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 05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)

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PostSubject: 05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)   Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:04 am

at least its something, though i prefer the kore janai robo collab they had years ago...
and its miles better than that shitty q&q collab cb had recently done and maybe even rokujouma cb had done
its their third time doing a collaboration in this game
although "everyday group" or nichijou kumi
is literally a group of youtubers from the looks of it frankly
that does game commentary
and they have their own youtube channels

the robots shown above literally represents that person that was below them
also those units shown above are captain units which can be bought in the department store with mt
their weapons are also obtainable from missions in each planet
and what does MNZ stands for?
Machinery Nomad Z

they have regular units which are found in four planets

mnz adam

excels in flying speed and fighting ability

mnz adam (regular)

mnz adam c (captain)

great great blade

mnz eve(nothing to do with that eve you know)
verstile unit in every aspect


captain(mnz eve c)

black jealousy rifle

mnz noah (literally neo cat c but more on the furry side)
operates range weaponry easily

regular unit

captain ( mnz noah c)

Clot M82 rifle

mnz babel
high hp and fast ground speed


captain (mnz babel c)

lazot DNL grenade

and there are 4 types of weapons which have 4 colors which makes it 16 total
which are made using materials acquired during the collaboration peroid

also a new hd part called cube hd is also be added
which allows you to skin freely

collab peroid
05/07/2018 - 26/07/2018

retweet campaign which you wont need to do anything really

heres the codes for free goods

100RT: yyyjdc ( Gacha SP ticket)
200 RT: yhkuzt (Purple Crystal)
300RT: adhgnk (Gold Robonium × 10 )
400 RT: zsjrcc (Green Crystal)
600 RT: ppsipx (Gacha SP ticket)
800 RT: ykzwgg (zero knight')
1000R:tpptdk ( Gacha SP ticket)

day1 collab video

they have added up to 100 channels which feels bonkers

at least it does have something positive, which is hunting field bosses in 100 channels that is

cube hd is added in the parts department store for 10,000 c$

which you can buy as many as you want
but heres a free code that let you have one cube head for free


ideal for 8 bit style character heads

and also miencraft stuffs i guess
along with anything square you wanna do

lets not talk about this

MNZ captain units are added in robo department store for 50 mt
though they kinda feel mediocore really
since they are literally meant for early game

you can get the regular units as drops thankfully
but only in pold, gernia, gald and dego
all 4 of them do drop in all 4 planets, but the drop frequency of that specific unit does depend on what planet you are hunting in

adam drops more in poyeen
eve drops more in gernia
noah in gald
and babel in dego
regular units do not have any built in weaponry

but you can however upgrade their parts via the laboratory

also collab exclusive crafting materials also drop in their respective planets

a new kind of manimo which is literally a beetroot is added as a drop from enemies

not as a playable unit but as food.
heals 1500 hp and stacks up to 3 per inventory slot

and of course the 4 weapons
sadly, they arent upgrades, but they are seperate weapons
the ones that uses ice materials is the strongest of the four  

and for the weapons
they are obtained in the missions that are labeled with [event]
as shown below

you also get a full set of units you have already obtained on your first moment of playing the game
and some mt.
dego gives 50 mt
and oddly gald's doesnt give any mt

which all four are just basically the mission you do to get your rank promoted in those 4 planets
if you arent new here, it will be a cakewalk really
black jealously rifle

klot m82 rifle

lazot dnl renade

great great blade

and you can only get those weapons once which is a real bummer.
these weapons only needed pretty low weapon profiency (less than 100) to weld them
and yeah, also meant for early game use
but if your unit have kinda bad weapon profiency stats, you can make it use those

you can also upgrade them
which the upgraded version themselves required 120 of that respective profiency to weld them
and they are alot stronger than their original counterparts

heldkaiser fb and transonic x2 are added in sp gacha 2

till 26/07/2018
whoever is interested in playing this game can also get either one of the four regular mnz units
which comes with a rookie bit gun mod and a paladin sword'
when they first started the game
along with 3 gacha sp tickets
1 geograsis g
1 might bomber bb
1 arte maid
1 gathima(the green one)
1 zero saber
10 gold roboniums for 100k exp
3 shaok, vulture and puush warp gates (don't use them at this point really)
1 viper shield
10 blank packs
10 repair essenses which with those 2, you can make 10 repair pack 2000s

will be adding more later

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PostSubject: Re: 05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)   Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:00 am

Also there's gunna be a retweet event again iirc.

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PostSubject: Re: 05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)   Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:11 am

Ooooh interesting
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PostSubject: Re: 05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)   

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05/07/2018 update c21 X everyday group collaboration (updated again)
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