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 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"

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God beaten up kekking
God beaten up kekking

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23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty
PostSubject: 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"   23/7/2015 "Nothing new" EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 6:33 am

Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team.
- Deluxe Coins & Battle Garapon Tickets from the last Union Wars Campaign will not be able to be used after 7/30.


Collect Knight Badges Campaign

Collect Knight Badges for Elisa, Melfi, Natascha, Malca and receive a gift in return!

23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Kb

- How do I collect a Knight Badge?
1 Knight Badge will drop in Union Wars. When there are more than 10 participants, 1~2 extra Knight Badges may drop.
1 Knight Badge will sometimes drop in Legion.
1 Knight Badge will drop in Epoch Battles.
1 Knight Badge will drop in Chaos Rooms, only when your team wins.
(*You must join the room before the match begins!)
(*Knight Badges do not drop in Team Fights, Training Arenas, Clan Fights.)

Bastagant Quests will drop 1 Knight Badge. Regeneration Level must be higher than 1.
Arcantus will sometimes drop 1 Knight Badge.
Missions will sometimes drop 1 Knight Badge after it is cleared.

NPC Elisa, Melfi, Natascha, Malca are all found in the Central Area.
The Collect Knight Badges Campaign ends 7/30.


Special Login Cube Campaign

We have sent all players the new item, [SP] Login Cube!
When you login today, go to your PROF screen inside your GARAGE to open this cube & receive a special item! The [SP] Login Cube may be opened a total of 11 times; Once a day. Refer to the in-game Server Clock (seen at the top right) for the time.

> Day 1 Reward: ALLx2 Ticket Alpha x3
> Day 2 Reward: Limit Remove Lv5 x2
> Day 3 Reward: Limit Remove Lv8 x2
> Day 4 Reward: 7 DAYS Inventory Expansion x1
> Day 5 Reward: Reset Cartridge ALL x1
> Day 6 Reward: Cosmo Harmonics GAMMA x2
> Day 7 Reward: Armor Drive x1
> Day 8 Reward: D Limit Remove Lv3 x1
> Day 9 Reward: Slot Protector Omega x1
> Day 10 Reward: [ALL] Element Cosmos Beta x1
> Day 11 Reward: [HC] Composite Cosmos x1

The [SP] Login Cube will be removed during 7/30 Maintenance.
*Be careful not to accidently "Cancel" your [SP] Login Cube before you finish collecting all 11 rewards.


Ocean Coin Garapon! (~7/30)

23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Oceancoingara

We've added a Ocean Coin Garapon for a limited time!
You can roll the Ocean Coin Garapon in SHOP using your Ocean Coins. The Ocean Coin Garapon includes special prizes such as the Slot Protector Omega, D Limit Remove Lv3, etc. The Ocean Coin Garapon will be available until 7/30 Maintenance.

x2 Multipliers are running for Ocean Coin drops to help you out!
Double Ocean Coins also end 7/30 Maintenance.


Raindrop Garapon! [Still Available]

23/7/2015 "Nothing new" 0024 23/7/2015 "Nothing new" 0034
Minaria & Asphe are available in the new Raindrop Garapon!
The Raindrop Garapon will be available until 7/30.



23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Bazaar

We will be holding a Bazaar Event on 7/4, 7/18 Trade away stuff you don't need and pick up anything you do! Also,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the addition of Bazaar to the game, we have been receiving an increased number of reports regarding accounts being stolen and/or cleared out due to password sharing. REMEMBER, NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!!! If you lose items/robots from your account because you told somebody else your password, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to help you, especially if the incident involves said items being traded away via the Bazaar. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Happy trading!


Clan Fight System

23/7/2015 "Nothing new" CLANFIGHTBANNER2

Clan Fight is a game mode that allows clans to compete against each other every week! Check it out by clicking on the Clan Fight Info button underneath Epoch Battle on the Arena menu.

The Regular Clan Fights scheduled are 7/5, 7/11, 7/19, 7/25 at 19:00 - 20:30 server time. To participate, register your team from the Clan Fight screen after the event has started. Teams that register will be automatically matched up with each other.

For more information about prizes and more specific rules, click here.
*Regular Clan Fights give out 3 Clan Coins to Winners! You will receive 1 Clan Coin, even if your team loses!



- Please note that Battle Garapon Tickets from Torencia Cube G Alphas will be removed on 7/30. Please open your Torencia Cube G Alpha before then if you are interested in receiving a Battle Garapon Ticket from it.
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Zwiebel Force
Cosmic Onion
Zwiebel Force

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23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty
PostSubject: Re: 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"   23/7/2015 "Nothing new" EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 6:48 am

The best part of this is, that I can finally sell dem dreamboxes.

Edit: wow i didn't expect the other awards to be that shitty. Guess it's full Chivalry bits then, man...
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Regular Poster
Regular Poster

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23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty
PostSubject: Re: 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"   23/7/2015 "Nothing new" EmptyFri Jul 24, 2015 6:42 am

Hmm is it just me or someone have same bug?
23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Screen12
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God Poster
God Poster

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23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty
PostSubject: Re: 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"   23/7/2015 "Nothing new" EmptyFri Jul 24, 2015 6:46 am

every single person was affected by this.
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23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty
PostSubject: Re: 23/7/2015 "Nothing new"   23/7/2015 "Nothing new" Empty

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23/7/2015 "Nothing new"
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