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 08/02/2018 12th anniversary update

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PostSubject: 08/02/2018 12th anniversary update    Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:37 am

both 12th anniversary and valentine campaigns kicks in

first up, the valentine event missions
aside from pelena's valentine event mission, theres a new event mission this time
unlike the usual missions, you can only clear one mission a day
and which the next day. a different mission shows up
which they give you 3 mt and one f ruhl je part each day
and for the final mission, 50 mt which is the hardest
day one,

day two, fixed unit

you have to destroy all enemies while not letting all your allies get killed

day three, fixed unit too

literally a parallel version of that one mission in gernia
same map layout, same goals except with kappas replacing the demon force
and you play as arteris
due to her having over 100k hp, you dont have to worry about losing or using a repair pack
and just use her bow all the way

more to be coming in the next few days

also there will be f ruhl je parts as crafting recipe coming next week

till 08/03/2018

12th anniversary coins and valentine tickets can be found in jungle underground gernia

which the drop rate depends on the difficulty itself
for hard, it drops easily
so its best to grab some item drop boost items
as you will be needing plenty of them
and there are some new parts that only drop in there for the campaign peroid

12th anniversary cracker
literally a novelty weapon but it came with 20% item drop rate
which if you wanted more drop rate, equipe one of these or so

cracker doesnt work outside safe zone

a bazooka though

no cup cakes being shot out sadly

also there are proto type weapons being dropped in there
which are striker rifle and amore lance

weak laser scope as usual

aura weapon this time and it can drain hp

since they are proto types,
you would like to upgrade them

you can exchange with airyad in pold base with 12th anniversary coins


5 - 12th anniversary cracker bazooka
5 - cupcake bazooka
5 - f ruhl gear (adds 5 flight speed and shooting profiency)
5 - arteris gear ( adds 6 walk speed, 5 shootign profiency and 1% main attack)
5 - prototype striker rifle
5 -prototype amore lance
5 - liffey gear ( adds 6% max hp and en)
5 - deltrick gear ( adds 13 of each defense stat)
10 - tuning mist 50
10 -tuning mist 70
10 - heat gatling
40 - draw boomerang
60 - g rimore gear( adds 12% max en, 4% en regen and 2% electric attack)
60 - kappa officer gear ( adds 12% max hp, 7 melee profiency, 3 of each defense sat and 2% sub attack )
60 - prototype kazenagi ( reward from jungle underground gernia extra boss)
60 - asg bs-s sub burst ★  (adds 7% sub attack, 16 melee profiency and deducts 8 shooting profiency)
60 - asg bs-s main burst ★ (opposite of what sub burst does)
70 - prototype kazenagi

those are how the gears looked like
though you can get arteris and f ruhl gear easily in the mentioned dungeon

total 12th anniversary coins you need to complete the list is 480
if you do hard mode with its side routes(2 side routes max since one of the side route you would go would be skipped), you can get over 100 12th anniversary coins especially with stuffs like green crystals in one run

til 08/03/2018 for exchange peroid

and also
talk to satako to do a quest for both tuning mist 50 and 70 for the first half and 10 million exp for the second half
for the first half, you need
10 of kambi, pitaro and kemu(the powerplant) proofs each

the second half will show up at 15/02/2018 after you have finished the first half, you can start the second half
which needs 3 12th anniversary Platinum Coin which is the grey coin that is found as a dungeon reward, but they dont show up that easy.
and be sure to talk to her with the bot that you wanted that 10 million exp to go to.
till 08/03/2018

also talk to the stoe manager for a quest  to get lnd aura crt2 atk + and air aura crt2 atk+
which he want 10 of pold, fulby and geo proofs each

and like satako theres a second half which can be pickd up next week after you have completed the first half
for art aura crt2 atk+ and sup aura crt2 atk+ for what satako wants on the second half

till 08/03/2018

bloodystar fa and that cow is added in gacha sp
type art

bd sub grants long moving burst for 15 seconds

inflicts slow

and there are gacha that uses valentine tickets, aniversary coins and platinum coins

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08/02/2018 12th anniversary update
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