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 Kirby Planet Robobot

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PostSubject: Kirby Planet Robobot   Kirby Planet Robobot EmptySat Jun 11, 2016 3:31 pm

Hey everyone! I just got the newest installment to the Kirby series right as it arrived finally! Kirby Planet Robobot! The newest Kirby Installment with futuristic robots, Mech Suits that he gets to pilot, Evil Corporations, and more! After getting Star Fox Zero, I was wondering what Nintendo would have to offer with the next Kirby, and Oh My God, Kirby has reached a new level in epic!

Originally, I was kinda expecting the robots to be the corny and silly kind of robots you see in stuff like The Jetsons, Futurama, Jimmy Neutron, or something else stupid like that. I mean it's Kirby after all.
Turns out, the robots and technology in this one are anything but like that. No, they are way more awesome and serious and sophisticated robots! This is way more cooler!

Kirby Planet Robobot EQuii9o

The robots in this one are actually quite awesome, and some of these robots in it remind me of something actually awesome that I'd see in something like Sonic Adventure, Destiny, Halo, Star Fox, or Metroid, or something else futuristically awesome like that! I'm happy they made the high-tech stuff actually super-sophisticated and awesome!

In this one, PopStar has been invaded by a technological industry known as "Haltmann Works Company." The Haltmann works company proceeds to mechanize the land and place large metallic installations all over the place, and begin harvesting resources from the land. Kirby sets out to stop them.

In this one, the newest "gimmick" along the lines of Return to Dreamland's Mega-Abilities, or Triple Deluxe's HyperNova, is that in certain stages, Kirby faces against a midboss called the "Invader Armor," a Mech Suit piloted by a Haltmann Worker. Defeat the Invader Armor, and its pilot ejects out and Kirby gets to take it for himself.
The Mech Suit can also use Copy Abilities too, though much stronger ones. Like obtaining the Bomb ability makes it shoot crawling "Spider Mines," and gaining the Stone ability gives it a pair of massive stone Power Fists. It plays a lot like the Ride Armors from Megaman X, and it is really frikkin awesome!

Also, the new hidden items to go after (like the Energy Spheres in Return to Dreamland, the Sun Stones in Triple Deluxe, or the Crystal Shards in Kirby 64) are these "Code Cubes."

The action is really awesome, more than any past Kirby titles so far! I'm just loving all the destruction and the combat here. It feels like to me they took some ideas from Sonic and Megaman in their awesomeness department. Also the Soundtrack is one of the best in the series so far!

From what I've seen, there's also new Amiibos that go with it, and from what I found out from the Amiibos, there are three new Copy Abilities too
-Doctor: Kirby attacks with Potion Bombs, A Clipboard, and Pill attacks similar to Dr Mario (probably a shout-out to him).
-ESP: Kirby can use Psychokinesis abilities and Energy-Based attacks similar to that of Ness from Earthbound (also another shout-out). When used in the Mech Suit, the Mech Suit turns blue and gains a pointed visor, hover legs, and Wham-Bam/Gohdan/Andross-style Floating Hands that shoot Energy Bombs.
-Poison: Kirby can shoot clouds of corrosive acid, or shoot a barrage of acid. I like to call it "Acid Kirby" myself. It appears to be like a more enhance version of Water Kirby.

I also like this one's one secondary antagonist, Susie. She's like this cute Robot Girl who kinda reminds me of Drossel Von Flugel from Fireball. Apparently she's the Right-Hand Woman to the leader of Haltmann Works.
Also, anyone else noticing that a lot of characters in recent Kirby Titles have Rayman-style floating hands? This is becoming quite a trend lately.

Kirby Planet Robobot 316?cb=20160428212524&path-prefix=en

The bosses so far I'm liking mostly. Pretty interesting way to make futuristic versions of past Kirby enemies.

-The first major boss was a rather impressive new Wispy Woods replacement, "Clanky Woods." At first you encounter it and have to run from it, and the second it fights like a more mobile version of Wispy (which definitely makes it a bit more harder since usually the part that makes Wispy so easy is that he can't move), and even modifies the terrain in ways too!

Kirby Planet Robobot Latest?cb=20160428223131&path-prefix=en

-The second major boss I have mixed feelings about.
It is this Super-Sophisticated foe called the "Holo-Defense API," which sort of resembles Pix from Kirby 64 but with 4 Prisms and different colors, but it has this sort of Halo or Destiny-like vibe to it for some reason, with the way it enters and the way its panels float and the way it controls the surroundings. The Holo-Defense API doesn't fight by itself, but rather it instead generates from its prisms Holo-Versions of 4 different Past Bosses (more specifically those Holo-Bosses being Kracko, a pair of Sphere Doomers, Ice Dragon, and Coily Rattler).
I kind of like this as an interesting and unique and high-tech way to have a Boss Rush against past foes, and it is rather challenging. It also is a bit like a Next-Gen version of Ade. However, part of me thinks that a Boss Rush this early in the game is a bit much, and I am not really a fan of the idea of a Hologram being able to harm you (shouldn't a Hologram just phase through you). Then again, maybe it's a Hologram Generator similar to Holo-Pearl from Steven Universe, I dunno.

Just comes to show you. Everything is better with Mech Suits!

I haven't finished it yet, but please, no spoilers until I do. I wonder what else this new title has to offer?
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Kirby Planet Robobot
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