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 09/02/2017 updates

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PostSubject: 09/02/2017 updates   Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:46 am

cross dimension k nonna ps is added
however its an emergency mission which only shows up at specific times
which runs till 15/02/2017
which now runs at (post nerf)
0700 jst
1000 jst
1300 jst
1600 jst
1900 jst
2200 jst
for 1 hour each time slot at 11/02/2017 onwards

as usual, it has 3 difficulties, easy, normal and hard.
clearing each mission for the first time is guranteed 1 mt each

the mission itself have 3 stages
which all involved eliminating all enemies which are all from destroyed poyeen

enemie numbers, variations and boss varies by difficulty.

easy modo
literally very few enemies and no field bosses till the last stage which has no minons at all other than the boss

with bosses in all 3 stages and harder enemies

del enemies added with bosses from stage 1 (excluding one of them) in stage 2

any difficulty almost gurantee a k nonna ps part (including her handheld)
and either difficulty gurantees a valentine ticket that is used to exchange for 11th anniversary coins in the central area

easy for 5 coins
normal for 10 coins
and hard for 20 coins

lazy to slap it on her

despite being called a bazooka, it feels more like a missile launcher

but dont worry, there is going to be a quest which gives a full k nonna ps set next week

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Adept Poster

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PostSubject: Re: 09/02/2017 updates   Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:34 am

It's homing is quite good, so more like an anti-air missile.

And Rho didn't bothered because K. Nona ps doesn't have enough proficency to equip her own weapon (similar to the miko bot girl and Shino) so people have to level her up enough so it can be done.
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09/02/2017 updates
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