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 Axiom Verge

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PostSubject: Axiom Verge   Axiom Verge EmptyTue Apr 11, 2017 8:00 pm

A really neat Metroid-style game that started as a small project, but eventually became something big. I found out about it not too long ago, and now I want it badly.

It's called Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge 1429643280105

In the game, you play as a researcher named Trace, who finds himself stranded on another planet called Sudra, with many hideous abominations of creatures there who call him A Demon for some reason. Along the way, he is assisted by the voice of a massive Mask-like robot apparently created by the inhabitants of Sudra. As he fights his way to find his way off this world, he finds out the reason why he is there, and why the monsters think of him as some sort of demon.

The game is rather similar to the old Metroid, except with some unique twists. Like for one, the game actually makes glitches a gameplay element. Like some of the new abilities you can involve glitching through certain walls, and modifying enemies to make them behave like other enemies. Also, you know those parts in such games where there's a place inaccessible till you gain a new ability? Well in Axiom Verge, often times the ability needed is the last thing you'd expect. It also has some other interesting twists, mainly in the hallucination scenes and other flashbacks, kinda like a Bioshock Infinite-esque story in a way.

From what I've seen of this game, you should totally get it!
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Axiom Verge
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