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 CBEN is DEAD-Translation Guide

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PostSubject: CBEN is DEAD-Translation Guide   Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:38 am

CBEN will die March 5th, and with it you'll have to deal with Japanese. Important translations like cards etc. will probably pop up in a much convenient way but this method should still work if you're interested in everything else. Also If you have another, or more reliable way of doing these things, please don't be shy and let me and CBFF know, I'll edit the topic accordingly.


  • Learn Katakana: A lot of the text in CBJP is Engrish, and the alphabet used for that is Katakana. So If you're up for a challenge...yeah. (Suggested by 78th Disciple of Bob)


  • Google Translate IME Pad: Write what you see on IME Pad on Google Translate. If you have something like graphic tablet this should be easier. Most time consuming.


  • ShareX: ShareX is a screenshot program that has a lot of features, text recognition being one of them. It's available for Win7/8.1/10.

    Through Microsoft Store:
    Through Steam:

    when It's finished installing, there should be an icon in your system tray, hidden or not hidden from view. You right click ShareX icon, hover on capture, and then select Text Capture(OCR). this should prompt to select an area, select it carefully(sometimes complicated backgrounds can get in the way) and then It should open a window. It doesn't recognize languages on It's own but If you change the language and retry It should detect it. If It doesn't have any issues, you can copy-paste it to your preferred translator, If It does copy-paste it to any translator that has an IME Pad feature, but I'll go by Google Translate in this tutorial, copy-paste and add/fix depending on your problem.


  • Download Google Translate


    It can recognize text, it's easier than IME Pad and ShareX ways but might be least accurate.

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78th Disciple of Bob

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PostSubject: Re: CBEN is DEAD-Translation Guide   Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:45 pm

alternatively you can stop being lazy and learn some katakana
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CBEN is DEAD-Translation Guide
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