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 Need Suggest Plsss ^_^

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PostSubject: Need Suggest Plsss ^_^   Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:28 am

I'am wondering to use the 5th Deluxe Coin Shop.
I want to change my coin to several Bots (Humanoid or Robots) :
For Humanoid :
1. Kougetsu Kagura (I really want this 2 years ago until now)
2. Tsukikage Momiji (almost like this like Kougetsu Kagura)
3. Gisele Noire
4. Bikini Ivis
5. Kuten Jikun Long Swift (Less Like)
6. School Ouka BF (Less Like)
7. School Natascha (Less Like)
For Robots :
1. Aeolius
2. Ragna Barett

From that robots, Help me dicide it plsss by the advantage and disadvantage from these robots. especially for
Kougetsu Kagura, Tsukikage Momiji, Gisele Noire, Bikini Ivis, Aeolous, and Ragna Barett
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PostSubject: Re: Need Suggest Plsss ^_^   Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:57 am

My opinions on them:

1. Kagura seems to be an outdated bot, I don't know why people want her so bad. I have one I got a long time ago but she's very lackluster compared to more modern bots. She hits decently well on airs, but unless said air is asleep her attacks aren't too hard to dodge. Also ghost shots.

2. Momiji was one of my choices when I was choosing  what to use my coin on, her flare route is pretty good and she can be really strong if played right, but she requires a lot of tuning to be useful, as well as mastering her playstyle. She suffers from ghost hits, too. I'd recommend her if you have the resources to tune her properly and learn to use her well.

3. I haven't looked too much into Noire, but she seems to be a pretty solid melee unit but her CV buff hampers her healing abilities or something. She's supposedly good at hunting Ivises (Ivii?) but I don't play melee so much and all the ones I've come across have died a very horrible death against everything I own.

4. Bikini Ivis is a pretty solid melee bot. I've seen more of them than I have seen Noires and they tend to score really well. Of course, she's just a crowddiver melee with CV so... right click to win. If you're looking for a melee, I'd probably go with her, but she also needs good tunes to work well. Same as Noire.

5. Kuten swift is fun to play with, but she's not particularly good. IMO Bikini Ivis/Noire are better options, though I had more fun playing with her on a friend's acc

6. School ouka seems to be the same as bikini ouka. A hit and run melee unit. They can be good crowddivers but needs lots of tunes to work well. I'd probably pick Ivis/Noire over her but I know little about her in particular.

7. School nat's my favorite school bot, but I don't like using her much. Then again I just have no idea how to play natascha whatsoever. I guess she's good if you can aim. I'd probably pick Seireux over her though, or another art.

For Robots:
1. Aeolius is a pretty good AIR Melee bot. I've seen a couple scoring really well. His ranged ability isn't half bad, but I don't really like him much.

2. Ragna's a really good ART mecha, though he usually requires other parts to really shine. He's an alpha art core, basically.I guess add burst missile AMJs, hecat BSJ if you have it and he'd be a pretty solid alpha art. Out of the two mechas you mentioned, I'd pick him.

These are just my opinions from trying friends' bots on their accounts and from fighting them in arena, surely someone else will be able to elaborate more.

Out of these ones, if it were me, I'd pick Momiji for a mid-range LND gunner, Bikini Ivis for a melee bot, or Ragna for an ART.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Suggest Plsss ^_^   Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:02 am

Thanks for the recommendation ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Need Suggest Plsss ^_^   

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Need Suggest Plsss ^_^
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