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 20/09/2018 update (updated)

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PostSubject: 20/09/2018 update (updated)   Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:55 am

limited time mission  monkey's planet and nisuance legacy  is back
which both missions only show up at specific time schedules
till 03/10/2018

9/20 - 9/21
2000 ~ 2100 
 2300 ~ 2400 

9/22 - 9/24 
1400 ~ 1500 
 1600 ~ 1700 
 2000 ~ 2100 
 2300 ~ 2400 

9/25 - 9/28
2000 ~ 2100 
 2300 ~ 2400 

9/29 - 9/30
1400 ~ 1500 
 1600 ~ 1700 
 2000 ~ 2100 
 2300 ~ 2400 

10/1 - 10/3
2000 ~ 2100 
 2300 ~ 2400 

for monkey planet, you play a fixed commando and all you do was destroy all enemies,
the rewards are rather meh and are just for novelty these days, you can try it if you are bored

i would just say go for the other one
the mission have a " normal" mode which is easier than the latter, if you cant handle the original and dont mind crappier rewards, go for that one if you want
but on hard mode as it have the best rewards and its a great way to get some legion blades and so.
but the mission itself is impossible to solo and its best to find a party (full party recommended)
and the mission have  2 stages

original difficulty

destroy all enemies and while protecting 5 radars

have 2 red dragons, delseker and typhoon butak on the back
which is impossible to solo.
if all 5 radars are gone, you fail the mission.

next stage.
the real challenge is here.

you have to destroy the ancient battle ship is is far stronger than the original you fought in dasd and have new moves.

trying to melee the core isnt easy due to the stun grenades it spews out whenever the core starts exposing
and it have stun shots which can guranteed stun and even kill you
and if you cant destroy it quick , it will get stuck at this point which have a lone radar, if that radar goes bust, you fail the mission.

notable rewards

these two are best when fully stacked
although they are also used as upgrade material for various parts
and you can also asg bs burst Like a Star @ heaven for personal use or if you can get 10 of the same type
, you can upgrade the proto nsf bs burst of that respective size and type from the daily dungeon
with it

the rarest however, is this one.

ancient sabbath launcher which is the weapon used by both dark(at indra tower) and white sabbath.

the rates of getting it is very low.
and since this emergency mission show up like once a year, don't expect to get it easily.

you cant trade it too.

long charge to shoot

solar buster required a certain condition to detonate

either the enemy does a melee attack
or simply go very close to the locked on target

can inflict slow

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20/09/2018 update (updated)
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