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 Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots

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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:40 am

@beccadmgirl wrote:

PS. I'm not entirely sure how the contribution score works, but 95% of the time I only get 300~ contribution even with the whole opponent team chasing me the entire match.

Contribution is gained upon getting fired upon by main weapons. The fact that you only get 300~ contribution is evidence that your 'distraction' isn't as successful as you think it might be.

I also find your claims that '95% of the enemy team' chasing you is a severe exaggeration. While you may in fact be able to lead around a number of enemy players, it is well established that the majority of the CBEN playerbase is dumb as bricks anyway and as I previously mentioned, any players with a brain will prioritize more dangerous targets i.e. ones that actually pose a threat.

I would classify a useful distraction as anything with some combination of high HP, mobility, tgh, as well as the ability to perform offensive actions. Basically either being super fat or going super fast or both in order to stay alive longer. Things such as Machintlet AM builds or 2x EIW seraphs for example can distract a large amount of enemies while simultaneously breaking holes in their team.

This kind of build is not my forte but I whipped one up in a few minutes as an example. It sacrifices 100-150~ hp compared to your pepens for a similar cost but runs faster, and is actually capable of dealing damage. I'm sure it could be optimized further e.g. dropping a tier in boost run to obtain more HP, better part choices, adding revenge tunes and so on.

【Robot Name】
Accel Saber

BD: Accel Saber BD
 : Dual Slayer Bit
 : Lazflamme LG [Life]
  : Frog Lander BS [Run] [Run] [Run]
 : Geminion HD2 [Run] [Life] [Life]
  : Cute Beret
  : Striped Scarf
 : Geminion HD2 [Run] [Run] [Run]
  : Cute Beret
  : Striped Scarf
 : Frog Lander BS [Run] [Run] [Run]
 : Geminion AM [Boost] [Boost] [Boost]
  : Pierce Gun [Life] [Life] [Life]
 : Geminion AM [Life] [Life] [Life]
  : -

【Config Check】

COST: 930
CAPA: 930
HP: 515
STR: 4
TEC: 21
WLK: 40
FLY: 18
TGH: 11


Capacity +70×3
Boost Run

Hidora Cosmos×13
Fudara Cosmos×9
Engine Shaft×50
Turbo Charger×15
Physical Stone×153

Your use of pepens I would classify as a novelty. While you are free to play what you may find enjoyable and in fact I personally play 'fun' builds at times, they should not be compared to standard arena-optimized builds as they perform on completely different levels.

As a final note, you mention scouting targets which is a good idea in theory but the limited intelligence of players means very few teammates will actually take advantage of what you are doing. They will either be too stupid to take note of the enemy positions you are lighting up on radar, or they will already have broad radar themselves.
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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:22 am

Interesting. On one of my bots, It could be a Fatty, but is also a Hit and Run.

I have a Raomb-er that uses guns and swords, and does a good amount of damage Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:08 pm

a fat bot is simply something that costs a lot
an overpowered bot is simply something that is strong

these do not fit into playstyles, capabilities, or categories.
this is dumb.

vox Resha fullfills the role of disabler/seige and possibly hit and run depending on what you do
she's overpowered and fat(resha builds tend to be 1400+ and possible 1500+)

lex resha is also fat and overpowered.
she's a tank/distraction/hitandrun/support/disabler holy shit she fills a lot of categories

this is dumb.
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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:02 pm

Fat bot?
So I can have a rambo fat bot like Draken?
That makes no sense...

And where's the healer bot?

Also, I think distraction bot would be like an Aegis Baltheon maybe...
Can't hit for beans unless you got stardust or something.
But distracts your opp cause it got a big fat forward shield and is a big fat bot that everyone sees and instantly targets?

I agree with this statement -
Quote :
Hollows please don't post useless shit in the guides section.
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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:51 pm

Wow what do you have against beans.

Also why do you classify Overpowered bots and Epic bots differently when you already said Epic bots are overpowered bots.

Overpowered are bots that can fulfill different roles that overcomes their natural weaknesses and/ or usurp the bot type's Sacred Triangle. E.g. Arts are meant to focus on taking down airs, but the introduction of shell based Arts like Eve in the past broke that Triangle where her shots deal shit-ton of damage to everything. Another example will be of course the Initium bots. Even Eris can effectively shut down Arts and most Lands, and hunt Airs that are at their highest altitude from the same level.
Overpowered can also be the original Air Eve that has 140 ammo of high damaging, high hit stats, AOE splash and lingering afterhits. A.K.A. Ruin cannon. So many other ghey-tier stuff like glide boost, boost refill, CV that needs no more explanation.

An Epic bot is more of situational. Its like the unkillable 40tgh CV stunregain last time that can be healed forever by the tornado fan. Or a Fluene that can one-side a match by screwing the whole Dirty Waterway map with her wind tunnel. Even a hopper that turned the tide by dragging the whole team back is Epic.

Not just because they "hit hard and hard to hit".
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PostSubject: Re: Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots   

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Types of Capabilities and the example of the bots
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