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 23/08/2018 other heaven's tower part 2

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PostSubject: 23/08/2018 other heaven's tower part 2   Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:04 am

with last week update, that one enemy that was removed previously due to lag spikes have been added back in memory operate heaven's tower.

part 2 is added
which is similiar to stormy dego's
to get there, head over to the entrance of the dungeon, look for the princess and go for the option that you have seen all 4 memories.
this time, she will ask whether you want to enter there.

upon entering, there are 3 tunnels, each with its own difficulty of easy, normal and hard.

after you picked your choice of difficulty,
you will face off g rimore and cicisna cu who gotten brainwashed

cicisna have lesser hp than g rimore, so just get rid of grimore first
as shes a bigger nusiance than her.

next up, you will end up in the halloween event area

and you face off p mona and a mirale even though its not halloween yet
and you dont have to worry about the wall lasers as they arent even present in either difficulties.

p mona only have 50% hp
and shes weak to beam, which she can be killed off easily.
a mirale wasnt much of a threat either
only thing that get in your way are just the minons.


and you face off multiple ere arteris which the numbers vary by difficulty
3 in normal

and 4 in hard

at least they arent too over powered like they would in the missions..

and the last area

you expect you would finally have a direct face off with the officer,
but nope, its tonosama kappa again but in different colors.

for hard mode, you will have to face off two tonosama kappas at once.

no imperial swels for hard mode thankfully compared to stormy dego and that gigadum..
same way you deal with tonosama kappa really.

and at the end, you will always get one black blade which was the sword kappa officer seen welding.
However, there are two versions, shadow and the real blade.

which you can have a chance of getting the real one in normal and hard mode
shadow was alot weaker than the real one but required lower weapon profiency to weld it compared to the real blade that needs 188 to be able to hold it.

and other rewards you can get within the dungeon as basically the same stuffs you get in the normal dungeon, including gadel parts.

and after that, you will be transported to this area

which you will see a gate in the far front.
which is already covered in the main story thread.

new crafting recipes are added
which you can convert g rimore, sephiris and p lizbeth hd into muted versions
if you gotten annoyed by their voices.

you can convert them back to their original hds if you missed their voice thankfully.

you can also craft the actual black blade

which would need 10 shadow black blades and either one of the upgraded thunder shooter or barrier ball amj
which is pretty costly in terms of materials needed frankly,
if you had way too many of the shadow versions, you could give that a shot.

the real thing

despite its weapon force, it's one those weapons that get stronger by stacking
which is best to get it stacked up to 10 for full power.

this is how counter swing works.
just basically like momo/touki and tristian counter shield

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Posts : 1311
Join date : 2010-12-05
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: 23/08/2018 other heaven's tower part 2   Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:28 am

even though i didnt cover this last time..
ciscisna missions are added in the central base permanently.
which toukimaru/momo onimaru related missions in hard mode are being removed.
and shes the servant of the latter

first mission is basically dego's ripper mission where you met him for the first time
and have to survive until the timer reaches 0
except its a demon force version of king megaton whose name i literally forgotten...
and the 2nd round, you have to run till you reached to toukimaru
and thats how she first met her master.

second mission, you have destroy all enemies while keeping your kappa allies alive.

same thing for second round, then 2 kappa generals showed up and you only need to reduce the kappa general's hp to half and below
and the mission ends
if either ally kappa dies, you fail the mission.

3rd mission, you play as toukimaru, and have to protect ciscisna as shes rendered immobile
just like that one mission in gastor where you have to protect emperor fearlight .
and fight off various waves of kappas, including arteris and lastly a general.

fourth mission, again as toukimaru.
and you face off the far better version appare toukimaru/ tenkai momo onimaru

just keep slashing really
and for some reason, he doesnt use his full power stance like last time..

fifth mission, quite straight forward.
as toukimaru, just do is kill off all enemies, just becareful of the purple kappas really.
and she left him....

sixth mission, you play as her this time upgraded as ciscisna cu

just kill off all enemies
and in the second round, the officer will send out a grandum to attack
and then 2 grandums, and a purple amaka and finally one two headed bird
try to make use of her claw arm often really.

last mission,
you will face off ere arteris
who hits really hard
make use of the houses as cover against her arrow shots.
and use her claw arm alot just like how you would use wolfguy

and in total, you will get 3 gacha tickets, some mt and a set of the normal ciscisna.

and theres one more extra mission which is very hard.
you can use your own units with no restrictions, except you cant use items in there.
just for 50 mt and 1 tuning mist 70, you have to fight 4 ere arteris at once
and they all hit far harder than before.
worse of all, the houses that you would use for cover is gone, best done with a party up to 4.

full set

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23/08/2018 other heaven's tower part 2
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