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 10/08/2016 updates

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PostSubject: 10/08/2016 updates   Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:43 am

new expansion for planet poyeen is added
destroyed poyeen
which is an alternate dimension of planet poyeen
that had a bad ending
you can enter here via that teleporter that takes you to the new delta gate.
however, that requires 5 "between"pieces poyeen
you can buy them via the item store in pold city for 100k c$ each or
1 pold proof each in the event area that is accessed for the tanaba event

there are 3 portals that has easy, normal and hard difficulties
and the next map takes you to the new delta gate like mode which will be shown later
you can talk to the teleporter to go back to pold base (its a waste of course)
or course, don't forget to take up the daily quests too

just talk to the npc to know what difficulty it is

every map is based on exisiting maps of poyeen
and enemy variety and numbers will depends on the difficulty you picked

shadow manimos that have shock knives

shadow ancient dam tree boss

both boss and damtrees may drop damtree bd2 which is based off the bigger one of course
shadow wootrees may drop wootree bd2
next area

there are 2 portals however the other one needs a pass that can be purchased from the npc next to the gate for 10 pieces
however it has a bot size restriction
and the other portal doesn't.

may drop its head which doesn't have any typing

centipedes are the biggest threat in here and goblins are second dangerous
goblins may drop goblin hd2 (you already know how it looks like)

of course other maps will have alternate portals that required specific bot size commandos to access which you can do so for specific items and parts

pold city which is now a demon force base

pold dungeon just enter the portal and don't expect the boss to be the same as the one you fought in the original poyeen

you will recognize this boss if you played cc before

boss is somehow easy if you just alpha it at a distance in all difficulties...

there is another variant of the same boss which has minons but I don't know how to access that boss so far

if you went to the next map instead of entering the portals
as usual, there are easy, normal and hard mode
just talk to the npc for the difficulty

enemy strength , variety and so will depend on difficulty

and yes, its a multi stage sudden mission "dungeon"
and you will be facing off white Sabbath multiple times
and he uses the weapon dark Sabbath uses in indra tower (its awful really)
though you may get his handheld on a certain sudden raid event mission if lucky
easy modo
first map

and after the first phrase, he will send out countless copies of himself..

pretty much the damage varies on difficulty of course

try counting them all

2nd map, aside from more white Sabbaths, gold fishes came for reinforcement.

take out the boss
and lord goblin came

and hes immune to all ranged weaponry (even sub type)
use melee unless you didn't bring at least one that is melee based or so, you are screwed

and after that both came back, just beat them up
and you will proceed to the next area

map 3

giant victorl shows up

giant croco turtlebacker came

and finally both and whatever growldian it was entered the fray

and you go back to pold base

might do normal mode when I feel like it

new recipes are added in laboratory

mega gacha is added which features raca, mantiscythe and robin hunter n

till 18/08/2016, by logging in you get free mt

1 mt on week days and 3 on weekends and public holidays for a total of 15 mt

zero saber next is back with the usual handhelds and so
not doing it

by clearing fulby, pitaro and geo, you get 1 mt and 1 big robonium for each quest cleared
and by clearing fulby, kambi and go deep, you get 1 mt and 1 gold robonium for each quest cleared
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10/08/2016 updates
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