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 07/07/2016 updates

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PostSubject: 07/07/2016 updates   Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:55 am

late update again my bad.
berylskids u and sharhead is added in gacha sp
I will be showing only the featured bots from now on.

barrier step

air type this time

retains his air run gimmick and its even better than what he does in cb, infinite air run time as long it doesn't have 0 en
you can also detach his lg and put it on other robos

however if you use its board attack and any other melee sub while air running, air run will be cancelled, better off using its board attack on ground with just its first attack each time instead of a full combo, but.. better off with lobguy lg and other popular melee sub weapons really...

tanaba quest is added in pold base for a limited time
which you approach to either of the 2 npcs
and pick your wish that is

and you can only choose 1 wish and you cant pick the other one after that
and you wait.. till the end of the event
whoever got lucky will get what they wished for..
till 14/07/2016

both yakshas are added in login gacha lv 3

gun arm is next of the rookie quest campaign. not doing it.

by clearing pold, fulby and pitaro, you get 1 big robonium and 1 mt for each quest cleared
and by clearing kambi deep, fulby deep and geo deep, you get 1 mt and 1 gold robonium for each quest cleared

for once.. maybe I should show this.
summer charge campaign.

by charging a specific amount and so, you get the following prizes.
note: not total amount charged! it has to be in a single purchase!
and you can only get the prizes once each
3000 yen - vacation manimo lg
5000, 6000, 8000 yen -  combine plus 25 x 5, vacation pepen lg, summer delvin lg
10000, 11000, 15000 yen - combine plus 35, pepenlion gold(full bot btw, minus the pepen pilot),
vacation manimo lg, vacation pepen lg, fever bsα, summer delving lg
20000, 21000 yen - combine plus 35 x 2, combine guard x 3 and all 5 of the mentioned bots/parts

the campaign goodies?
fever bsa

vacation manimo and pepen

summer delvin (full locked part)

pepenlion gold (that's the only way to get a fully playable pepenlion, except for a very expensive price...)
and you can remove its parts too
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07/07/2016 updates
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