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PostSubject: Resin   Resin EmptyMon Dec 05, 2016 11:41 pm

A rather underrated Indie title that I figured I'd shed some light on.
It's called Resin

Resin Header

Basically, this game takes place in a cold Post-Apocalyptic world, where you play as a robot who has been tasked to destroy the last remaining sources of heat. Apparently the Apocalypse that broke out involved a number of both scientific and supernatural horrors, as for the enemies consist of foes like enemy robots, demons, and what appear to be zombies as well.

The game plays a lot like Castlevania with the exploration and fighting style. The fighting however, the character has to go into a "fighting stance" before he can use his sword, and attacks and dodge moves cost stamina, which replenishes over time, but slower when in fighting stance. You also move slower when in fighting stance, so you have to know when to unsheathe and when not.

The most unique part of the game though, which contributes greatly to the difficulty curve, is the "Reverse Leveling Up." Each time you defeat a major Boss, which are the major sources of heat, your character's Level, and their maximum HP and Stamina decreases, making things harder as you go on. Which makes sense given the context.

I'd recommend this game totally. It's a unique twist on most Castlevania-style games.
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