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 Any tips for Recettear?

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Sayuri Chan
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Sayuri Chan

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Any tips for Recettear? Empty
PostSubject: Any tips for Recettear?   Any tips for Recettear? EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 4:10 pm

my cousing gifted this to me for xmas gift ( i asume it came from for the special sale time in steam )

the point is, any tips i may get? i been searching information for begginers for this game too , sinse is sort of complicated so far, i know this isn the best place to ask but, anybody got tips besides the sale regulations and the use of fall/crash of the item prices?

also i heard there an hidden stat among the customers, something like reputation, if you sell stuff to em witthin their money range, you can rise it, but i dont know how this esactly works, if somebody knows, please tell me an bit of this Dx

i dont wanna screw up the frist week .____:
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Any tips for Recettear? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Any tips for Recettear?   Any tips for Recettear? EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 8:22 pm

Try to follow the range for each customer type. However, try to test the bounderies for each customers so that you know when they won't readily buy items from you.(Note that EVERY item seems to have a price range of each customer type)
Sell estimates:
Kid- ~105%
Guy- ~117 to 121%
Woman- ~114 to 118%
Old man- ~114 to 128%(Depends of mood and item type I guess)

When buying items from customers
A good price range is from 60 to 70%(Note that as the affiliation goes up, you can buy items for as low as 45%)

When items are in demand(RED in colour)
- increase normal price range by 100 to 150% giving a price of ~205 to 278%
- Buying from customers is not desirable by if they do want to sell it to you 105% seems to be a good price

When items are going cheap(BLUE in colour) you should not even place in the shop.
But if for some reason you need to sell these items, 60 to 76% is a good range.
If customers want to sell you items going cheep try 20 to 30%

Also, when any particular group(except children and young girls) are interested in a item class in demand. Ensure that you stock up at least 35 units and display only that item type on the stand. You will trigger an event where ~21 to 35 customers will come into your shop looking for that item type. You can easily make a quick profit when that happens.

On to sales of equipment to heroes, except Nagi the lady of war(whom you can sell to at ~115 to 122%), be expected to sell equipment you want them to equip at a price range of ~0 to 70% depending on character. Even though this may seem unreasonable at first, selling your heroes with good equipment will allow you to have more inventory space to carry more loot which would otherwise be taken up by having to bring along the same powerful equipment for dungeon runs.

Finally, do not worry about not meeting requirements. The game lets you retry with all the stuff you gained so far.

P.S. It is not necessary to do quests to complete the game but its more fun when you go questing.

Did not see the post date. Sorry for necroposting
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Any tips for Recettear? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Any tips for Recettear?   Any tips for Recettear? EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 8:56 pm


since mogi explained that,i'll add on.

During day 2,you should go to the dungeon and stock up your initial loot.
The higher your rep they more money they will have in thier wallets.(your rep goes in a series of levels,when your raise your rep above a certain level,a heart will appear next to the customer and they will have more allowance next time).
around day 20,a C-C-Combo breaker merchant will frequent your store,selling you 'treasures' at exorbitant prices(think 1000%cost)
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Any tips for Recettear? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Any tips for Recettear?   Any tips for Recettear? Empty

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Any tips for Recettear?
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