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 Sub Weapon Damage Property: what they are, why you should care and etc.

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PostSubject: Sub Weapon Damage Property: what they are, why you should care and etc.   Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:13 pm

A fundamental game mechanic of Cosmic Break is the Elemental damage property of weapons. There are the Shell, Melee, Blast, and Beam. Melee is effective against Artillery, Blast effective against air and Beam good against Land. While this is most evident in Main weapons, some of this is rather obscure with Sub weapons. When a bot swing a sword, it does not mean its gonna deal melee damage. Why is this important? Because it by pass certain mechanics that are usually associated with swinging a sword. So this guide will look at certain mechanics and how they interact with these properties.

Guard Carts: With each of the elements, there is a guard cart that reduce damage of that property. So how does it interact with something like a Beam Saber? Lino's combo, is 100% beam property. You will find sword guard unable to reduce any damage from this weapon while Beam Guard reduce damage. Certain Beam saber have hybrid property or multiple hits. Beam guard will only reduce damage from the Beam part of the attack.

Combo Finisher: If a weapon is not melee property, will it get that 1.5 damage multiplier for combo finisher? Yes, all you have to look at is Bulk Chainsaw with aqua jet and you will see really big damage.

Misty's Mist: Misty have a mist, it invalidate all damage from projectile and weapon damage other than Melee. If you try to melee Misty with a Lino while she have the mist, you can't hit her despite the melee tracking locking on. This would mean stuff like sledge ham and bulk chainsaw will also be unable to hit her.

Barriers: Can Rouche Barrier block projectiles with Melee property. Yes,
             Can main weapon Guard "skillvia etc" block melee property projectiles. Yes
Whats the story here? Melee property projectiles are still Projectiles and Barriers eat projectiles.

Parry: What is Parry? To proc Parry, you need 2 conditions. First, it has to be a sub weapon. Parry does not proc on Justicia charge sword or Triz slash. Second, it has to be melee property. You can't proc parry against beam sabers, bulk chainsaws and Sledge Ham farts. But wait, can you parry melee property projectiles from a great distance? yes!  you can parry Lemuria's sub weapon from a distance. You can parry all of Nina's sub weapons because they are melee property.

Counters: Counters are similar to Parry, but are not just limited to sub weapons. there are oddities in these counters such as orginal Luto being able to counter beam sabers at really close range.

Armor Breaker: This cart on sword drive is great. But does it work on beam sabers? Nope, it only work on melee property sub weapons. But incidentally, it would work with Lumeria's sub and Nina's ghosts.

As game introduce more units with different property, expect this list to grow.
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PostSubject: Re: Sub Weapon Damage Property: what they are, why you should care and etc.   Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:11 pm

Correct me if i'm wrong. But some SUP units special weapons (or special weapons like flamethrowers) do not have damage reduction with any of the 4 guards as far i can remember.
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Sub Weapon Damage Property: what they are, why you should care and etc.
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