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 [Fan Game] Megaman X: Corrupted

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PostSubject: [Fan Game] Megaman X: Corrupted   [Fan Game] Megaman X: Corrupted EmptyThu Mar 03, 2016 5:37 pm

Just a few days ago, I found out about a neat Megaman Fan-Game project in development by someone called John K. Bacchus. It's not done yet, but he's provided some neat progress screenshots and videos so far. It looks very promising from the stuff he's shared so far, and very true to the series.

It's called Megaman X: Corrupted

[Fan Game] Megaman X: Corrupted Hqdefault

Not much has been said about how it would tie into the series, but from the looks of things, it is going to be an Interquel of sorts. He certainly has done an impressive job with the stage design and it could really pass as something in the official series!
The 8 Maverick Bosses revealed for it are going to be these.
-Crystal Raffler
-Warfare Milodon
-Hurricane Hoatzin
-Neurohack Mosquito
-Sparking Scorpio
-Warp Vulpex
-Plasma Puffer
-Force Starfish

X and Zero are both playable, and they will also have the different armor types like in X5 and such. The game will feature these hubs where you can switch characters and armor from in the middle of the stage. Also, it will feature a Skill Tree System, and kinda like in X6, certain levels will change slightly (in ways such as having new hazards that newly acquired powers can overcome) depending on which bosses you defeat, making the game harder and the order in which you defeat them is more important. One of the biggest new parts is that it will use a sort of large Hub World system similar to Megaman Zero, in that the stages are all connected and after defeating a boss, you can return to the stage by simply walking there.

Here's a website he has dedicated to this Fan-Game's development.

Check out some gameplay videos of it so far to see what he has done for it. I'm impressed so far!

Also, the game features a custom-made soundtrack designed by Dominic Ninmark. The soundtrack is really awesome too! Just listen to these tracks for it so far!

As of now, though he has been apparently putting a lot of work into it, I dunno if it's going to actually be a thing anytime soon and he's spent a couple years so far on it (kinda like some of my projects), but I look forward to whenever that will be and I hope that it is worth the wait. I admire how dedicated he is, despite all that's holding him back. What do you all think of this?
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[Fan Game] Megaman X: Corrupted
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