARTs

A.  Fat ARTs

Dubbed to those artillery bots who are big, slow, chunky, but have the potential to HURT.  Or be a total nonmoving pile of free BP to the other team.  They're often stigmitized by the CB community because more often than not, they tend to be the latter.  It's also partially how BoyTitan became (in)famous -_-''

There are a lot of fat ARTs, but generally they're in the L range, and typically hold painful subweapons and multiple mains.  They are often also customized to hold even bigger, fatter missiles and bazookas.

As most ARTs would be typically played, you have to stick with your group (and if you're not with one, get with one ASAP or get yourself on a high, high cliff for some solo time sniping).  You have to watch your minimap for potential targets, potential fat ART hunters, and to see if your group is moving on, because you need to be in that herd (on most maps) or you're a dead bot.  When you see some distracted targets (because if an AIR notices you first, more than likely, you will be the one to die), unload your salvos, watch the flies drop, and then be consumed in the massive ravaging, kinda like dropping meat on a fishing line to a pit of hungry tigers.  Oh yeah, and if you see an air drop from your stun, wait a sec for it to take off, then proceed to unleash your salvo again.  It'll help you pin that air down much more, because the more time that air is in your grasp, the more damage you can deal to it.

B.  Snipers

Generally are Rail Gun holding S-sized arts (DG and Lily Rain are popular subjects), Sagi, or the almighty EVE.  They generally can fire from ranges of at minimum 384 range ( I believe that's Sagi II's range), but typically around 390+. Useful for staying out of the firefight while being fairly immobile, and being given chances to spam subweapons (for DG mostly though).

Be patient with your shots.  Account for lag.  Really, to be one, it's all about positioning, timing, and practice.  Learn to shoot while you're not moving around because otherwise it hampers your aim.  Just like any other FPS.

C.  The Mobile Art

This type of art plays more like an air bot with the capability of holding bazookas with no blast damage weakness.  You gain the mobility to avoid melee danger, and be able to dish damage at the expense of being tight on capacity, shorter ranged, and if not careful, more likely to die to something other than the melee.  

Play Lily like an AIR.  Just know that if you see melee, you should back off because you don't have that 10 second flight time.  And more likely than not, you will be only off the ground at a height where Vanguards can and WILL still catch you.  For Albatreos, the other mobile ART with float dash, most players play him as an alpha ART striker of sorts, with either missiles, bazookas or a lot of other psyguns.  (I don't own one, so I can't say =S )

[C004] Support

Not much here that is special besides your typical bread and butter healer/burst firer in epoch/random arcantus except..

The Gimper:

Consists of some way of gimping your opponent's ability to escape, deal damage, or being able to do their job.  Such support types often make melee impossible when they're around on the field (such as Bugsycait AM or Squidol whip), or can inflict certain status defects, such as bad homing (from Pulsardio), bind (from Winberrl), or waste booster (Nicole Malice).  (By the way, booster trouble is what Amateus Muchi inflicts).

Proceed to do your healing/supportive duties.  Farm trees, ask teamies for WD, and shout a few *Repairing!* before whipping out your heal bit.  When you see lands, whip out the antimelee gimp if you're Bugsycait and/or Winberrl.  When you see units (if you're something universal like Greinaut), whip out your special ability.  Just gimp the other guys and laugh as your now alarmed, edgy teamies (WHO DARE INTERRUPT MY HEALING TIME??) rage hard on them.  Or flee.  Yeah... they might flee...  I don't know, I'd help rage hard on them... *twiddles*

A more extreme example consists of a modded Tarantulic with some sort of stunning guns, and Winberrl AMs.  Slow, hold, and watch your prey be unable to escape being drawn toward you, all except by using WB invincibility to delay their death.  You suffer from short supplies of ammo, low HP and probably the scorn of the victim you gimped.  With this kind of support bot, you're more likely to be assassinating other bots.  Hypershot = <3
If you like some more information about a very popular AM (Bugsycait shield anyone?), then read all about it in CapeMike's combination guide of both Pulsardio and Bugsycait: Pulsycait!  (That name's ever so cute, it reminds me of Cait Sith :oops:Good times..):

**NOTE: There are a lot of unique things about support bots, for example, Nicole Malice's Waste Booster, Bugsy's Shock AM, Greinaut's Gravity Spheres, etc. but they're all specifically tailored to that specific bot.  Hence, not really a theme.  I'll get to them more later on when this becomes much more fleshed out.

[C005] Special Mentions

Certain bots here have general themes but have special tidbits about them.  For example, Patty Lopp, although generally is just a gatling hopper, also has puppets as her WB, making her a more powerful hopper with multiple purposes depending on her puppets.

EVE is your standard sniper, although she can do gobs of damage once her lock on is lvl 3, and has an ability to speed up locking on AND have her bullets pierce.  She can also float dash quickly, making her just as mobile as Lily Rain, with the bonus of having a shield, which can stun at a very short range upon first summoning it, and block bullets for a short period afterwards.

Renny Lopp is your typical hopper as well, but she has a mode change ability which lets her STR swap with her TEC.  If done while running, she will do a twirling somersault in midair that has a longer distance than a short boost.  Her LGs also change abilities in these two different modes as well; in her STR mode, she gains a jumping double bunny kick which is a great WB killer, stuns a bit, and does great damage versus arts.  (It also benefits from quick land!)  In her TEC mode, she gains a little twirl backwards which is just the right distance to dodge most melee attacks (and it's so much fun just being a hair outside their range!).

Seraph Crim is a basic S-sized AIR and is a heavy part of the AIR bot army for a reason.  Her possible performance is great, and she is obtainable through UC.  (Level a Crim to 10 THEN USE A PROMO, NEVER BELOW, as you get free capacity and HP for waiting to 10).  Her wings give her a good minute and a half of perma boost (although you cannot air loop/accel roll while using it) and have antihoming, causing lock on (sub)weapons and missiles to veer off course when they approach her.  Propeller bit does not extend the wing duration (if you use propeller bit as you are about to lose the wings, you'll realize you'll still lose the perma boost until you clock to nothing).  Once you activate Wings, you have to press and hold the spacebar at the right time (about a half-second after the the wings flare out), otherwise you're gonna drop to the ground where fatass ARTs can get you.  The Seraph Tackle also has invincibility, (up to the loop), and is good for dodging a few shots here and there/frustrating your fellow enemy Misty and ARTs.  It can also be used to reach land if you're about to land just short of ground.  Just be wary, despite what you see from other people, the tackle animation actually is much slower than what you would think it would be.

She can be played as a wing spammer (by getting both internal upgrades to increase the amount of wings she has from 1 to 3) and be equipped with basic AIR weapon loadouts, or as a typical air looping/accel rolling/mobile AIR.  

Until I can think of any more special bots or any other particular motif, I'll let this stay for now.  Until then, moving on to popular equipment!

D. Popular/Basic Weapons and Other Equipment: What to use?  Where to find?

NOTE*****  Along with the areas listed below, weapons can be found in lotto cubes and weapon cubes handed out during events.  Most, if not all, UC weapons can be found either in shop or as rewards for completing missions, arenas, quests.  They can also be found in Arcantus.

Slotted weapons often come from lotto cubes, weapon cubes, or garapon.  Most of the time, weapons held by bots found in garapon or in boxes are not slotted.  Weapons bought from the shop hold 1 slot.

[D001] Ranged Weaponry

This consists of a variety of different guns, lasers, and other ranged weapons.  Durr.  

Also because I don't own a large variety of weapons (I only own a handful really, and have tested even less), I'm going to need some help with this :3

[D001A] Shell Type

Shell types consist mainly of different handguns, rifles, machine guns, gatling guns, and a myriad of other weapons.  They are most often equipped by LNDs and ARTs, but can be found on other bot types.  Some shell based weaponry, most notably the breakers, consist of 80% shell damage (the other 20% presumed to be blast?) The most popular ones are:

A. 8 Vulcan (Found in Arcantus only (confirmation please!)): A good UC weapon (albeit high cost) for those into hoppers for LND bots.  A popular bot found using the 8 Vulcan is Shino Exroad, in which it generally is used in a hopper build.  Does a high amount of damage in a short period time due to the low INT and high bullet SPD.

B. Flint Muskets (Shop for 28 RT): A fairly high firing rifle like weapon.  Fires a series of 5 bullets in a single clip.  It's typically used as low cost DPS weapons, especially for alpha strikers.

C.  Raid Rifle + 1FLY (Garapon): A high rate of fire rifle that's high cost.  It is especially used in a lot of LND harassing builds, fires a stream of 4 bullets very quickly, with good accuracy.  

D.  Scout Rifle (Found doing Boss Quests, especially Berzelius): Damage, rate of fire, and clip size is very similar to Raid Rifle.  Cost is high.  The only catch is that it has a much more severe penalty to stats (-4 STR) as opposed to Raid Rifle.  It's not a bad UC alternative though.

E.  Custom Mags (Found in arena, quest mode, and boss quests): Have a high damage compared to most magnums, a higher cost, bonuses to WLK, and a larger bullet size.  However, it suffers from low ammo as well as a much higher cost.

F. Cross shooter/Cross shooter Mod (Garapon): A low cost, rather high DPS crossbow weapon used mainly for alpha strikers.  However it can also be useful for run n' gunning type LND bots.  Has a higher chance of stunning than most guns.

G.  Railgun (Shop for 36 RT): (Not sure if it's completely shell damage but..)  Standard weapon for sniper builds of the S sized artillery.  Boasts far range, good ammo supply, and very fast projectile speed.  It takes a split second for it to fire, and it has some recoil to it as well.

H.   Linear Cannon (Shop for RT): The upped version of Railgun except made for L sized artillery.  Hurts incredibly hard.

I.   Garulabird AMs (Garapon)  Although not weapons, due to their internal weapons (though with the inability to hold any other weapon) they are a popular choice.  They're often known to be Power Spot Breakers (especially for Epoch) because they work much like Raid Rifles except cheaper in cost, and with less ammo.  It should be noted though that quad wielding these AMs will most likely cause most of the shots to miss on a small target, as the asura AMJs with the robot's core will push the AMs too far apart.

J.   Custom Shotguns (Quest: Fractulus)  Most famous for being a power spot breaker in Epoch, as well as the go to gun for DPSing other quest bosses, ie. Fractulus, Berzelius, even Haku for when he's not weak to melee.  (By the way, until you get Custom Shotguns for Quest running, shotguns make good alternatives)

K.   Structure Breaker (Garapon)  Although not  common, it was one of the most damaging guns in the game, and is generally used as a sniping kind of gun (without the range).  However, it only has 50 ammo.

L. Drum Gun (Shop, Mission, Quest, Arcantus)  A high base damage machine gun that suffers from rather severe stat penalties considering most shell based weaponry.  It also suffers from being very short range.  Good for machine gun hoppers though hefty on cost.

M.   Magnet Gun (Shop 16 RT):  A rather cheap gun to use for alpha airs in terms of both cost and RT cost.

N.   Custom Gun (Shop): A low ammo, short range, but high DPS gun due to its high rate of fire and rather high base damage considering shell based weaponry of this category.  It's rather expensive to equip though since it eats up ammo so fast.

O. Musket: 25 cost, -1 FLY. (Shop) Your basic long-range rifle. Performs decently well considering its cost (12 Force, 250 ammo, good range and speed).  It's a nice UC alternative for Lily Rain to hold, although flints are generally recommended because Muskets -1 FLY.

P. Shotgun: 50 cost, -1 WLK. (Shop) Exactly what it says. Good for crowd control if you dual wield, but in the arena, it's not seen very much, as blitz blaster is the most notable blaster/shotgun type weapon found.  Shotguns truly shine in Quest, where they are often the go-to DPS weapons for boss hunting if you don't have custom shotties.

Q.   Combat Mag: 120 cost, +2 WLK. (Garapon)  Works very much like Custom Magnum with the same bullet, however with a faster INT and higher ammo.  This is wonderful for bots who can fit the extra 20 cost that otherwise could be better used for tunes.  

R.   LL Bulk Mag: (Garapon)  It's like a vulcan except with a smaller clip. Would work nice for run n' gunners of the L variety.

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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:23 pm

S. Hand Gun: 15 cost. (Shop) A basic weapon, typically outclassed by others (except in terms of cost), but still can be used effectively. The most popular thing about hand guns though is that it can be used as a cheap offhand slotted part for bots who can't use a weapon in a hand (such as EVE).

T. Power Shooter (Garapon) A crossbow type weapon that can be looked to be the big boy version of cross shooter. It is generally touted in CBJP as a great AIR weapon. It has a high range, high ammo, and a good amount of force. Its projectile is also fairly fast too. Has a slight arc to its firing though that you will have to take into account when firing. Ballista shooter (its cousin), is a higher Force power shooter, but slower/less ammo on everything else.

U. Device Breaker: 90 cost, +1 WLK, -1 FLY (Anywhere other than shop; UC): A smaller, less powerful version of the structure breaker, and is the UC alternative. Boasts the same pros/cons as the structure breaker, but has more ammo.

V. Circuit Breaker: 45 cost, -1 STR (Garapon): Despite what similarities it has in names with the other breakers, this particular gun boasts high damage, higher rate of fire, and much more ammo (280) in exchange for being a mid range rifle (230). It fires much like a scouter's rifle. Looks pretty good to me, though I've never tested it.

W. Double Gatling (Garapon): You thought one gatling on your friendly neighborhood L hopper was bad enough? NOW LET'S SEE YA WITH TWO! Damage goes up the roof, but in exchange for moar ammo waste per shot.

X. Lily Rain EVE Rail Gun (Garapon): Does pure shell all the way; please refer to page 13 for details. The infamous EVE cannon, unique to Lily Rain EVE and currently counted among the most dangerous weapons in the game. At lock 3, the rail gun shot acquires an additional aoe "blast" of shell damage. (133% Shell + 48% as explosive shell) Excellent at most combat roles due to versatility of targets. Becomes more difficult to use as the target's distance from Lily decreases. E.V.E Shot pierces the target, striking any enemies or objects behind the target at lock lvl 3, and with the self buff. Also, it's harder to hit with this baby than most of you guys think =.=

[D001B] Beam Type

Most of these weapons can be only equipped to AIR, unlike Shell based weaponry where a multitude of bot types can wield them.

A.   Auto Beam Rifle (Garapon/Shop (for 48 RT): A highly regarded weapon for AIR bots.  It is a rather hard gun to aim with though, because the damage comes from landing all 3 rifle shots of that single clip.  Still, the damage output is nice.

B.   Limited Plasma Gun (Everywhere but shop): A highly recommended gun for AIR bots; easy to aim, large projectile, good bullet speed with decent interval.  110 cost is also not too bad.  It is a highly recommended gun for a reason.  Suffers from a lower ammo pool than wide beam gun (300 as opposed to 500).

C.   Plasma Gun (Shop, UC Garapon): The souped up version of LMP for 170 cost.  It is another popular choice, as with a single 10% force tune up of your choice (I recommend the -ammo one), it can go up to 20 Force.  
The projectile is also slightly bigger.  If you can afford the cost for this gun, I highly recommend this one :3

D.   Accel Beam Gun (Shop for 20 RT/Found in Frau's AMs as internal weapons): A solid gun to use; rather high stun rate, decent damage, nice INT and bullet speed.  Plus it sparkles Smile

E.   Blitz Blaster (Garapon): A highly damaging blaster because not only are the projectiles large for a blaster, but they also pierce.  They're okay for Boss Runs, but Custom Shotguns still deal more damage (although they do pierce through Berz's bees).  They're most famous as being part of the two components of the BlitzShaden PS breaker tactic.

F.   Wide Beam Gun (Everywhere but garapon): It's a nice low cost weapon with an enlarged, oblong projectile.  Force tuned or speed tuned, it provides a cheap, but good alternative to the LPG or Plasma Gun, with more ammo.

G.   Beam Rifle: 70 cost, -2 STR. (Shop): Fires a piercing beam sniper round with base 18 Force; note that it doesn't fire in bursts like auto beam rifle does.  The rifle is decent and low cost if you're looking for a sniper's beam-type weapon at smaller sizes. However, from it's rather high cost, the only notable thing about this rifle is that it can be used by all bot types except LNDs.

H. Negatron Rifle: 180 cost, -3 STR, -2 WLK, -2 FLY. (Shop) This thing is the large version of a Beam Rifle, except the base Force has been increased to 25.  It's large to carry as well, but it's a good weapon to hold for M/L sized AIRs if you're not into SDCs (for L sized AIRs only).

I. Stardust Cannon: 130 cost, -1 STR, -3 WLK, -2 FLY. (Arcantus Boss Hunting) The quintessential fat Air weapon. 31 force and 170 ammo, but the speed is crappy (260). LL sized.  Used mainly as a lobbing cannon gun capable of stunning practically anything it hits, plus with the added bonus of splash damage.

J. Beam Machinegun: 70 cost, -2 STR. (Questing/Arena/etc. rewards) A Machinegun, only it fires smaller beam projectiles. 8 Force and 1100 ammo. Range is comparable to most long-range machineguns(120). This weapon sucks if you're firing while moving, apparently the machinegun can't fire with any decent accuracy while you're moving.  You'll have to practice to use it, because it relies heavily on lock on (losing lock on simply causes you to waste ammo in front of you -_-).  It's also a popular weapon to hunt Arcantus with.

K. Beam Gun: 20 cost. (Shop): Your basic beam weapon. 9 Force and 500 ammo, except without the benefit of WBG's gigantic projectile. Notable for its ability to be equipped by all types.  The starter Crimrose has the modded version of this, which is toted to be a very nice gun.  So for all of you new people who haven't picked your starter bots, CHOOSE CRIMMY!  (unless you have a better reason).

L.   Mega Beam Gun: 100 cost, +1 FLY, -1 TGH. (Garapon): A L sized beam weapon with unusually high Force(34). 150 ammo. Unusually high projectile speed(360) and range(330). Low rate of fire. Forces the user to charge each beamshot before firing.  IMO a fun gun to use (you can use it as a splashless SDC for M sized bots).  If you equip two, left click to begin charging your gun, and then alpha strike when the charge ends to fire both guns.  I find it to be pretty nifty, but you fall while you're charging the gun to alpha (haven't tested it out with moving burst yet though).

M.   Particle Gun: 40 cost, -1 WLK. (shop; comes with the level up Mach Knight award) A basic blaster-type weapon, and its most notable details is that it can be tuned for better DPS than a blaster and still be cheap in cost.  Its particles tend to be less ranged than blasters.  Noted for its equippability by LND, AIR, and SUP.

N.   Blaster: 90 cost, -2 WLK. (shop) The beam-type version of the Shotgun. 5 Force and 1300 ammo. Fires 7 piercing beam shots in a circular pattern. Each beamshot has 5 Force.  If you can't use shotguns, use the blasters.  They also have longer range than shotguns.

O.   Omega Blaster: 200 cost, -3 STR, -2 WLK. (shop) Basically a Blaster becoming badass and juicing on steroids. 16 Force per beamshot(!) and 1200 ammo. Same parameters as the normal Blaster. If you can spare the cost and can use shotgun weapons to their fullest, go with this. LL sized and Air-type only. If you could find the cost to dual wield these, it might be the greatest alphair imaginable (though really just for boss hunting). Blitz blasters are much better for arena since they also pierce.

P.    Double Beam Machine Gun:  (Garapon):  The dual version of the beam machine gun.  Now with twice the pain and ammo wasteage per shot!  Seriously though, this thing really hurts @_@  Though the range is so sad.

Q.    LL Plasma Gun:  (Garapon):  A larger version of the plasma gun.  From what I've seen, it does not require a charge up time as with mega beam gun.  Nice flow of damage, huge bullets.

R.   Pulse Gun/Electron Gun/Paralyzers (Questing/Shop except for Paralyzer, which is Garapon): These guns are generally used for their stun.  Add more stun% tunes for a greater chance to stun, which is great to use on..anyone.  Paralyzers can also double as viable AIR bot main weapons, but generally is looked to be inferior to Limited Plasma Gun or Plasma Gun.  

S.  Slice gun (garapon):  Most notably seen as a hopper build weapon for Crim; although definitely not the first, Vyolets has piqued interest with this.  Heard the arc was very strange to hit with though.

[D001C] Blast Type

Most of these more exotic weapons (missiles, some bazookas, mine shooter, steam cannon, etc.), save for Mini Bazooka and a few others, can only be equipped by ARTs, although bazookas are often found on LND, support and ART.  Most bazookas also carry a mix of shell and blast damage.  The only zook to carry full blast damage are blast bazooka and Victory 1's internal.  Other than that, it's mostly shell, which is mostly great for everything other than AIR and are okay for blast guarded LND (beats smacking a blast guard LND with a blast zook anyday).

Also, thanks again Fire! Very Happy

A.   V-2 Way Missile  140 cost (Shop): A decent missile weapon. 20 Force, 350 ammo, and 240 speed establish this weapon as a basic, but solid, missile weapon. Horrible cost though for what it does (180???)

B. Ancient Bazooka 110 cost, +1 STR, -1 FLY (Garapon): A bazooka that shines with the unusual trait of having low int(680, fires once every .68 seconds, which is considered decently quick). 27 Force, 290 range, and 260 speed give the Ancient Bazooka solid stats and a rep as an explosive with decent DPS. It also deals the most damage a zook can hold for a M sized ART (force wise).  Supports can use this as well.

C.   Armor Breaker: 60 cost, -2 STR. (I believe shop...): I know, I know, it's called a Breaker, but the projectile explodes on impact with any tangible surface, which makes it explosive. A decent, low cost UC sniper's weapon. 24 Force, 350 range and 340 speed make the Armor Breaker a weapon to be reckoned with in the right hands. Breaker shot is small(the size of a Rifle shot), so precision is required for this weapon to shine. 80 ammo hinders this weapon, although not to the point of crappiness. Breakers are composed of 80% shell and 20% explosive damage, making this a useful weapon against most enemies. Land and Artillery only.

D.   Bazooka: 60 cost, -2 WLK, -2 FLY.  (Anywhere): Outclasses Mini Bazooka in terms of power, but not in ammo. 28 Force, 245 range, and 265 speed make the Bazooka a balanced and easy to use explosive weapon.  Can be acquired by buying a UC Steel Rider. Land, Artillery, and Support only.

E.   Blast Bazooka: 105 cost, +1 STR, +1 WLK. (Garapon) Ah, yes, the best AntiAir bazooka in the game. Unique among almost all "explosive" weapons in that Blast Bazooka's damage is full explosive, meaning Airs will cry very hard if they're hit.  It also has a little "fireworks" animation, making it have a larger AOE than just its missile.  20 Force puts the hurt on the Airs, while 230 range and 290 speed help to ensure the Air will not escape, except in a box after being torn to bloody shreds by explosive shrapnel and flak. Difficult to acquire. Fair Warning: This weapon sucks massive horse shit against anything with Blast Guard equipped(10 base damage, though 19 if you bump the force of the bazooka with 40 TEC).  Art only.

F.   Bomb Launcher: 75 cost.  (Garapon): The name says it all. 32 Force puts a lot of hurt on da Airs. 300 speed will make sure they're blown to pieces. 100 range fucks this weapon very, very hard and it also has a very lame arc/distance. Can be useful for Air-to-Air combat, where the attacker has an elevation advantage. Air(!), Artillery, and Support only.  Still, I don't think it's a great weapon.  Great on paper, not so much in use.

G.   Box Missiles: 130 cost, -1 STR.  (UC gara, anywhere else): The (in)famous Box Missiles. Weaker than normal Missile weapons(15 Force). 290 range and 260 speed assist the missiles in pursuing faster or long-range targets. Fires two missiles per salvo(160 ammo, 80 left clicks. Note that this also means the base damage is effectively double the Force). Box Missiles tend to have difficulty following long range targets, although this is still a solid missile weapon, which is generally improved with tunes considering tri slotted box missiles can be obtained through the UC gara.  Artillery only.

H.   Core Breaker: 140 cost, -1 WLK, -1 FLY. (?) Another Breaker-type weapon. 34 Force, 350 range and 420 speed ensure that anything struck by this weapon will be hurting. 60 ammo fucks this weapon up, but not to the extent of utter crappiness. Difficult to acquire(I've never seen one in over 200 hours playing CBen). Artillery only.

I.   Grenade: 60 cost, -1 TGH. (Shop): This weapon has a parabolic, arcing path to the target. 17 Force, 330 range, and 190 speed put this weapon solely at mid to close range combat zones. The Grenade is slightly weaker than most explosives. Grenade projectiles have a chance to inflict Burning effect on the target(s). Land, Artillery, and Support only.  Volcano Grenade though beats this one to a pulp.

J.   Handy Bazooka: 40 cost, -1 WLK, -1 FLY. (Mechled, Pulsardio, or King Gigaton from Lotto Boxes/Super UC Garapon): Ah, yes, the infamous Handy Bazooka. This weapon is unusual among modern Bazooka weapons due to the large size of its projectiles, and the fact that it's the only bazooka that S sized ARTs/LNDs/Supports can carry aside from Mini/Micro zook.  25 Force, 240 range and 275 speed give the Handy Bazooka a well-balanced combat performance, making this weapon reliable in many situations. 150 ammo lets you put out the hurt for at least half the arena match. 700 int also allow you rapid fire, eating a large portion of an enemy's HP in a short time.  For now, not so difficult to require Very Happy

K.   Large Bazooka (Anywhere): Your basic fatass bazooka weapon. 36 Force, 260 range, and 280 speed put the hurt on Airs. This weapon has a large projectile size. 130 ammo is enough to last at least half the game, but not much more. LL sized. Artillery and Support only.

L.   Little Grenade  40 cost. (Shop): Same deal as the Grenade, just a smaller projectile, less force, and less speed. 14 Force and 160 speed hinder this weapon, although it is still a decent value for bots looking for a cheap explosive weapon. This weapon can inflict Burning effect on the target(s). Land and Artillery only.

M.   Micro Bazooka: 50 cost, -1 WLK, -1 FLY.  (Questing, Bossing, Arenas): Another bazooka type weapon, although this one ranks a close second to Handy Bazooka in terms of versatility and usefulness in the Arena while being a much more practical option(much easier to obtain than Handy).  It also has one of the highest blast:shell ratio for zooks, making it a better option to carry on ARTs. Smaller Projectile size. 21 Force, 210 range, and 290 speed make the Micro Bazooka an excellent option at medium range. 190 ammo extends Micro Bazooka's useful life. Micro Bazooka is unusual in that it is SS sized, meaning it can only be used by SS or S bots, like Elme S., A.Maid, Lily Rain/Lily EVE, or Destructor Girl. Artillery and Support only.

N.   Mini Bazooka: 60 cost, -2 WLK, -2 FLY.  (Shop): A staple in the Air universe's weapons load due to its availability, cheapness, and practicality. Mini Bazooka has the distinction of being one of the ONLY explosive weapons available to all robot types and one of the only ones available to Air(Bomb Launchers are also available to Air, but not to LND). Mobility takes a serious hit but is counterbalanced by Mini Bazooka's general versatility and power in any situation, making it a valuable weapon for more than simple Air-to-Air combat. 23 Force, 210 range, and 280 speed give Mini Bazooka a reputation for good performance in combat. Tuning for Range, Speed, or Force makes this weapon very deadly in the right hands. S sized, so not available to L Airs(like Thoarla) for Air-to-Air combat. Equippable by all types.

O.   Missile Launcher: 110 cost.  (Shop): Like the name says, this is your basic Missile weapon. A decent weapon if given the chance. Fires a single missile per salvo, and a full clip contains five missiles, so enemy Airs who think they can strike once you fire off a salvo should probably think again, lest they take a missile straight to the face. 20 Force, 330 range, and 240 speed put the Missile Launcher as a weaker missile weapon at longer ranges. Tracking system is good. 130 ammo allows you to fire away without worrying too much. Artillery only.

Personal opinion from Firekiller87: "This weapon seems to work very well on fatasses due to its cheaper cost and LL size, plus the lack of stat penalties. Easy to acquire, and has good alpha potential. I found that it combos well with Destructor CN's core bazooka, which when alphaing forms a roughly triangular area of explosive impact. 0x Internal'd alpha strike can inflict 35-50 damage per strike on an enemy Air(five strikes, only first four have bazooka shells so fifth will be weaker). In addition, the missiles can still track the enemy should the target be smart enough to evade the initial attack, forcing the target to focus on evasion and defense. Explosive impact covers a large area plus splash damage. This weapon does not get enough love from players. "

All I can say is, I'm no missile player.  Not being able to hit Seraphs in the face is a big nono to me (since missiles home!).  I just don't like not being versatile when it comes to my targets.

P.   Misside AM: 85 cost, 15 HP(?), +1 STR, +1 TEC, +2 TGH, +1 FLY. Main Weapon: Missiles. 16 Force, 60 ammo (REPEAT ONLY 60), 320 range, 250 speed.  (Everywhere but shop/garapon): A basic missile mounted on your AM. Fires two missiles per salvo. Tracking is fairly bad. Ammo supply really fucks this up hard. Can be used for ART type alpha, but unfortunately, having only 60 ammo is pretty bad.  I used to love these, but then realized in most cases, it isn't worth the cost ><

Q.   Lily Rain Le Reve Psy Guns: 585 cost, 230 HP, +4 STR, +13 TEC, +11 WLK, +12 FLY, +8 TGH. Main Weapon: Psygun. 7 Force, 400 ammo, 320 range, 140 speed, 1220 int. (Obviously a garapon bot): Psyshots accelerate linearly according to the target's movement speed. Le Reve's psyshots explode on impact with any tangible surface, except water. After being 2x Internal'd, Psygun obtains 9 Force, 480 ammo, 350 range, 140 speed, 920 int. Excellent for attacking targets with fast movement speed, Shaden BS users, and Ah-chan Full Boosters since psyguns by nature, accelerate faster at the end of their projectory.  Psyguns also ignore Seraph Crimrose antihoming.

R.  Pterano HD: 65 cost, 15 HP, +2 STR, +2 TEC, +1 FLY.  (UC garapon, anywhere else but shop): Main Weapon: Breaker. 15 Force, 140 ammo, 320 range, 270 speed. A decent sniper's weapon.

S.   Cannon Baller BD: 70 cost, 75 HP, +6 STR, +8 TEC, +6 WLK, +4 FLY, +5 TGH. Sub Weapon: BurstMissile.  (Shop):
BurstMissile allows a number of missiles to fire after a period of charging time. Good for 1v1 forward assault and distraction tactical.

T.   Victory BD3: 125 cost, 100 HP, +2 STR, +8 TEC, +6 WLK, +4 FLY, +6 TGH. Main Weapon: Blast Bazooka(dual mounted). 12 Force, 180 ammo, 230 range, 300 speed.  (Shop): Fires two Bazooka shells per salvo. Good for AntiAir forward assault and defense. Low Force.

U.   Destructor BD2(CN) (Rank up Reward): 385 cost, 250 HP, +9 STR, +15 TEC, +3 WLK, +3 FLY, +10 TGH. Main Weapon: Bazooka. 28 Force, 120 ammo, 360 range, 300 speed. After 2x Internals, the bazooka becomes a practical Airslayer. Any Air dumb enough to get near you is toast.

V. Destructor BD(normal): 375 cost, 270 HP, +8 STR, +14 TEC, +5 WLK, +4 FLY, +15 TGH, 790 capa. Sub Weapon: AAmissiles. 21 Force, 110 ammo, 370 range, 160 speed. (Shop): Tracking on these are insanely good. 2x Internals make them even better, giving AAmissiles 23 Force, 130 ammo, 380 range, 170 speed, and 2500 int.  Destructor is a great bot, as his sub hurts, his size is great (you can use titan zooks!), and he's incredibly customizable.

W.   Destructor Girl BD: 470 cost, 200 HP, +6 STR, +16 TEC, +7 WLK, +5 FLY, +11 TGH. Sub Weapon: AAmissiles. 21 Force, 110 ammo, 370 range, 160 speed. (Shop for 50 RT): The tracking on airborne targets is insane. Locks up to four targets, firing a single missile at each. 4x Internal'd gives this 25 Force, 150 ammo, 390 range, 180 speed. Reduces interval from 2700 to 2200. An excellent forward weapon and AntiAir battery.  However, low cap, size (no big bazooka dmg Sad) an a lack of cartridge space (let's do the math here, 6 cap carts + 4 internal carts= 10!! Meaning no guards, hopping, or whatnot for you unless you want to get rid of an enhance Sad) are your problems.

X.   Snailbot AM: 75 cost, 15 HP, +2 TEC, +2 TGH. Main Weapon: Bazooka. 18 Force, 180 ammo, 240 range, 210 speed. Unusually low int(600). (Shop): Excellent for saturation fire and AntiAir but not much else.

Y.   Gatling Bazooka (Garapon):  Expensive to equip, low on ammo and range, but incredibly fun to use.  Does exactly as it says.

Z.   Grandum BS: 135 cost, 20 HP, +1 TEC, +1 WLK, +3 FLY. Sub Weapon: MultiMissile. 20 Force, 132 ammo, 350 range, 160 speed. (Anywhere but shop): A fortress-like booster shape. Locks on up to four enemies. Fires two missiles at single enemies up to double lock-on, fires two missiles at one enemy when locked on three, and a single missile at four.

AA.  Titan Zook (Anywhere):  This baby packs the largest bullet a zook can hold.  Does the most damage a zook can do.  It also is 200 in cost, has severe penalties and is LL sized.  But this zook can make AIRs cry so hard.

AB. Middle Bazooka (Garapon): The other high damage zook that an ART can carry.  Beats regular bazooka out of the water in every stat.  It's a very nice zook if you can't get your hands on Ancient Bazooka, but it still outdamages it, if you can manage to hit with it and it's very slow INT (900 compared to handy's 700).  It does have a huge bullet to make up for it though.

AC.    Mine Shooter (Garapon):  Lays mines into the air, which is great for sinking AIRs that don't watch out where they're going.  Great for Epoch, and synergizes really well with Amateus Muchi (Airs now must choose between a friendly mine or a friendly solar explosion Smile)

AD.   Rocket Launcher  (Super UC Garapon):  A UC rocket launcher that apparently has good performance; used to be found in Arcantus.  Its homing is delayed, unlike most other missile type weapons where homing is from the getgo.  Compact Launcher's homing is also similar to this.  (Thanks Iseal!)

[D002] Melee weapons:

I won't lie.  Most of the bought melee weapons in this game, whether RT or not, are lame.  Hence why most of the good touted melee weapons are often internals of a bot/part (think VF/VA's AMs, MBG/Byne's pile bunkers, Red Squealer AMs, etc.).  However, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS.  OF COURSE.  

Also melee weapons have a bit where there running/jumping attack animation is different from an animation that starts off with you walking.  I don't know much of them, but for the ones I do know, I will explain as best I can:

A.  Sonic Blade (Shop): A newb basic sword weapon.  Last attack swings the blade in a full circle before slashing straight down.  Not very good, but still, fairly good compared to the other shop melee weapons -_-

B.   Lance (Shop):-Attacking while running causes you to use a Charge attack, where you just run a distance. Striking a target or hitting a wall will make you stop, similar to Cartridge Step from Red Squealer BD.

C.  Jikun W-Tackle from BD (Shop/Garapon/RT): When attacking a target, Jikun Hu teleports in front of the target. Jikun Long teleports behind the target.  If you run out of ammo while doing so, you will not do damage to your target when tackling.

D.   Kamui Staff (Arcantus Quests): Requires activation(right click once, if the blade is not glowing) to deal damage to target. Activation time is lengthy(at least 2 seconds, I haven't taken measurements) and forces the user to stop all movement, so it's a good idea to do this at the beginning of the battle.  It also does damage (you swing the blade out in a 360 degree spin), but not much good other than to swing at trees.  Also, if you undergo AURA mode, you will have to reactivate kamui staff (thanks to reiya for this tip).  This is the touted UC melee weapon; it has great range, a simple 3 hit combo (two horizontal slashes followed by a pause and then a vertical slash) and well, it's touted for a reason.   Its range makes up for its lack of momentum (the distance you move) per swing though.

E.  Metal Slayer(Shop):Sends out pretty flowers during slash attack. The only thing special is the great distance it covers when you do a running attack with it, and the fact that it has an innate ability to lop off more robot parts.  Other than that though, it's not that great sword; the intervals between slashes are much too long.

F.   Slash Blade (Garapon): A sword with the same basic combo as kamui staff, but with less reach.  To make up for it though, it does a slash "wave" that can deal damage with every swing.  Running/jumping attacks send out two waves that spread in a 120 degree cone.  It's a good sword, but now outshone by VF/VA and other homing punch attacks.  What makes me upset about this blade is that not only is its reach so so, but the distance covered by the first two hits are very small.  Makes it a good blade to use for haku though, just keep spamming the first two hits of the combo.

G.  3-Way Dagger (level up reward/Shop): With every swing, it sends out 3 mini daggers in a 120-140 degree fan that count as projectiles (meaning you cannot hurt shielders with this weapon).  You will move a small distance as well.  This is the UC option for Haku fights; because it throws out 3 projectiles, and is counted as melee, it does quite a bit of damage.  However, you will need a close up and personal option to hurt bubble Haku (or just dual spike bits).

H.   Boomerang Axe (Shop): Can be thrown as a projectile. Does not behave like a normal Axe.

I.  Jet Hammer (Garapon): Now we're talking.  Has ammo to add impact to strike, as well as momentum. Once ammo runs out, the momentum of the hammer decreases (think of it now you're just playing whack a mole), but power remains the same.  This is a touted weapon for many L sized, 40 TGH, CVeil builds.  This is one of those weapons capable of sending a 200 dmg critical.  Preview:

J.  Halberd (Shop): 180 degree field of attack.

K.  Cheer Pom-Pom: (Super UC Garapon/Garapon):Has no meaningful use aside from being a +10 cost/+1 WLK free 3s of tuning.

L.  Spike Shield : (shop for RT): Doubles as a shield against enemy attack, while also being useful as a melee stab weapon. When broken, this weapon cannot be used for melee.  From what I've heard though, it's not really that great.

M.  Red Squealer AM (Quests/Arcantus/Friend Rewards/Arena): Impact Punch subweapon penetrates armor(shields). Single strike attack, but with two AMs, can deal a 3 hit combo.  These AMs have amazing homing, and travel a great distance as well while attacking.  It's also good for whacking down low flying AIRs when you get the chance.  These AMs also have a little "beam" at the end of each punch; with these beams, you can attack the pillar/statues of shadow fox from inside the arena while soloing (although it's much less time consuming to just rush him whenever he appears/you have invincibility from respawning).

N.  Cyclotes AM (Garapon): Delay before the actual attack. Stamp subweapon has small AoE. Three strike attack. The user will also travel a significant distance over the course of the attack.  

O.  Seraph Crimrose BD (RT/lotto box promotion/Shop for an horrendous 150k): Seraph Tackle gives temporary invincibility frames(until you start looping). EDIT: Seraph Tackle will pierce the target, and damage is inflicted on any target struck at any time, as long as the Seraph Tackle animation is playing.

P.  Gigantinger AM/AM2 (Friend Rewards/Arena Drop/Arcantus Quest): Rocket Punch has a longer range than most melee. Gigantinger AM can wield a weapon, but it's melee function will be disabled. Gigantinger AM2 has no slot for a weapon.

Q.  Hound Dog LG/LG2 (Garapon): Subweapon launches the target. Short delay before the attack.  Combos well with the Hound dog's tonfa AMs from Hound Dog Extreme.

R.  LazFlamme BS/BS2 (Garapon/Shop): Two part strike: First a dash, then the actual back kick that kicks the target FAR FAR AWAY.  Dash always does 1 damage. Backkick does damage based on STR and 12 Force(18 in case of BS2). LazFlamme BS/BS2 can be used while airborne or submerged in liquid as a dash/midair dash. The Backkick will not occur while airborne or submerged, but rather, just the forward dash.

S.  Bugsycait BS (Shop for RT/Garapon): Slicer shield inflicts Shock status, disabling all melee weapons on the target.

T.   Hound Dog AM (Garapon): Travels a short distance while attacking. Tonfa blade takes a split second to emerge from Hound Dog AM, but it does a series of quick attacks.  Think Maxi from SCII.

U.   Misty Hollow AM (Garapon/Shop): Scythe swings in front and to the side(whichever side Misty Hollow AM is equipped on) of the user. Very little delay between activation and attack but has horrible tracking and forward momentum, making it a very crappy weapon.  If you want a scythe weapon, reaper scythe is much better.

V.   Hatigarm LG from regular Hatigarm (Garapon/Shop): User charges forward, jumping slightly into the air while tackling. This quirk can make the user jump over the intended target.

X.   Hatigarm Machine LG  (Garapon): The best way to use Hate Machine's infamous LGs tackle is by hopping, and then right clicking into a target.  You tackle in a flip, using Hati's "tail" to whack someone, dealing great damage, while being hard to hit as well (the tackle is incredibly fast, and lag is often on your side).  

Y.   Daedalion AM2   (Garapon):  Otherwise known as Daed BC.  This attack does several hits (2-3) very quickly at once 360 degrees.  The reach is almost as long as Domiclown's AMs.  However, after the attack, you are a sitting duck for about a second.  This is one of the most infamous weapons in CB, able to deal 200+ damage EASILY to the back, once tuned.  Here's SeniorGrey's preview of it:

Z.   Reaper Scythe (Garapon/30 RT for 1s in Shop):  The other handheld weapon that is notable.  This weapon does a multiple hit combo, beginning with a wide arc swing with fairly long reach.  More right clicking gives a short range blunt whack a few times before ending in another swing.  SeniorGrey has also done a preview:

AA.   Calamity Sword (Garapon):  Another handheld weapon that is not really used too often.  If anyone has played Spiral Knights, it plays exactly like the Troika's super attack.  The sword is swung overhead, and after a brief period of "charging," a massive blow is conked straight down in front.  The range doesn't look too impressive for what it does, but the damage looks fairly good.  However, due to the fact that it's a vertically swinging sword with only one attack, and the fact that it takes time to charge while using, it looks to be a poor contender in arena.  Here's the preview:

AB.   Blazed Baron FF Sword (Garapon):  This is a pretty popular melee weapon these days due to the influx of BBFFs in arenas now.  The combo differs whether or not BB is on fire.  Both do a 3 hit combo, but there are mix ups.  While not on fire, it's a 360 degree spin, followed with a vertical slash, then horizontal.  While on fire, it is a vertical slash, followed by a horizontal, and finishing with a 360 spin.  Fire "slashes" come out, akin to slash blade with much less distance traveled.

AC.    Air Slasher (Garapon):  A multiple slash combo that does many many hits.  Each hit lets out a wave, just like slash blade.  Its momentum is okay, and so is its targeting.  This blade is pretty good for stunlocking (does piss poor damage per slash to make up for it which makes it not so great to use sometimes), and it does blast damage.  For that reason alone, it's an AIR hunting kind of blade.  

Here are some other weapon demonstrations of melee weapons that aren't really popular in arena, but for the sake of satisfying curiosity: (Haken Spear, Doom Slayer, Magnet Whip, Chainsaw) (Dragon Fangs)

[D003] Other

Here goes the rest of them that I don't know the damage type for: burners.  They set things on fire, do damage over time, and are really just for fun, whether it be for hoppers or for burner/melee combos.  Also shields go here too.

A.   Burner (Shop/Super UC garapon/Questing): Your atypical burner.  Nothing special here, except for the fact that it runs outta ammo fairly quickly.

B. Long Burner (Garapon?): Burner with the furthest range so far.  Sacrifices range for damage.

C.   Ceramic Burner (Shop):  The burner that does the most damage.  It suffers from low ammo though.

D.   Buckler +40 cost (Shop):  Blocks 72 damage.  Its hitbox is almost as big as Viper Shield's.  Great for any gunner or hopper.

E.   Viper Shield +60 cost (Shop/level up): Blocks 72 damage as well.  Only thing different than buckler is the size of the hitbox.

F.   Lancerlot AM2 +85 cost (Garapon): The infamous K shield.  Blocks 140 damage with a large hitbox.  You cannot jump while this is deployed (you have to manually activate it), so the only thing you can do is hop really while with it.  Great for Hate Machine builds (dual K siheld), gatling hoppers, and any other hoppers while at it.  Oh and btw, this acts like a shield, so no, it can't hold a weapon.

[D004] Wonder Bits: How to use them? Which to use?

Unless you are a special bot (whether it be AURA or something like Nicole Malice/Patty Lop), you will be able to pick and choose your wonder bits.  Now depending on tuning you may or may not have a lengthy duration on your wonderbit.  Each wonderbit also has its own duration, but having your STR/TEC as close to being equal as possible will lengthen its duration.  Slayers (maybe dual slayers as well?) also have an inert bit where it lasts incredibly long even with having something like 40 TEC/1 STR.  Most wonder bits also do damage according to your lowest stat (in STR/TEC), though slayer bits use STR exclusively.

Wonderbits can be bought from shop, found from lotto boxes, or from UC Garapon.

So, here are the most popular ones according to what type of bot (NOTE THIS DOES NOT MEAN THIS BIT CAN'T BE USED FOR ANOTHER TYPE, IT'S JUST THE MORE POPULAR ONES TO GO FOR).  Also, unless stated, the bits have 0 cost.


A.  Dual Slayer (+10 cost): Boasts for easy availability (it's always in UC garapon somewhere), good range, damage, and ability to help stun lock.  However, it comes with the price of 10 cost.  Your choice as to whether or not it's good.  Great for hoppers, LND melee, run n' gunners.

B. Dual Axe No cost, and has two axes swirling around you.  When you run up really close to someone, the axes will swing around wildly.  This is great for stun locking if you're using a melee bot, but not really much else.  Range is pretty poor on em, but once you have someone, they will help the pounding.

C.   Axesword bit The sword has a farther range, and will often help "guide" your target into the axe.  A sort of one two punch that combines the best of both the range of sword and axe damage.

D.   Dual Lance  These two lances boasts the furthest range of the melee bits and do a two hit combo.  The first hit is a jab, and the second hit is the flip of the handle on the target.  The second hit generally does whiff, but the range is what people really use it for.  Good for catching low flying airs to punish.

E.  Dual Rifle (+5 cost) This wonder bit is really just for longer range hoppers that don't want to skirt to melee ranges, or for run n' gunners.  Deals pretty good damage too.

F.   Dual Spike Great for keep-them-off-me hoppers (ie. Misty) and Haku running (for bubble Haku).  You can also stunlock with these by jumping onto people, but it can be dangerous to do so.  (You don't stun=you get hit in the face).

G.   3 Way Bit Another cheap WB that acts much like a dual slayer.  Uses a sword and a 3 way dagger.  


A.  Slayer bit (+5 cost): The go to bit if you're an AIR.  This helps stunlocking fat ARTs greatly, and they last a pretty darn long time.  Definitely worth the 5 cost.

B.   Sword bit The lesser version of slayer bit.  Doesn't do quite as much damage (we're talking only less than 10 dmg difference really), is a fatter hitbox, and with shorter range.  If you can't spare the 5 cost for the slayer, go with this.  

C.   Dual Blaster This bit is really just for boss running.  Does great damage, but lasts VERY short.  Not really useful other than for burst damage in arena.

D.   Fractulus Pulse bits (+10 cost) Super UC garapon/Lotto Box/Fractulus Only.  It is the new bit to go for if you have a MB alpha fag.

E.  Propeller bit Makes each tick of your boost gauge go down more slowly=you stay in air longer.  This is good to combo with Ah Chan's full boost, but does not stack with Crim's Seraph Wings.  However, while you stay in the air more, the propeller bits are very fragile.  Take care to not let one die if you can.  


A.  Dual Rifle (+5 cost) This wonder bit is really good for sniping damage.  As an ART you should be staying around the mid to outskirts of a battle after all.

B.   Dual Missile (+5 cost) Adds two AA missiles to your little bomb barrage.  From what I've noticed, tracking isn't too good with these, but they do hurt.  Still, dual rifle is your better option for better aim and damage.


A.   Repair bit : Your heal bit.  STR/TEC to be equal for max results.  These bits also can be affected by hyper boost so skirt underneath a PS while healing for faster heal.  They can also be used to repair the PS during Epoch, as long as your bot is tall enough (yes that's why you see them weird tall bots sometimes).

B.   Burstfire bit :  Makes you a mobile PS.  This is a good bit to take on maps where there are no PS, the team is not going to necessarily fight by the PS (Like in Sand Cliff), or in random Arcantus.

C.   Undead bit : A situational bit.  Sets up a tower that is fairly tank and gives a buff to the units surrounding it.  A purple eye denotes the buff.  With this buff, the bot will be losing HP slowly, but in return, cannot die unless the WB is destroyed.  So, if you do see that purple eye buff, DESTROY THAT WEIRD ROTATING SATELLITE... THING.

D.   Teleporter bit :  Does as said.  Also situational.  However, the WB is nowhere as tanky as the undead one, so...yeah.  Good luck with that.  Going to need a LOT of teamwork to make that happen.

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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:24 pm

E.  Tuning

[E001] Basic Tuning (Stats): A Viewpoint Based on Common Sense and Efficiency

Just some general tips here, I don't really want to type whore more than I should be:

1.  Aim for the breakpoints.  Aim for mobility stats first (WLK/FLY) and then your damage stats (STR/TEC).  The exception is if you're aiming for a 40 TGH kind of build.  In which you aim for that, then STR, then WLK.  Don't try to be ambitious here unless you have the RT to spend.  Luck is not on your side when it comes to tuning.  Even if you have 95% success rates, you can still fail.  Why?  Because this is cosmicbreak.

2.  Use Cosmicalc.  Seriously.  You really need to be able to map out your builds.  When done, use output to copy the build and place it in a notepad file to save.  

3.  When tuning, try to aim for 2 out 3 slots filled if you are lucky to have a few 3s parts.  More than likely, you'll finish your build with the slots you wanted since if you broke two slots in a row, the third slot on another part will probably work.  If not, stick to just UC parts, and tune em to one slot.  If they break, buy a new part, start over.

4.  Aim for the best stats per cost parts when building.  (See xz's guide here: ) Take hitbox size into account as well.  The smaller the better.  Also, try to make them UC obtainable if possible; you'd cry harder if you weren't an RT player if you broke your 3s Amateus Muchi BS than if you say, used a 3s Misside BS.  

5.  For harmonics and protectors, stick to 10% alpha ones as much as possible.  Bust out the higher % ones as you get to the 3rd tune (each successive tune decreases the next one from succeeding by 10%).  Use omega protectors for the first/second slot, but alphas for thirds.  This way, you're less likely to break an omega.

6.  Leave the LGs slots for last, in case you want to use a capacity up /revenge tune.

7.  If you have a bot with locked parts, don't level it too much.  Tune it as much as you can without breaking slots.  If you tuned a good amount (say 4-5, even more if you're ambitious and got the materials), keep it and level it.  If the slots broke early, junk it, repeat Smile (Locked parts will "renew" their slots once the bot is junked and rebuilt.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO NOT LOCKED PARTS.)

[E002] Non Stat Tuning

Includes extra capacity, weapon tunes:

Also, tip here, if you want more damage, upgrading force will give you a better pay off than upping your damage stat.  But both is even better Smile

For weapons/internals/others, here's the general gist of it:

Have a slow projectile gun?  (ie. bazookas)  Go for something that ups speed.  For zooks, extra range is good too.
Have a short ranged gun?  (ie. machine guns) Go for something that ups range/speed.
Have a gun that does great all around? (ie. ABR) Go for something that ups projectile speed/range.
Have a hard hitting gun? (ie. zooks) MAKE IT HIT HARDER WITH MOAR FORCE.
Have a melee weapon that hits hard and you don't care about attack speed?  (ie. JHam, Daed BC, Vanguards) MAKE IT HIT HARDER WITH MOAR FORCE.  
Have a kamui staff/ripper scythe?  Consider it using it vanilla or to up range.  Or moar force.
Are you a 40 TGH build with stun regain?  Consider getting Revenge: Cveil.
If you are a melee bot with lots of hits in your combo but meh damage?  (ie. Ivis, Ouka): Tune at least 2 slots of slow.

More ammo is for guns that run low on ammo (say gatling bazooka or Feng Mei's psyslicers) or for cancelling out the -ammo you get from tuning.  Also, combination tunes (such as High Air Shooter) also are very viable, but you better make sure you have the extra capacity for them.  

Also other tidbits:

HP: If you're a L bot with spare capacity, consider tuning this.  It's always good.  Otherwise, C.S. must be considered here.  Her explosion does damage according to how much HP she has lost.  So, the higher the HP cap, the bigger the boom.

Capacity: For the RT players who want to really beef up really strong RT bots even more (EVE, Ivis, Ouka, etc.).  I suggest sticking to using the lowest cap one and stacking that (for less TGH reduction) or just one of the higher ones.  A lot of the good RT bots often subjected to more capacity have low TGH as is.

Want more information?  Check this link:

F. Gameplay

[F001] PvP General Strategies

[F002] Arcantus Boss General Strategies

Before we get into any detailed strategies, just a few tips:

1.  Use your WB invincibility (you have to spam F so you summon and unsummon the WB for maximum invincibility time).  This is much more important for bosses like Haku and Berzelius.  Time it well so that you avoid bot killing explosions or tackles.

2.  Usually the more custom shotguns/shotguns/blasters you have, the better.

3.  Practice.  It's easy to solo a few of these once you get the right gear, know when to pop the WB invinci, and work quickly.

4.  Use the Arcantus Quest routes located at the "arcantus routes" charts at the homepage of this forum.

[F002A] Haku

Loadout: Air: 3 way dagger+guns and internal AMs (bonus) as your choice.  DPS WBs.  Is usually used to fly to Haku and collect treasures quickly.  Can be used instead of the support bot.
LND: Any decent melee weapon can perform well here.  Combination daggers are the best weapon to use vs him.  You need at least one.
Support: Shotguns and burst fire bits.  Can be used instead of the AIR bot.
Third slot of your commando: dedicated to the bot you want to level quickly

If you want to know my loadout:

Accel Saber: Combi dagger with Red Squealer AM.  Dual Spike bits.  Has both anti slow and burn (that's why I had this core to begin with).  (Combi daggers come from garapon; they were in an old gara, but have yet to show up again)

Seraph Crimrose: My flier through the routes.  Carries Pacifar BR AMs, a shotgun, 3 way dagger and dual blaster bits.  I usually suicide with her to bring out Accel Saber because combi >>>> 3 way.  I use her for shell drain and fire haku though because they're not weak to melee.

Also: 3 way dagger/combi daggers are projectile melee.  They will not pass through the baltheon bubble.  Use dual spike bits or Red Squealer AMs to hurt him.

Strategy:  Jello/Spermwhale (they're the same person) has done it so well, I'm not even gonna bother:

[F002B] Berzelius

Loadout: As many custom shotguns/shotguns/blasters (in that order) as you can fit on a single AIR bot.  For WBs, bring dual blasters or whatever you have that brings to the table much more DPS.   If you're not using an AIR bot, use a support bot and bring burst fire bits.

Strategy:  Shoot.  Constantly.  When Berz is curling up, he's about to release a shockwave that will kill your bots if they remain on the ground.  Fly straight up as soon as you see the curling, and just use your WB and shoot with a single gun until the coast is clear.  Use your WB invicibility to dodge his tackles as well.

Depending on difficulty, after a certain % of health, Berz will start flying to another part of the map.  The points where he does fly are set, but whether or not he will go there is random.  He will always fly to the final clearing/plateau though, regardless of difficulty.  To chase after him, you will have to go into the caverns of the left side of the clearing (2* and above) where you will be beset with fire pillar traps and maze like tunnels.  You'll get used to them eventually.  If fighting 1*:  

Fun tips:  If you're fighting Berz at 1*, he will go straight to the final area.  You can skip the whole tunnel maze (as you would usually use), and head over to the right side of the map.  In one of the walls, there's an underground tunnel leading to the outskirts of the final area's plateau.  (See spoiler A)  Then keep flying, until you see a pine tree (not the destroyable ones; see spoiler B).  Fly on the top of the pine tree, then fly up towards the cliff.  Climb to the wind tunnels.  If you're an AIR, you can fly straight into them.  If you're a support, wait on the piece of land right next to the wind tunnels to recover boost.  Otherwise, you'll drop straight back down to the ground floor.  

Shortcut to final area (Spoiler A)

Shortcut to the top of final area from aforementioned shortcut (Spoiler B)

[F002C] Fractulus

Loadout: As many custom shotguns/shotguns/blasters (in that order) as you can fit on a single AIR bot.  For WBs, bring dual blasters or whatever you have that brings to the table much more DPS.   If you're not using an AIR bot, use a support bot and bring burst fire bits.  Baltheon (either) is a plus because he will be blocking projectiles that both wave mobs and fract himself will be shooting (and the slightly bigger blue ones that fract shoots?  They take out 200 hp easy, so watch out for them.)

Strategy:  Shoot everything you see.  Depending on the difficulty, there will be a number of waves before actually fighting fract himself.  For the waves:

Hightail to one of the small caverns at the ground floor; this will make it much easier to shoot the masses.  If a mob is sparkling with rainbow colors, it means he's invincible.  Kill the structures (they're visible on the minimap) to kill their invincibility.  If the mobs are large and look similar to fract (and spawn aigis baltheon-like barriers), whittle all of them to as little hp as possible before killing all of them.  Ignoring this will cause them to regenerate to full HP after a period of time (as well as to respawn), to the anger of your more knowledgeable running mates.

Fract himself:

Using blasters is more forgiving in this area because they are longer range.  If wielding shotguns, climb up to the honeycombs that point directly toward fract.  Test a bit, because on some of these corners, they are close enough to have shotguns and custom shotguns hit.  Use burst fire bits and cluster around the user to kill fract.  At 3* you need multiple burst fire supports to constantly shift through because fract is that tanky.  2* is generally manageable for at least 4 people who are semi organized.

Avoid the giant green laser beam.  Duh.  When Fract covers himself in a bubble shield, you'll have to destroy 4 structures floating on the honeycombs, and 4 structures at the ground floor.  Don't have EVERYONE running to reach the ground; climbing back up the honeycomb steps is a hassle at 2* + because those honeycombs will have lightning strikes when all of the orbs light up on that platform.

Avoid the large red orbs; they slow you.  Avoid the slow moving blue-white projectiles that fract shoots at you.  They're a little bigger, but you can tell by their movement speed; and they'll take out 200 hp out of you easy.

Die only when you're out of ammo.

[F002D] Sugoi Experiment

Suguri explains it better:

G. Useful Links That aren't Stickied

Bot Building
Kit's Guide to Common Sense:

Xz's Guide to Building Bots (Cost Efficient):

Want to build a UC AIR bot?

FireFlyWater's Guide to Air Bots:

I think you should know the secret of butterflea...

Want to play a few good bots that aren't mass popular?  Pick some out of these:

What about tuning and cost efficient/low cost bots?

I want to play a hopper, help me:

Bots you shouldn't use:

Weapons you shouldn't use:

Leaning Forward While Flying:

Random Strategy Thread

How To Epoch Thread

I want some moar youtube demonstrations!!

RT Tips
Need RT and want survey work?

Ingame Tips/Misc

What's in the Super UC Gara?

H. Credits

In no order:

Everyone who was mentioned already while writing this
The people of CB Fan Forum, because without them, I wouldn't have been able to collect the info in the first place.  Or test them.

If you want me to actually list the 25+ usernames of people who know they already contributed..okay.  Post a reply to tell me.  I'm too lazy.  

TL;DR: Everyone here helped me, as this is a community-centered education.  And I greatly appreciated all the help I got.  So thanks everyone. Smile

Updates: June 28, 2013: Rewording, revamping and reupdating areas and paragraphs in the first page. Will reupdate with proper links, images and advice as time goes on. Will be revamping some areas to add new relevant information and to rewrite the weapons section. I'll most likely be adding a table/list of the most common/useful weapons to snag for bots according to motif. It's way too long as it is.

Also if someone can please link me some vids of assault step/glide boost, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Sept. 25, 2011:
Quickly fixed the inaccurate boost run chart (THAT IS TEMPORARY; THERE ARE SOME INACCURACIES STILL) as well as WLK breakpoints (apparently, they have not changed, but the boost run breakpoints have).

Sept. 3, 2011:
Added photos of shortcuts for Berz.  Fixed weapon inaccuracies and cost inaccuracies of a lot for things..added a few more here and there for details..  Going to have to add in the weapons from recent garas soon.

August 20, 2011:
Fixed a few things, added a few things.  Finished up the sections.  Will be maintaining this guide/compilation from now on; maybe some major revisions for the meh looking sections later on down the road, but this thread has done what the table of contents has mapped it to.  Enjoy~  Smile

July 29, 2011:  Fixed last update's missing things, finished up melee section, wonder bit section, tuning.  Added some weapon demonstrations by SeniorGrey, and I'll probably be attaching all of his links to the guide fairly soon.  I'll be finishing this whole compilation pretty soon now.  Finally @_@  Also:

If anyone can drop the list of shell:blast ratio of the zooks, I'd appreciate it.  I can't find the threads where I last saw them...

July 20, 2011:  Fixed a few things here and there in descriptions of certain things, put EVE's rail gun in shell, but I have to fix the elec guns/slice guns/etc. next update.
Started on melee section

July 6, 2011: Just two 2 things today: Fixed breakpoints sect to reflect new values
-Added another bit for stun regain for AIRs

June 29, 2011: Edited the weapon corrections that people have posted lately (Thank you, Iseal, Fire, blead Smile)
-Added some weapons I forgot to add in last time I updated Embarassed
-Fixing grammar/whatevernot mistakes
-Adding Fire's notes to the "notable bots" section
-Fixed/made clearer of a few other parts (about Macros, Lazflamme AM2, some other things that I don't remember anymore..)
-Added warning.  I'm not sure if it's for comedic purposes or just a warning.  But it's just to say.

I will be starting the melee section soon.. I will.. I promise.  Just really tired/overworked/sleepy these days.  It also takes me at least an hour to do these small updates (have to find, fix, reread for error/grammar, remember any extra details I should add, double check what comments people have added for me and integrate)....  Which...surprises me.....  in a very bad way v.v

June 19, 2011 Removed Intro (I'm no longer a 1 post count, and I doubt anyone reads that thing anyway.)
-Added Blast Weaponry (thanks again fire Very Happy)
-Added links for view of accel roll and air loop (I'm so tired of changing this description, just watch the vids no more qq)
-Added some tidbit for CVeil stacking with stun regain; modded stun regain description
-Added some other weaponry to the other categories cuz they were from weekly and..they deserve to be mentioned or something or other.

June 8, 2011: Fixed short boost description (yet again); added more to shell and beam weaponry (thank you Firekiller and Knyx for inputs); added Subtype: Tank/Spiker Melee to the LND bot description; added Seraph Crim to special noted bots (mostly because of her antihoming wings -_- ); fixed some basic grammar and spelling mistakes; moved beam weaponry section to next post to leave room for extra edits in the beginning.

June 1, 2011: Added more to shell based weaponry, started beam weaponry.  Fixed boost run, accel roll, air loop descriptions.   Also, I have a request!   READ THE BOTTOM OF THE POST PLEASE Sad

May 26, 2011: Started weapons section.  Fixed some bits, added some color.  Will continue adding on stuff later.

May 20, 2011:  Added a new section to the Dead Basics section.  Fixed some errors with the Basics section in regards to chain melee.  Changed short boost info as well; need to do more research.  Will resume updates on weapons next time.  Colored the section headers (I think I have to do something else to format this)

May 17, 2011: Just a mini touch update here because I'm too exhausted to finish the next section.  Updated the Misc Basics to include stuff about extra damage during positioning, chaining melee attacks.  Did some more thorough flesh outs of the bot motifs to include gameplay advice (I hope nothing is totally flame worthy though).  Updated some cart explanations.  

May 16, 2011: Updated the Bots Motif Section.  Will be editing this more while working on the next section.

May 12, 2011: Finished the Carts section.  Will start updating much more frequently now!

April 24, 2011: Changed around the Table of Contents.  Started on the carts sect.

April 13, 2011: Hate to break my word, but my workload hasn't come down and I haven't been in great shape myself.  I'll aim to write the next segment in a bit, but at the very least, I will promise an update during the Easter weekend.  Free time is like gold to me now -_-

April 7, 2011: Redid table of contents, tweaked some wording here and there, finished the Misc Basics section (FOR NOW UNTIL MORE INFORMATION REGARDING BASICS HAVE BEEN COLLECTED)

First posted: April 4, 2011

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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:35 pm

Extra info regarding wonder bits: Different bits have different durations. Support bits (repair bit, long range bit, burst fire bit) and aura bits slowly charge on their own in addition to the regular methods. Activating (and deactivating) your bit provides invincibility, which is useful for dodging dangerous attacks. Wonder bit damage is calculated by using whichever offensive stat is lower between str and tec, and uses the TEC damage formula regardless of bit type.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:25 pm

Former I wasn't so sure of, but experimented with ingame. Thanks for the confirmation.
Also, totally forgot about damage calculation with wonderbits. I'll add that too. Very Happy

Also the reason why the information is lacking on wonder bits is because I'm having a section devoted to wonderbits. I had a much longer and more extensive table of contents, but due to the text organization in forum posting, it made it look so disorganized I ditched that one and made it the way it is now. If possible, I'll find a new way to organize it (most likely by tacking on both letters and number into brackets) so that you can see my plans for this.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:17 am

this is very helpful. It inspires me.

I shall now make a guide about mech customization for all those tasteless people that stick grandum BSes to destructors.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:51 am

Aura mode doesn't grant invincibility like all other wonderbits during activation and cancellation.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:12 pm

this is really helpful. I'm sure many of us here are willing to help out. Suguri is one. =3

And oh,
the Str stat on the pump gun only affects the size of the projectile. Damage is still affected by Tec.

as with wad people said and i've seen. a 40 Str pump gun has a projectile the size of a large zooka (roughly)

minor details that's all. but i would still like to point that out incase someone does a 40 str tune and bitches that the damage doesnt go up..

here is the STR/TEC table you mentioned in ur 1st post. Easy reference to whoever who needs it and the lazy who doesnt want to open the calculator =x

Column on the Left is FORCE. And the Ones on the top are STR/TEC respectively.


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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:53 pm

This thread will become one of the greatest threads of all times for newbies. I wish this existed when I joined.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:54 pm

@Intet wrote:
Aura mode doesn't grant invincibility like all other wonderbits during activation and cancellation.
On this note, it's the same with Puppet Bit and Deadeye Bit for Patty and Malice, respectively.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:08 pm

I'm not sure, but I think I've dodged fire pillars by summoning the rabbit bits, but I have noticed that the invincibility isn't as good.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:09 pm

@SkyeMeir wrote:
I'm not sure, but I think I've dodged fire pillars by summoning the rabbit bits, but I have noticed that the invincibility isn't as good.
If Patty has invincibility, then I'm extremely jealous, because Malice definitely doesn't.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:13 pm

I haven't used Patty in a while, but it always felt that she had invincibility when jumping up but completely vulnerable when falling down on the summon animation, which is much longer than the regular bit summon animation.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:27 pm

someone confirm this for me since i experiencing it as well

when an aura bot uses Kamui Staff that is activated, when I activate the aura form, Kamui Staff restarts....

am i the only one that experiences this?
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:50 pm

I can confirm it. I tried it on my Suzeku and the Kamui Staff deactivated when I went into AURA mode. It also deactivates when you get out of AURA mode.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:54 pm

ah thanks.

it's minor details again but if possible add it inside. lol.

anyways from what is happening, the aura transformation "resets" ur bot turning it into a "new" bot..

@sky: it's annoying isnt it? when u're in the middle of a battle -> aura up! -> WTF my sword! -> wastes a good few seconds of ur precious aura....
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:54 pm

Explosion damage does 2.3x damage to air, I believe.
Are you sure EVE shot is shell damage?

In addition, some weapons(I dunno which) have dual damage, such as Armor Breaker which creates a small field of impact. I think it does 50% shell 50% explosion damage or something like that. I'm not completely sure on this.
If you plan on expanding this, here's a list of custom carts that I've personally seen(there are definitely others I'm missing):

-Shell Guard-Bullet dmg lowered by 10%
-Blast Guard-Explosive dmg lowered by 50%
-Beam Guard-Beam dmg lowered by 25%
-Sword Guard-Melee dmg lowered by 30%
-Sniper Sight-Lockon does not alert target to direction of attack
-Stealth System-Invisible to enemy radar except to bots with Broad Radar
-Increase Cost Capacity-Ups total cost capacity by yy-xx, yy being cost increase and xx being the cost of the cartridge
-Enhance Internal Weapon-Improves any BD-embedded weapon. Different effects for different bots
-Quick Boost-Boost gauge recharges 30% faster
-Quick Swim(?)-Water does not slow robot down(?)
-Short Boost-Replaces normal dash with a short-distance jump
-Quick Land-Robot lands from the air faster
-Wonder Rate Up-Rate of WB charge increases when robot takes damage
-Tough Wonder Bit-WB HP increases
-Boost Run-Robot uses Boost Gauge to increase running speed
-Sway-Robot sways from side to side(dunno when this takes effect, either when running or when dashing, somebody clear this up)
-Tough Runner-Stun chance reduced when running
-Stun Regain-Robot regains a certain % of HP when stunned
-Soul Eater-Robot regains HP every time user destroys an enemy
-Float Dash-Robot flies close to the ground, replacing normal dash
-Moving Burst-Robot can move for a short time while firing all weapons(holding down both mouse buttons)
-Broad Radar-All enemy robots are visible on radar

Support robots can equip all four Guard cartridges. AIR does not have Blast Guard, LND does not have Beam Guard, and ART does not have Sword Guard.

Ya case you are going to put a section on different custom cartridges. Might save you some time.

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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:55 pm

EVE is considered as neutral damage - nothing reduces her damage shot -> why EVE is broken.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:58 pm

@reiya wrote:
EVE is considered as neutral damage - nothing reduces her damage shot -> why EVE is broken.

Ah, thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:04 pm

@FireKiller87 wrote:

Are you sure EVE shot is shell damage?
EVE Shot definitely has blast damage mixed in at full charge, but it might be pure shell at lv1 and lv2 charges.

For reference, bazookas are 60% shell, 40% blast (with exceptions; for example, micro bazooka is 40% shell 60% blast, and blast bazooka is 100% blast); breakers are 80% shell 20% blast; most other explosives are primarily (or entirely) blast based.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:07 pm

@suguri: if what you said is true then maybe custom carts would reduce EVE's damage but so far i haven seen any of that yet. T_T
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:13 pm

@reiya wrote:
@suguri: if what you said is true then maybe custom carts would reduce EVE's damage but so far i haven seen any of that yet. T_T
Railguns, fundamentally, are piercing breakers. The shot is shell based, and the AoE is a weak blast radius. I don't know the exact ratio for railguns as opposed to breakers, and it seems to vary on a case by case basis, but I do know for a fact that EVE Shot is shell based, and that it has blast damage added on at least a lv3 charge (though it's a minor amount of the total damage; it's always primarily shell).

Confirmed that EVE Shot deals both shell and blast damage on all charges; primarily shell-based, it's likely that it's the same ratio as breakers. The blast damage is the same for lv1 and lv2 charges, and increases by 48% on a level 3 charge. Shell damage is 80% on a lv1 charge, 100% on lv2, and 133% on lv3.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:24 pm

Quote :

Having 0 or negative in any of these stats:
WLK: Walk speed so slow it’s laughable. A new, horrible, more time consuming animation will occur if your bot lands from the air. But hey, if you have that, it makes it all the easier to shoot you… *evil laughs*
You missed the worst part of 0 wlk; horrifyingly slow jump speed. It takes an air half their boost gauge to jump to max altitude, and it completely nullifies quick jump.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:00 am

@Suguri wrote:
Quote :

Having 0 or negative in any of these stats:
WLK: Walk speed so slow it’s laughable. A new, horrible, more time consuming animation will occur if your bot lands from the air. But hey, if you have that, it makes it all the easier to shoot you… *evil laughs*
You missed the worst part of 0 wlk; horrifyingly slow jump speed. It takes an air half their boost gauge to jump to max altitude, and it completely nullifies quick jump.

I decided to test this to get the exact time Airs reach max altitude.

0 WLK without Quick Jump: 5 seconds

0 WLK with Quick Jump: 4 seconds

Over 0 WLK without Quick Jump: 3 seconds

Over 0 WLK with Quick Jump: 2 seconds.
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:36 am

Does TEC affect accuracy?
I haven't heard that before. Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: [General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)   

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[General] Cosmic Break: an Extensive Compilation/Guide (Updated 6/30/13)
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