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 28/12/2017 new year update (more to updated)

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PostSubject: 28/12/2017 new year update (more to updated)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:15 am

first thing of all, fulby mountain is offcially up which leads you to jungle underground gernia and you can access it the usual way like any parallel world dungeon or just go from kappa gernia entrance which doesnt matter really

the big wall fulby mountain had is gone
and there are 3 difficulties,
left = easy
middle = normal
right = hard

inside there
literally a first time an axis unit part was being used for a monster

does inflict shock

2nd map

in here, theres a red kappa general as a field boss in there, kill it before you proceed to the next floor

next area, you will meet this annoying anomaclaris centipede thing which does quite a damage if you took its centipede bd shots

and you will find another gate with 2 monkeys
which one will tell you what you have to do to gain access to that gate

just ignore that for now and any gates that have a monkey standing beside it except for the first map you were in

on the next area, there are 3 spilt paths, once you entered one path, you cant go back, just go anyway,

after some point, you will see winged prock and wizard prock (or rather blockies) in bodies of mediger and knightger, the knightger one is the most dangerous aside from those anamo centipede things , their lance will hurt you alot

the squids drop one of those things the seahorses drop in the original underground gernia in delta tempest

and finally you will end up at heaven's tower entrance,

you will find 2 of the 12 heroes, which i dont know what talking to them do really

also does the same as above, but i got that skipped too sadly


a kappa officer will unleash his ancient weapon against you
which is a flame version of that boss you fought in kappa gernia and also in the last 6 invaders collab chaos union war room
there will be no minons in easy mode, normal and hard mode will have the same set of minons as the other parallel worlds do in their respective difficulty

in easy mode, you can just shoot it down like normal, except for hard mode
its highly resistant against shooting type weapons, which you have to just melee it
which is effective

if you dont have at least one or 2 melee units, you are screwed
and at some point or if all those turrets are gone, it will use a big blast that inflicts melt on you

after you have defeated the boss
talk to this monkey for a free flag that summons momo onimaru

this portal will only show up in hard mode and only can be accessed if you have the main story quest in progress (you have to talk to hateck to begin the quest to be able access it)

you will also see another portal which you cant access to
but you will see this portal in all 3 modes

to enter that portal, you have to do a chore
which you have to do the dungeon multiple times
and you also gotta beat the boss
and you have to do them for each difficulty seperately

to start, talk to the central unit and accept a quest

and start a new run

this time on the first map
look for a gate that is nearby instead from the usual gate you went
talk to the npc to exchange for a pass for 7 days with 10 of those fragments you used to access both kappa gernia and jungle underground gernia

entering the gate will send you straight to heavens tower entrance, dont do it

just keep going normal until after the 3 spilt paths
if you dont see this npc in the next map, you might have picked the wrong route or so
but im not really sure if all 3 paths will have that npc or not
otherwise, for the right path, pick the left most path which have anamoclarises that is guranteed to drop a repair pack 1000 each

this time, instead of ignoring it, enter it
instead of the usual difficulty routes the other 3 parallel world dungeons have,
theres only 2 types of routes, main route and side routes and they have no unit restriction

you have to defeat 3 purple anamocentipede things which there are enough for you to finish that quest in this run

and once you are done, just go and finish that run
talk to that central unit to finish it and proceed to the next one

and start another run
this time
just go right till you are in the map that has mediger and knightger blockies
and look for this portal with a monkey

enter it

you would want to clear out the enemies first
before you trigger your main target to spawn
a 2 headed bird

its tackle attack does over 2k in hard and you dont wanna get hit by its burner in hard mode too
if you are scared of it, just stay in the fence and either melee (you will still get hit by its melee)or use aoe type weapons

and once you are done with it, finish the run
and complete the quest

now you have to go to delta tempest
and thankfully, there are no birds in there

go to the third map this time
and enter the portal with 2 monkeys

which there are 3 parts

you should just save up your repair packs and just go straight to the portal for the first 2 parts

full of kappas

2nd part

third part

these monkeys are your allies
and they only move once the enemy spawned
as you have to take on 2 of the same boss at the same time

once done, go straight to the boss and finish the run

and there you have it, you have gained access to that portal
which lead you to

that officer unleashing an awakened gigadum he had brainwashed against you this time
on hard mode, there will be swels from indra tower joining the battle against you

and they can rekt you hard if you came unprepared
and that gigadum can deploy bugsycait shields except its everywhere around it and it can inflict shock if you get close

once done, you are sent back to your current world pold base

this dungeon have knightger, alba, brachius, cybernin and turn edge 3d parts as drops
even knightger lance arm is included
but not worth using since its far weaker than the original
just use those parts for upgrading purpose

and also including that summon flag and prototype weapons
like this one

and both the flag and prototype weapons can be upgraded
for the flag it have multiple upgrades which the summoned unit changes
from order
flag which can be gotten for free once and also drop which summons the normal peony momo
-> awaken peon -> "tenkai" momo -> awaken "tenkai" momo

requires jupiter blade from rem gate in heavens gate

and some of the materials are dropped from those specific enemies you have to kill on the side routes

till 11/01/2018, you can buy various mt items from either shops or department store for 50% off
however it will not apply on c$ units, apolion, lab premium, custom premium, gacha ticket, carry pageplus, garage page plus, regen packs, c$ charge (dont bother) and items in rinaj dungeon store

also till 11/01/2018, for 7 login capsules, you can roll for free 12 mt per roll

and lastly,
good ol digga and cordyceps grow is added in new year gacha
however, that gacha will only show up on 01/01/2018
and they will be in individual parts
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28/12/2017 new year update (more to updated)
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