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 28/12/2018 decisive battle and new year mega gacha

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PostSubject: 28/12/2018 decisive battle and new year mega gacha   Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:42 am

mega gacha featuring d.stega and joust gander boil will be added

p lisbeth's maid, have a unique function which her vaccum cleaner is capable to sucking up dropped money and items on the ground (does not work on party mode  and cannot be alpha'd with sadly)

flame version of joust gander, with an additional weaponry which is deploying flame thrower bits

however, the gacha will only show up on new year.

has her own voice

railgun shots ( can be alpha'd with)

gravity which also damages enemies within
along with its special feature

the said feature

you cant alpha with that weapon sadly

like both ganders, its am weapon color changes by level
(red for lvl 70)
grants self defense buff

also have bits that are deployed by main weapon button instead

also enter the following codes from their retweet camapaign
for 1 free mega gacha ticket each(roll 5 tickets at once for 6 rolls)


dimension planet decisive battle is added
which works like new delta gate,
to access there, there are two ways.
by using a shaok warp as entry fees

or on the second page,
wait for the following time schedule shown which you can enter there for free

or alternatively, heres the following time schedule, where you can access for free(in in game time)
02:00 ~ 03:00
04:00 ~ 05:00
08:00 ~ 09:00
10:00 ~ 11:00
14:00 ~ 15:00
16:00 ~ 17:00
20:00 ~ 21:00
23:00 ~ 24:00

before you enter there really, especially if you have completed the previous main story line quests in memory operated heavens tower, look for hateck in rem gate to pick up a new story quest.
which will be covered in the main story line thread at a later date.

kappa officier have decided to collaborate with demon force to destroy the parallel dimension planets, so the people in the parallel dimension panicked upon hearing the news and have decided to join up to defend their home planets from the oncoming destruction

there are four gates, which have from easy to master difficulty. the left most gate is master mode
which all enemies in there will hit far harder than hard mode
unlike new delta gate, it have some defense missions, which if you failed to protect the radars, you will fail the mission , do not attempt hard and master alone
you will see npcs from the various dimension planets together with parasector now as parasector assis due to the recent halloween event.

in there, you just gotta wait till a emergency mission occured
while waiting in each stage, kill the delvins for repair packs (1k for master for such. 500 for normal and so)

first up, destroyed poyeen
underground jungle gernia
stormy dego next
kappa gernia next

more to be added

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28/12/2018 decisive battle and new year mega gacha
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