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 FNaF World

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PostSubject: FNaF World   FNaF World EmptySun Jan 24, 2016 6:58 pm

Well, technically the Five Nights At Freddy's series is over, but Scott Cawthon is not done yet. Now he has released a new Non-Canon RPG Game based on the Freddy's series, called FNAF World.

FNaF World Hqdefault

The game takes place in an alternate universe in some sort of whimsical land where apparently the Animatronics live, when some strange happening occurred on "The Flipside" and the Freddy's Characters now must find out what it is.

You can play as less-scary, happy-looking versions of the all past characters from FNaF 1-4, and some somewhat unique characters too, such as Post-Mutilation Mangle (called Funtime Foxy), and Endoskeleton Plush. You assemble two 4-character teams of characters you have, and fight random weird enemies as you journey on your quest, some who are shout-outs to Scott Cawthon's past video games.

The game is sort of Turn-Based but timed too. You take turns launching attacks with each of the characters, but if you take too long to decide, the enemies can get a hit in too. Each character has 3 different attacks, and there is no MP or consumable items or anything. You can switch between your two teams. Also there is EXP and leveling up as well, like all RPGs.

Also, you can equip things like new Endoskeleton Upgrades, Power Chips for new abilities, and also Bytes, which are small creatures that assist your characters by auto-attacking and providing stat bonuses too.

In Adventure Mode, you start with just the original Freddy's cast (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy), and their FNaF2 Toy counterparts. Throughout the game, you may randomly encounter other Freddy's Characters whom you must face against, and if you win, they join your team. In Fixed Party mode, you are randomly assigned 8 out of all the playable characters, but cannot switch them out.

Also like most of the FNaF series, it is loaded with hidden secrets. I've been told that the game has multiple endings to it as well.
One hidden secret that I'm aware of (and important in the game). For every encounter with Fredbear where he tells you the details of what is going on, wait a few moments after the DONE select box appears, and you'll get a secret message revealing some of the bigger secrets of the game.

I haven't really seen much else for this game, but given how I mostly liked the original 4 Five Nights At Freddy's games, I wonder how I'll like this one. I've yet to actually buy it though.
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FNaF World
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