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 Seraph Crim ART

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PostSubject: Seraph Crim ART   Fri May 22, 2015 5:09 pm

First time building an ART unit. Don't know what is good. 1 Str doesn't matter since I think how long the wb last is a flat rate and you want it to drain fast anyway. Can't remove the bit btw.

[Robot Name]
ART Seraph Crim

BD: Seraph Crimrose BD14
 : Seraphim Shield(default)
 LG: Seraph Crimrose LG6 [High Tech Alpha] [High Tech Alpha] [High Tech Alpha]
 HD: Seraph Crimrose HD13 [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta]
  HDAC: +1 fly +5 capa [EX High Boost Beta]
  FCAC: +1 fly +5 capa [High Boost Beta]
 BS: Seraph Crimrose BS10 [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta]
 AM: Seraph Crimrose AM7 [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta] [EX High Boost Beta]
  WP: Seraphim Buster [High Ranger]
   WP: Seraphim Buster@
 AM: Seraph Crimrose AM7 [Boost] [High Tech Alpha] [High Tech Alpha]
  WP: Coffin Shield [High Tech Alpha] [High Tech Alpha] [High Tech Alpha]
 WP: Seraph Crimrose BD14@

[Config Check]

COST: 1360
CAPA: 1360
HP: 542
STR: -11
TEC: 40
WLK: 5
FLY: 38
TGH: 11


Capacity +60×6
Blast Guard
Tough Wonder Bit
Float Dash
Moving Burst

Hidora Cosmos×1
Fudara Cosmos×19
Yoguru Cosmos×1
Red Chip×135
Yellow Chip×55
Turbo Charger×60
Drum Magazine×33
Guide Circuit×56
Screw Bolts×35
Steel Wheel×21
Miracle Ammonite×10
Generic Element×120
Superior Element×30
Boost Element×100
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PostSubject: Re: Seraph Crim ART   Fri May 22, 2015 5:48 pm

Honestly, do go feed with her on arena and figure out if you do want to use her weapon or not, and if you want to keep it, you might want to give it tunes, even though you have MB.
The way her weapons work kinda of hinders her more than helps. She has really nice things, but her "buster" is pretty meh and gives you huge penalties for missing.
The buster is basically a Voulge rifle that traded force and ammo for less cost and the ability to get an additional weapon on it, and that weapon has nice debuffs, but you have to charge (and hold) it, so you can't really alternate between them at all, and you pretty much have to use the conversion part to deal the first hit so you can follow up with the rifle, which is fine in theory, but in practice it feels rather terrible, frustrating and a single miss might get you screwed up.

Another issue is that she comes with so many locked gimmicks that you can't get rid off, that she ends up having a rather small amount of capa in case you want to change her weapon for something that isn't cheap. I don't mean that her locked gimmicks are bad, even though the bit for example is terribly bugged which makes it pretty hard to make use of the anti homing buff (which works like the buffs that the original guardians get with Aura, the buff only lasts a few seconds and not the whole bit duration), but I'd probably get rid of her missiles if I could so I could give her a much better loadout.
For mine I was originally planning to fit in a Might Zooka, since it's a good weapon, but then any other bot would make better use of it, so I ended up not making an entirely "serious" build and used a DNG Cannon instead (yes, as a solo weapon, not MB) because I just felt like it since I never used it on anything (and then I got 2 more of it).

Her multi step or multi jump or however it is called, it's actually really good. It's like the swift BS and the like, has a nice amount of invi frames and everything, it's pretty nice.

Her bit like I said, is bugged to hell. Like Deco's bit, if you use it before the WB bar runs out, it will most likely bug out and won't spawn at all, while the bar is refilled. And because of that it makes it a pain to use Fluene's buff. Great you get ammo back and it buffs your bit which shields you, but the problem is that the bit will last so long, that you will probably get all parts of the bit destroyed long before it runs out, and even when the bit is destroyed, the bar won't empty, and you will have to wait until it runs out, so you can use the bit again without it bugging out and end up losing a charge.

On a stock build, I'd say that speed tunes would help the buster hit more consistently, but I will tell you, I didn't test the weapon with tunes to know if it's worthy to keep it, because I only tested it without tunes on it (had almost maxed stats because of pre tuned parts though), and it felt really disappointing, so I didn't feel like risking a prot on trying to make it better.
MB didn't really seem to help it that much, because the missiles aren't that amazing, and most of the time none would hit anyway. You can try to stun them with the conversion part first, which isn't that easy to hit with as well. In the end it felt pretty lackbuster to MB without adding a better weapon, which can prove to be hard with her capa.

About your build, besides the use of a bad tune in a weapon and no weapon tunes all, you can also change some of her parts in case you have better ones. Unless you want to keep the stock looks. >_>
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Seraph Crim ART
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