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 19+26/10/2017 halloween part & 3 update

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PostSubject: 19+26/10/2017 halloween part & 3 update   Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:58 am

continuing from the murdercase questline
joust gander want 5 pumpkin burners to repair the photo that was given
if you have them from the previous campaign, use them

which once done, you just report back to the captain to receive your rotten lemures set

if you want more of that\you can roll the halloween gacha for it

however, to get the stuff needed to roll, just go to the event zone item shop
and exchange those double star orange halloween crystals for the single star version of them (they have to be in your inventory)

bite drains hp from enemies like wolfguy
except doesnt do a tackle like wolfguy does

talk to a mirale for a plot twist

and you have to talk to rotten lemures and he will tell you the name of the culprit
which you have to figure it out yourself since i dont know either
you have to decode the name from what he tells you

and if you still have no luck on getting the supcious photo, you can look for one of the pumpkin npcs that were added in the dungeon entrance which you can get it for 200 black crystals

and the other npc that is close to the 2 witches let you enter the area that was after the boss fight
for 5 black crystals
there are 3 difficulties to choose from, easy, normal and hard
which varies by difficulty
which is sudden mission based

and the rewards vary by difficulty

and after that its not over yet,
you will go through another round
enemies that showed up in the next sudden mission consists of rotten lemures, kappa gernia mobs and such

phrase 2

same as usual

final phrase

have a few new moves

you regain 5 black crystals that was used for entry

and you can get proto ominous scythe from there and the materials needed to upgrade it

the complete scythe has 2000 force

also theres a 4th mode that is located on top which is master
it only consists of one round
and is as punishing as last year

i dont recommend anyone trying master alone or less than 5 people

its hell you know
and the reward consists either of the two

which are the base twin gale and river scythes
which can be used to upgrade 10 of that respective scythes * into twin scythe*

one of that scythe have the same force of 10 of that scythe*
which is an extension of that respective scythe if you have decided to try stacking them
base twinscythe

and works like any galescythe

enter follow1000 for a free mega gacha ticket for a free mega gacha roll which is still here
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PostSubject: Re: 19+26/10/2017 halloween part & 3 update   Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:59 pm

Rho got 2 extra GR sphere?.... I still stuck at that p mona side quest, she doesn't want advance into the murder case chain quest dialogue.... unless I got the wrong p mona npc.... but that's the only one right? Anyway she asked for 2 GR sphere you got any extras?
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19+26/10/2017 halloween part & 3 update
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