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 Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows

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Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows Empty
PostSubject: Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows   Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 5:09 pm


Google Play


Finally the TRUE Action Battle RPG (A.Battle RPG) you've been waiting for!

Mix up devastating attacks to create your own combos! Launch your enemies into the air before slamming them back into the ground? OK! Or lock them into submission with powerful debuffs? It's all up to you!

Over 400 Units drawn by incredible illustrators.

*The illustrator Team*

An all-star cast of both veteran artists and hot, new talent breath life into these stunning characters!!

(in no particular order)
Llo, COGA, nikuball, Ixy, Azumi Tohru, Kawaku, Matayoshi, Saburo, Yumenosiki, Maekawa Yuichi, Kuramoto Kaya, Suzuki Jiro, Makai no Jumin, Toru Takaya, itiyann, GODTAIL, Higuri Yu, KeG, and many more!

Includes Japanese voice acting from ~, ~, ~, and much more~!

OKAY! That stuff is out of the way, let's get into the game.
Quickstart Guide
Choose a good name. There can be clones of players, like multiple Kiritos. You can use spaces and such, but you CANNOT (as of now) change it once it has been set.

The game begins with a quick tutorial. Your starter card will be a 3* card, though it doesn't seem to be random, so don't bother trying to do rerolls.

During quests, battles will use a combo system. Cards are divided into 3 categories: Flurry, slice, and pound. Each categories has a different attack depending on the attack order. You can only have 5 cards in a quest deck.

Quest Combat:

PVP and Raids
It's auto battle, just let the game decide on how build your pvp or raid deck until you've gotten a lot of cards.

In raids, all players in a union are able to attack a boss via auto battle. The more players that participate, the more damage each union member can deal per BP.

In PvP, the raid deck will be used. It's also auto battle. If you PvP enough, you might be able to get into a rank that'll  net you a silver ticket. Silver ticket can be used to draw 2*to 5* cards. You can also get silver tickets in quest.

A hub for players. Raid bosses will be shared by players in the same union.
New players are placed into an OPEN union. These unions are composed of random players, and the leader is determined by the highest ranking raider. Leaders cannot manage players in open unions, but inactive players are automatically kicked after two weeks of inactivity.

CLOSED unions are invite/approval only. The creator is the leader, and there doesn't seem to be an option to change leadership as of yet.

Being in a strong union also ensures you have strong assists.
An active union will help with raid battles, enabling you to quickly earn points for special event cards.

Public union listings looking for players.

A way to keep track of players and such. This is a good way to communicate with players, especially for trading. Doesn't seem provide any other benefits at this time.

You get crowns, the in-game cash, for doing things. You'll be able to get 3000+ crowns if you play diligently through the first six maps (the ones only released so far). However, if you've made it this far, then your deck must be a bit strong already, so you can save these crowns for later.

.99 cents is 100 crowns. The more crowns you buy in bulk, the cheaper it is overall, though not by much.

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Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows Empty
PostSubject: Re: Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows   Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 4:26 am

Tried to install on my tab but it crashes on start. Rip
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Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows Empty
PostSubject: Re: Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows   Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 3:59 pm

seems like Valkyrie Crusade
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PostSubject: Re: Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows   Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows Empty

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Age of Ishtaria: Justice and Cows
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