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 03/10/2013 updates

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PostSubject: 03/10/2013 updates   Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:31 am

"voltes" and combat freed PB are added in sp gacha

geograsis and galsteel is added in login gacha lv3

and 5 mt login gacha for 7 login capsules

combat freed pb can be tested in central base.

another 3 dungeon campaign is up
by clearing geo thermal power plant, poyeen demon force base and gernia demon force base for 1 mt and a big robonium each.

another premium dungeon campaign is up
this time, pitaro ruins
however, only the usual zero fighter, victory 1(no weaponized bd) and king megaton parts are allowed
along with hand gun, handy machinegun, handy bazooka, cutter, short sword and club are allowed.
and no aura carts, accessories and items are allowed.

clearing it entitles you 5 mt

and you can get crocodagger parts in there(bd, bs, am and lg)
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PostSubject: Re: 03/10/2013 updates   Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:55 pm

Found out that the mobs in the event dungeon will drop special "EV" weapons, like Machinegun, Beam launcher, Laser Plasma, Combat knife, Iron Club, broad sword etc (not sure if I miss out anything).
Though despite being special, they got the same stats as per normal already sold in shop. Only that they are usable in this event dungeon.

Still, despite having better weapons, your bot remains the same basic starter bot. And,to weild something like the machinegun for example, it needs to be quite high level.
Also don't forget that
So if you feel that you are up to challenge, go ahead, 5mt awaits you.

One more thing to note, DON'T use beam attacks against the boss. You are warned.
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03/10/2013 updates
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