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 Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!!

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Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!! Empty
PostSubject: Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!!   Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!! EmptyTue Apr 11, 2017 2:52 pm

Hello everyone. I wanted to share an upcoming new game by Lake Feperd, the awesome game designer who also created Sonic Fan-Games such as Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic After the Sequel, and Sonic Chrono Adventure. This one however, is his first original game, and is not a fan-game like his previous releases.

Lake Feperd also had not too long ago started a Kickstarter for it too. He raised like $9,162 to get this project of his going. The Kickstarter is over now, but at least he got more than plenty of backing with this too, which is good!

Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!! 7adkEuMh

It's called "Spark The Electric Jester." It is a fast-paced and highly combat oriented platformer similar to games such as Kirby, Sonic, Dynamite-Headdy, Pulseman, and Ristar. Basically, it's about a Jester Guy who has electric powers, who lives in a city where advanced robots are being introduced. When one day, he loses his job to a robot among them who was designed to replace those in his field. Some time after that, the robots go insane and start attacking people, and Spark sets out to find out what is causing it.

The game is finally finished, and it's great!

Along the way, Spark can acquire various other Elemental Power-Ups of greater variety (such as Fire Jester, Wind Jester, Gravity Jester, Ice Jester, etc) which modify his whole attack scheme. The Power-ups also have a sort of "Kirby" vibe to them, in that if Spark takes too much damage, the power-up gets dropped and he has to grab it before it disappears, though he doesn't get them from enemies, but rather from random pickups found about. Another neat feature is that Spark can also put his Power-Ups in stock, to switch in and out when needed too, though from the looks of things, he can only have one in use, and one in stock, at a time. There is also a system where there's this bar that fills up as he collects coins. If you get the bar full, it works kinda like an Extra Life (since regular 1ups really don't work in today's age with them not being arcade games). Finally, Spark has a sort of "Static Ability" that if you use regular attacks on an enemy enough in a short amount of time and get it full, it allows for a stronger use of his Charged Blast attack, for a sort of risk but good yield ability.

As of the latest reveal, here are the different types of Power Ups that Spark gains in the game, alongside his default Electric Powers.
-Electric Bat: (Well technically it is a Bo-Staff that is electrified by his power). Results in a faster melee attack and a spin jumping attack too. Charge shot is still the same.
-Plasma Sword: A Melee Attack with stronger reach. Down attack makes Spark produce 2 Plasma Balls to the side that he can then slash at in order to knock them towards enemies. Also charge becomes an Overdrive Mode where Spark's jump height and speed is increased, as well as he slashes faster.
-Mega Hammer: A large Hammer to smash things with. Spark has no ranged attacks with it and it slows his movement acceleration, though the charge makes it a bigger hit. Also if you use it on the ground, he pounds the ground with it, causing rocks to shoot up which he can then knock at enemies. He can also Double Jump with it, for some reason. In Rage Mode, he gains the ability to do either a one-time attack that's like Reinhardt's Fire Strike in Overwatch, or slam the ground and make an eruption of rocks.
-Archer: Spark gains a Bow and Arrow which can be used to shoot enemies, making all of his attacks ranged. It sort of recharges ammo when not in use. Charge shot makes the next three arrows explosive. If you use Charge Shot when the Rage Meter is full, he gains the ability to fire them endlessly in machine-gun style for a few moments. Can also hover some by shooting downwards repeatedly.
-Board: Spark rides a hoverboard allowing for fast but difficult to stop movement, and he hovers above water. Can do a flipping jump attack too. Very situational in usefulness.
-Wind Jester: (Originally was implemented as Triple Jump Scarf). Allows Spark to use Tornado attacks, jump 3 times, and he also now has a Sonic-style Spin Dash. Charge also allows for a greater vertical boost. Very high on mobility. Rage Attack is like a big tornado.
-Fire Jester: Allows Spark to repeatedly fire blast enemies when tapped rapidly, and breathe fire when held down. No charge here, but fire breath. Repeated attacks can slow descent too. Rage Attack causes a brief boost in power.
-Ice Jester: Allows Spark to freeze enemies, do a repeated spinning attack, and his charge shot becomes an Icicle Shot which fires 3 times. When enhanced by Rage, the Icicle Shot becomes a massive Ice Drill. Also, allows Spark to create temporary Ice Platforms to stand on, and can also allow him to walk on water.
-Gravity Jester: (Originally was implemented as Grav Gloves). Allows Spark to hover in midair, allowing for free movement in all directions. His attacks all become a dashing move. No Charge or Rage. Not the best for offense, but one of the best for mobility.
-Edgy Jester: (I think this is supposed to be like Dark Jester, since he turns all black with red eyes, either that or Ninja Jester). Spark becomes very Ninja-like with this one. Gives Spark a sort of Combat Knife which he can slash enemies repeatedly. Charge makes him shoot throwing knives at enemies. Also he can double-jump like this and holding attack while jumping at a wall allows him to climb the wall. Rage Attack becomes a sort of Dark Wave that hits enemies within a round radius around him.
-Knight Jester: Spark gains a helmet and a long spear. Spark can repeatedly slash enemies with the Spear and it has considerable reach compared to his default Melee Attack. When Charged, he dashes with the spear out right into enemies. A rage mode charge gives him a temporary shield.
-Mage Jester: Spark becomes blue and wears a Wizard-looking Hat. Basically he fires Magic Blasts in rapid fire, making all of his attacks Ranged. Charge makes him slow down and cup his hands back (but can still jump and dash), then release to fire a massive Hadouken-style Energy Beam from his hands. Rage Attack makes the Energy Beam like gigantic, almost like Goku's Kamehameha attack. I personally think of this more as "Ki-Blast" or "Hadouken" Jester, since it isn't very Mage-Like at all to me. But it's Magic, so whatever.
-Magical Jester: LOL, this is like "Magical Girl Spark." Spark becomes Pink and gains a Star-ended Wand, a golden tiara, and his hat gains stars on it. He moves faster in this form. Regular attack has him shoot Magical Stars at enemies from his wand. Charge Attack causes him to pull back, then fire a Beam from his wand, similar to Mage Jester in ways. Rage Attack causes him to wave his wand and make Shooting Stars rain down from the sky upon enemies, like a PK-Starstorm-style attack.

And now, it's finally been released, and it's awesome! Go check it out!

Here's a link to the tumblr page, where you can see more about Spark The Electric Jester.

A link to the Steam page too..

And here's some gameplay videos of what he has done so far for it.

I just got it and so far I'm loving it! I was told that there's also an unlockable "Fark Mode" where you play as his robotic rival. Isn't that something?
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Spark The Electric Jester IS FINALLY HERE!!!
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