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 Good bye Cosmic Break.

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Good bye Cosmic Break. Empty
PostSubject: Good bye Cosmic Break.   Good bye Cosmic Break. EmptyTue Oct 08, 2019 11:32 pm

Migration didn't happen, no response from the support. Looks like this is it... the end of Cosmic Break wow.
and why not say goodbyes on where I started at which is this forum that helped me and us all in many ways!

Before I do any shoutouts or start ma story I would like to annouce that Melfi is best girl thank you.
now onto shoutouts we gooo woooo

on my first ever account called "Rav" Shoutout to my first clan called Secret Mirage a guy called Scariot that mained Ouka helped me in combat a lot! Also hands down best Ouka main user I've seen!
Then when Hu cubes were given to new accounts many rerolled and so did I and end up with nice Aquila Girl called "Uiai" my first clan was Ethernal on that account, they were a friendly bunch until that helped me do some Extreme missions and also told me few tricks to solo them easier later on I was just mad farming extremes thaks to them!
and my last clan same on "Uiai" account helped me with perfecting my build for Aquila to be more annoying flytype HEHEEHE. called LunarStorm, I wished to be more social with the guys but whenever I was online I did say Hi in the clan chat ^^;

and now I guess some pictures? WARNING FOR CRINGE!
Good bye Cosmic Break. EsjB31T
Good bye Cosmic Break. Qm3Xrsd
Made this cutie to play fresh with a friend.
Good bye Cosmic Break. 0AQKq9u

Alternatively pso2 jp server ship02 has nice cosmic break vibes, sadly no arena and cuter waifus but waifu robots are there so ye.

Names: Kisaragi Saya/Uiai
other gaming names Pizza/Uiai/Rav/BigCarryOnee/BigCarryOneeSama/UiaiCB/Virus/Tysane/-Pizza[ERA/Rav8LRupsy/RavWings/Ivlasterav/x2TFUx

Good bye and remember BRD always strong o7
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Good bye Cosmic Break.
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