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 Using a game remote controller to play cosmic break

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PostSubject: Using a game remote controller to play cosmic break   Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:12 pm

This has been bothering me for a while now, allot of people have been speaking of using an Xbox or play station remote controller for playing cosmic break, is this true?
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PostSubject: Re: Using a game remote controller to play cosmic break   Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:39 pm

Here is how I use my PS2 controller in CosmicBreak. (I attach it with a PS2 to USB adapter that I got from eBay for under $5.)

@AnTi90d wrote:
@wonjoon wrote:
I tried gamepad, but I just couldn't configure it right /=
I have heard many people say the same thing. As I have said before, I use Xpadder to emulate keyboard and mouse movements and have the game set to accept keyboard and mouse instead of gamepad. This way, I control my key configuration using Xpadder, which allows me to use the page switch feature. When I hold in L3 (holding in the left analog stick) my entire configuration switches to another page, which allows me to fit more buttons into my configuration than I have on my gamepad.

Here, I took ten minutes to throw this together to further explain what I have done. (I might make a guide later on.. but it's after 2AM here and I took a Nyquil PM because I've been having issues with going to sleep at a decent time so my brain is all, "deedeeladee a durka durr," right now and I am currently unable to.)

This is my main control scheme. The arrows on the right analog stick are mouse movements. The select button is tab, which is one of my most used buttons. My poor select button is starting to get eroded from use. When I hold in L3 it switches temporarily to this:

Notice that my mouse buttons have switched symbols. They are set to hold two buttons at once. Those buttons are Shift and the mouse button that I had set on the previous page. To cycle weapons I hold in L3 and press either R1 or R2.

I honestly can not imagine how some people play this game on a gamepad without using something like Xpadder to fit all the controls into it. It just takes a little persistence to keep tweaking the setup.

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Using a game remote controller to play cosmic break
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